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Written By: Erik Dabrowsky


Through my mind your river flows
Streams of thoughts of thoughts, of thoughts, of thoughts of you
Open eyes through which wind blows
The ocean comes to view, she comes to view

Across bad lands and desert plains
I don't feel the rain, don't taste the rain
Through my cold heart blue water flows
Keep me safe and sane, safe from pain

Trapped in ice from deep inside
Drop me in the sea
A thousand years I slowly melt
Into eternity

Ice-cold tears run down my face
Rippling on the pond
Wash the mud out of my eyes
Let me see, see beyond

Under waves of deep blue green
My soul lives, she lives, he lives unseen
Flowing down the mountain side
I live like a stream, flow like a stream

I am drowning deep in your eyes
Won't you rescue me, please rescue me
Break my chains from all the lies
Set me free from this, set me free

One More Day

Written By: Erik Dabrowsky

Can you lay me down, down right here
Let me sleep for a hundred years
In my ears the wind it sings
But I hear not a thing

Floating over desert, desert sands
Magic carpet in my hand
Headed on toward the river Nile
Traveled for a thousand miles

And my desert queen she waits
Standing at the palace gates
Golden strands of silken hair
One more day and I'll be there

Kings and warriors all standby
Waiting for the battle cry
And the sand their blood will stain
Fighting for their gods again

And I leave that game, that game behind
Greater things I wish to find
Headed on toward my destiny
Desert queen waits patiently for me

Traveled through the pits of hell
And this tale I live to tell
And forever I onward sail
Leave behind that downward trail

One more day and I'll be there