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Sol Spectre

Band Rock Avant-garde


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This band has not uploaded any videos




-"I'm going back inside to watch Sol Spectre. These guys are no f*&* joke!" - Todd Stoops (keyboards and vocals for national act RAQ)


"Sol Spectre has the unique ability of conceiving intricate compositions and heartfelt explorations in soulful stew full of hot-n-spicy shredding. A Sol Spectre show is more of a journey for the both the band and the listener; leaving you eager to discover where they'll be taking us next." - Jason Fladager (founder of international acts Big Wu and God Johnson)


"Sol Spectre was great on Friday. They are the best band I have heard at the Popcorn for a long time." - Dan Parisey (owner of Popcorn Tavern in La Crosse, WI)


-Full Length Album "CORIOLIS EFFECT" released June 2, 2007
-Live at the Fine Line Music Cafe, Mpls, MN 1-9-07
-Live at the Fine Line Music Cafe, Mpls, MN 3-27-07
-Live at the Cabooze, Mpls, MN - "Coriolis Effect"
CD ReleaseParty 6-2-07
-Live from Earthdance at Minnehaha Falls Park,
Mpls, MN 9-15-07
-Live at the Cabooze, Mpls, MN 10-13-07

**We hand out live bootlegs to help spread our music quickly**




SOL SPECTRE formed in late 2005 after guitarist Aaron Bjerke's group Heywood parted earlier that year in October. The original lineup included Matt Hallinan on rhythm guitar, Ben Weber on bass and synths, and Ryan Severson filling in the drum throne until a permanent member could be found.
When they set up the first session, sparks flew and they realized each member possessed his own unique and eclectic writing style, creating endless possibilities for both writing and improvising.
When Ben Weber left a few months later to pursue his own musical adventures (, low-frequency lover Andy Schuster came to give his pennies with his upright and electric bass tag-team combo, and once again things clicked instantly. After a few attempts at finding a permanent skin beater, Jay Augspurger came along and laid down his stellar, blazing style of fusion/funk/breakbeat. It was clear from the first meeting that he had a deep understanding of the nature of rhythm and how to apply it to the writings of Sol Spectre. It took until May 2006, but the Shoe/Purg rhythm section was finally locked and loaded. Matt Hallinan decided to pursue other endeavors, and left for his native New Jersey.
SS continued gigging as a trio from October 2006 to January 2007.

In late December 2006, ivory wizard Kevin Gastonguay came back home to Minneapolis from Las Vegas. The stars (and schedules) aligned so he could sit in on keys for a couple of weeks in January before he moved to New York to embark on another musical journey. Merely 5 days later the four them won a band battle to earn a spot at the renowned Wakarusa Music Festival, establishing the enormous potential of the new quartet. Kevin decided to stay with Sol Spectre and the sound has been carried to places none of us imagined. Every rehearsal and every show has brought the band into new, uncharted sonic territory, and we've been having a lot of fun exploring these crazy environments. We hope to take you along for the ride.



The band themselves explore the deepest facets of the conscious and sub-conscious (with music providing the transportation) and attempt to take the audience with. Due to the improvisational nature of the band, a sense of wonder is created regarding what will happen within each song, as well as each show. Set lists change every night, guests materialize from time to time, you just never know. Whatever may happen, their mission remains simple ... TRANSCENDENCE.


We feature LIVE PAINTINGS by artist extraordinaire Staci Caldow at almost every show. The art is usually an abstract visual representation of the music, and is created as the music is playing. The art is for sale auction-style after the show; you can get some kick ass original art (whose creation you witnessed! pretty neat!) to spruce up your boring old walls for pretty damn cheap. :-D