Solution's songwriting is the result of all of the influences and experiences that we've shared. We don't get hung up on one genre of music. We are constantly re-discovering ourselves and we play a wide variety of musical styles from rock, funk, and pop to jazz, blues, soul and latin.


We are basically a group of great friends who love to play music. We constantly challenge and push each other musically to create the best sound we can achieve. We all bring something unique to the table that blends very well together. We all have our personal influences and they are quite different from member to member but we always find a common ground to create songs with input from everyone. We are also collectively interested in listening to and playing many styles of music and this can be found in our song writing. With that said, it is hard to label Solution as any one particular genre of music. There are hints of rock, funk and pop to jazz, soul, blues, latin and other styles in our song writing. We enjoy writing stories and songs and we also enjoy jamming and exploring instramentally. Our live show is very high energy and it's always different. We try a lot of different things from show to show as far as set lists and explore different things in our songs as well to keep our shows interesting for us and our fans. The main thing that sets us apart from other bands is that we have our own sound and we work great together both in the studio and live. We don't sound like anyone else and originality is important if you're trying to leave your imprint on music. We also have a lot of variety, where some bands just get stuck in the same kind of groove. We also have a lot of fun because that is ultimately what we are in this for. We just want people to have a great time and leave a Solution show wanting more.


Habitat-2006-Aquarium Records
This is a Test-2007

Set List

Our typical set list varies from show to show. However, it generally consists of a majority of original music and a few ever changing covers. We Our set length also varies whether we're playing in a bar or a different venue like a theater for instance.
Our originals are Back in Time, Believe, Blue Beginning, My Side, The Ride, The World out There, Tesquibbs, Wandering About, Seperate, Stop Drop & Roll, Heads, M&M's, Habitat, Above the Trees, On a Wire, Vern, No Surprise, Guapo, Behzahd, Middle of the Earthworm Mucus, Stota, Find Your Way
Some of our covers are All Blues, Sledgehammer, Shakedown Street, Breathe, Frankenstein, Voodoo Lady and many many more