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Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018

Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States
Established on Jan, 2018
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"Wendigo Album review"

26 year old MI-based artist, Son of Andy is no ordinary rapper. How could he be, the guy loves David Bowie. Currently working full time at a book store, while chasing his dreams, Son of Andy drops his EP “Wendigo” on the 10th of January. A very impressive and timely piece, Son of Andy narrates his 360° vision with not only consummate confidence, but also honesty and vulnerability. He literally turns images of deep thought into little works of art. How many so-called artists in our new rap culture can actually do such a thing? Few can match his unique and at times strange alchemy.

Running on high octane lyricism from the first track to the last, I definitely held impossibly high expectations for Son of Andy, which were thankfully all met. Ever since the demise of Eminem, whenever a new white rapper comes onto my radar I cringe for fear of being deluded yet again.

Son Of Andy
Son Of Andy

This time I needn’t have worried. There will no doubt be many fans and newbies who are going to enjoy the amount of sustained beast-mode bravado, but Son of Andy offers so much more.

He is a multi-dimensional rapper, so it’s not just the rhymes and flow, but the whole charismatic package Son of Andy brings to the table. Skills don’t always translate into chart positions and sales but as an artist, vocalist and lyricist, Son of Andy is in a rare class. Intricate wordplay, coupled with gripping content, set against his personal experiences.

I’m not sure whether the world that frames the premise of the EP is fictional, but there are very many down to earth, poignant and personal moments interspersed throughout the record. Making “Wendigo” solid from a musical standpoint, and an enjoyable listen from beginning to end.

The EP is well-crafted, thrilling, humbling… and even brilliant in places. The production is right in his wheelhouse, letting Son of Andy weave his lyrics under the strength of some creative music – which sometimes can be fully fleshed out musical arrangements like “Take Aim Ft.Tha Villain, Freestyle Fanatic, EX1” and “Caffeine [SIDE B]”, or at others it can be a bare boned guitar and voice soundscape such as “Moneyclips & Worrystones Ft.Randolph William Harvey”. Son Of Andy also gives us a taste of his singing on the title track “The Wendigo”.

These tracks are probably tunes you will not be hearing on the radio anytime soon. But I think that’s far from Son of Andy’s aim. He is probably looking for a direct line to his audiences, and goes in deep here, touching and moving you with original sound and thought.

He exhibits a great deal of maturity and continuity without losing any of the rawness that you’d come to expect from any talented rapper. Intricacy and intelligence of lyrics and delivery is also a staple with this young man. So just scoop up the EP when released, sit down, douse the lights and pay close attention! - Jamsphere

"Looking Up Album Review"

Detroit area native, Son of Andy got his start in 2011 and has been producing music and beats since then. His first album, “Wendigo”, was released in 2017, and his second album “Looking Up” is available for Pre-Order right now. Son of Andy takes it to another level with his latest album. He’s on top of his game and easily out does his past couple of releases. Newcomers can appreciate this just as well as previous fans. Likewise, you don’t even have to be a fan of hip hop to appreciate what’s bought to the table here. For those not familiar, Son of Andy produces all his own beats under the moniker of Dagon, and despite the complex lyricism and delivery he pairs with them, his production is just as strong too.

His work here doesn’t miss a step and is on the edge of an entirely unique sound. Also, the guest appearances add just the right amount of variation. Any way you cut it this is a top notch release from a fresh sounding artist.

Part of the allure of Son of Andy on “Looking Up”, is taking in the hail of words he fires off at fully automatic speeds. His free-form verse structure and impulsive word associations have steadily evolved since his debut album. Son of Andy is entrenched in clever word play, creating lyrical atmospheres and not just quotables.

Right from the opening track “Quicksand”, this album is one line of dexterous prose after another, like a series of rants with loose threads being tied together. Leftfield tracks with extremely eclectic beats like “Elevators” Ft. Freestyle Fanatic and “Victory Pose” Ft. Mega Ran, is the affirmation that even in the always-evolving world of non-commercial hip-hop, Son of Andy still outdoes much of the game’s more renowned rappers and producers many times over.

Son of Andy work is usually comprised of various ingredients: jarring production with both atonal and melodic motifs, as well as rhythmically-inclined raps. “Looking Up” continues his work in these fields but adds an alternative aesthetic to his sound.

Dive into the Beastie Boys-styled “Elephant” and then the rock-tinged standout “Word Up” Ft. Ex1. This is Son of Andy on full assault, unleashing his talent through the production. The jazz piano and heavy hip-hop drum beat of “Dagon’s Interlude” sums it up nicely.

The lyrical exchanges on “Remember The Name” Ft. ATG, Freestyle Fanatic, Tha Villain, and Ex1, gives the album an authentic old school vibe. “Gifted” Ft. Freestyle Fanati has the same classic effect, while “Finch” brings in a bouncy head nodding beat.

Son of Andy’s approach to entice the listener relies on the constant morphing of the beats, adding more divergent sounds. Oddball clips, buried licks, and dusty samples are often drawn into the jagged beats. Listen to the final two tracks “Remember The Days” Ft. Buck Nell and “For The Birds” Ft. Ex to hear how Son of Andy and his alter ego Dagon, pushes the envelope.

The sheer amount of focus on the soundscapes often distracts from the lyricism, so you’ll have to pay attention. Maybe run through the album a couple of times first to savor the production work, then come back at it again to catch up on the rhymes and flow. It’s not a casual listening album, but the production touches, lyrical flow, and the attention to detail can make it an addictive, enthralling experience. - Jamsphere


"Wendigo" (2017) (as Son of Andy)

"Snake Feet EP" (2018) (as Son of Andy)

"Looking Up" (2019) (as Son of Andy)

"Thrill Me" (TBA) (As Soluss)



Soluss is an emcee & producer from Michigan.
His catalog is most easily found on Spotify.
His vocabulary and theatrical stage performance help him stand out. Taking inspiration from East coast hip hop, 80's synth, nerd culture and even Polish folklore, Soluss is sure to provide a unique listening experience.
Soluss is inspired by artists such as
David Bowie, Too Poetic, La Roux,
Pharoahe Monch, Clear Soul Forces, Crimson Alchemist more.

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