We're a high energy ROCK group, not afraid of our grunge influences. Once we get inside your head, we set up a tent, and we'll squat there forever. We are unabashedly loud, and we always know how to bring the crowd to its knees, begging us mercilessly for more aural pleasure


SOMA is a rock n roll / grunge band formed in early 2000 by founding members Robert Piazza (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and Joe McLean (Drums). Following the departure of Richard (Lead Guitar) and Andrew (Bass/Vocals) in the summer of 2005, the two originators of the group once again found themselves at the beginning. Rob quickly decided to contact Will Davidson (Bass/Vocals) who he had met back in 2003 and had befriended after their two bands shared the stage many a time. The trio then decided it was time to start auditioning lead guitarists and things were not looking good until Phil Leduc (Lead Guitar/Vocals) walked in the door and completed the puzzle.


East End Grammar

Written By: Piazza

Me I
Us We
You You talk like a peasant

Him He
Her She
Them They’re ignorant dumb fucks

Gooder Worster
More better than her, she’s a whore but
Tree times, Mingia bro
Ma che cazzo? the fuck is goin’ on

East End Grammar, overheard on the 48
East End Grammar, overheard on the 48
Why don’t you learn the language

The 48


Written By: Piazza

Sustain all your objectives
Refrain from future offences
Denied parole on this sentence
Engage Engage

Jet set off to a new town
You’re in over your head now
Lean back onto the launch pad
Engage Engage

I’m ready, you’re ready, Hold Steady,
’Cause I don’t want none of this

You’re off to a new destination
Goodbye, it’s a permanent vacation
Set sail to avoid confrontation
Engage Engage

Remember when we used to have a good time?
Nevermind, I’ve got to leave that all behind
Settle down, you used to say then walk away
Engage Engage

I’m ready, you’re ready, hold steady,
’Cause I don’t want none of this


Written By: Piazza

Let’s see what
We can hash out in 15 minutes or less
I guess,
It’s counter-productive and mediocre at best
I think,
Something’s decomposing in our kitchen

You (yeah yeah yeah) Are (yeah yeah yeah) Beautiful of shit.

Crowds of people,
Throbbing back and forth it’s such a mess
Your sins and all will be forgiven
You know the show
Must go on but my heart’s not in it

You (yeah yeah yeah) Are (yeah yeah yeah) Beautiful of shit

You (yeah yeah yeah) Are (yeah yeah yeah) Beautiful of (I said)
You (yeah yeah yeah) Are (yeah yeah yeah) Beautiful of shit.


No official releases yet, but we do have songs online on our myspace page

We have concluded our recording at the Hotel2Tango Studio in Montreal. An EP will follow shortly.

Set List

SOMA has approximately 35-40 original songs, and has recently played sets lasting over an hour. Covers range from: Foo Fighters, Motorhead, The Strokes, SOAD, Nirvana, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Jet, The Vines, CCR, RHCP, Cindi Lauper, Radiohead, Tenacious D, and many others.

While SOMA has a range of covers to choose from, the focus remains the original material. SOMA writes ferverishly, and usually churns out 3-4 complete new songs every few weeks.

Again, we are so flexible that we can play a set ranging between 30min to 2 hours, even more!