New York City, New York, USA
BandR&BA Capella

R&B/Soul group discovered singing doo-wop on the streets of NYC by producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Authors of timeless hits "Heaven", "Where do you want me to put it", and "Gone".



Hailing from New York City, SOLO is the collaborative effort of Daniele Stokes, D Nell Chavis and Rob Anderson.

Making music since the ‘90s, SOLO was discovered by producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis in New York’s Soho district. Soon after, they signed to Perspective Records and released their debut self-titled album. 

With vocals from Stokes and Chavis and bass from Anderson, the trio are best known for creating R&B soul and neo soul music, a genre they’ve coined as “new classic soul.” Their distinct voices set them apart from other soul artists, with a seamless combination of smooth and rough textures, perfectly complementing one another.

SOLO cite their main musical influences as Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Bobby Womack, Otis Redding and The Funk Brothers. 

“We are often like a bull in a China shop when we are writing, but more of the time it starts with a melody, a beat or chords,” they said. 

SOLO has opened for a variety of artists, including Michael Bolton, R. Kelly, Biggie Smalls, Aretha Franklin and more. They have garnered two spots in the top 10 R&B charts with “Heaven” and “Where Do You Want Me to Put It,” as well as several other accolades for their music.

In May, SOLO plans to release their anticipated 3.0 Rebooted EP accompanied by a lyric video and new single. 



Solo (#8 R&B, #52 U.S.)
4 Bruthas and A Bass (#25 R&B, #123 U.S.)

3.0 Rebooted EP, (May, 2015)

3.0 Rebooted Deluxe, (May, 2015)


Heaven (#7 R&B, #42 Pop)
Where Do U Want Me To Put It (#8 R&B, #50 Pop)
He's Not Good Enough (#50 R&B)
Touch Me (#26 R&B, #59 Pop)
Wonderful Pain (Digital Release, 2011)

Gone (Digital Release, 2014)