Hard rocking 3-piece band, bringing back a sound reminiscent of the early 90's (STP, Pearl Jam, etc.) with a modern twist.


Formed in Toronto during 2005, SOMA is fast becoming a crowd favorite with their talented playing and hard, dirty rock n roll. Soma plans on promoting their debut album "The Rise and the Fall" with extensive shows across Canada starting in Toronto.

Michael Monzon fronts the band. With his dirty soulful voice, his blues rock guitar licks and his skillful, lightning quick solos. On drums we have Phil Villa with his hard rock vibe and rhythm. His beats are masterfully played with precision and soul. And keeping it all together with his smooth, melodic and versatile bass playing is Michael Warkentin.

The album "The Rise and the Fall", was produced by SOMA. With 2 time Juno nominee Rob Sanzo (Treble Charger; Controller Controller; Skinny Puppy) contributing with his mastery for recording & mixing, SOMA walked into Signal2Noise Studios to start production on The Rise and the Fall. The album was completed and mastered several months after by Joao Carvalho (2004 Juno nominated producer) who's mastering resume reads like a who's who of Canadian popular music, having worked with such artists as Billy Talent, Death From Above 1976, Sloan, The Tragically Hip, Sam Roberts, The Trews, and Hawksley Workman to mention a few.

Together these guys are bringing back the purity of rock amidst all the manufactured glam-, punk- and pop-rock that is saturating the market today. SOMA is continuing in the rock tradition by defying musical barriers and drawing strength from international musical influences; a trait that has them developing an ever growing loyal fan base.

SOMA is easily going to be one of the few rock bands to dominate the music industry, while also influencing everything from film to fashion to social structures and political views. In the past, rock had revolutionary bands such as The Beatles, The Led Zeppelin, and Guns n Roses. Our new era now has its own: SOMA. They are the next evolution of Rock.

-Ryan Goode


Half A Gramme

Written By: Michael Monzon / Michael Warkentin / Phil Villa

1/2 Gram

Verse 1:
Power structure must conceal
Obscenities and horrors pass our screens
Through the cable to our screens
A million people hiding from their fears

Sell me home
Sell me mind
Sell me something
It's the message that means war

Tell me lies
Give me hope
Give me nothing
It's the southbound southern whores that feed

On the chosen ones
On the broken ones
Tell me
I am not about to feed

Verse 2:
Cocaine tables, where I've been
I've seen a grown man crying, what does he feel
Through my nasal, where it's been
Social and unconscious to what's real


Chorus x2

Chorus x2


2006 - The Rise And The Fall - Full Length CD
Available on all major online music stores, our website, and select retail locations.

2005 - 3 Song Demo - Out of Print

Set List

Our typical set is between 30-50 minutes long. It consists of between 7-11 original songs.