SOLO[ the strugullers messenger ]

SOLO[ the strugullers messenger ]

BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

my music is whut music used to be meaningfull music now days they just dont have any meaning i make music for the everyday person whith everyday problems on this showing them how they are to be solved and how to bring ones self up during a bad time to bring better thinking to self ....


i have been through many situations whitch have tought me how to be a better person and which made me mature in mind my influences well my life is my very influence there is nothing better than truth itself ...


i have plenty singles as [all plays say ] next is i stay griding by me and others its [ i stay grinding ] on the radio her on 101.9 the beat and also on the radio is misses thang thang its for the club a dance song my first lp is the album broken dreamz in this saying when i was young not much was just handed to me so i got whut i got and many dreamz were broken because of this the hope for something good but then some one would always break it apart

Set List

o jave a full lenth cd it has 18 songs on it no half wa work done
ima keep on going , broken dreamz , deepest pain ,and many more