Solvi is an amazing original rock band based in Nashville. Words cannot explain the passion behind the music. Just take a listen and you will not be disappointed!


This tour hardened rock band from Nashville has hauled themselves and their instruments across the country, cutting their teeth in front of crowds large and small, sharing the stage with everyone from the best local acts to international legends, showcasing at music conferences, donating their time to fundraising events, and creating friends and fans wherever they go. They’ve lost their tour van keys in the Pacific Ocean, blown tires, broken bones, dented bumpers, slept, vomited, ate weird food, passed out, drank, fought, been witness to car chases and fleeing fugitives, and been the victims of hit and run accidents, but no story from the road matches their intense live show.

2009 finds the group releasing a new full-length album entitled "Self Affliction." With tracks produced by industry veterans J.R. McNeely (Underoath, Demon Hunter, Paramore) and Michael Wagener (Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Kings X) this album brings Solvi's dynamic live show and unique sound to commercial radio, stereos and MP3 players everywhere!


Self Affliction - full length album, 2009
Knox Locals Volume 3 (Compilation) - 2008
Solvi - 5 song EP, 2007

Set List

45 - 120 minute set. No covers.