Gritty, working class, dark alt-rock. Sometimes heavy, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes soft and pretty.....always a little dirty. SOMAROSA's sound has been likened to Queens of the Stoneage/Soundgarden/Smashing Pumpkins


Atlanta's own SOMAROSA is the culmination of years of collective street grit... Raised working class, they are the real deal. Steve Gibby and Zach Pope met when they were kids and quickly became a productive songwriting team, with punk and metal as the mainstays. In Atlanta bands throughout the late nineties and into the present, these guys honed their live show and their chops. Zach met Danita Wells in 1994 and became fast friends. As a fan, her shared love of music finally prompted Danita to pick up the bass seriously in 2001 and join the songwriting team. The addition of former bandmate and childhood friend David Hudson, completed not only the lineup but the chemistry of Somarosa. Dave's unique vision and drive puts the somarosa creative machine in high gear. The four share a close personal bond, sticking it out thru the hard times, the jail times, and coming of age. "We are a family with unconditional love and limitless creativity," states Danita.

Since then, the band has played with their hearts on their sleeves - gaining a dedicated fanbase. They play loud, bold and dark, but with a pop sensibility that hooks the listener. Sometimes heavy, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes soft and pretty - always a little dirty. "We were raised working class - and play as such, but lyrically, we are a thinking man's band...lots of inward dialogue happening there," says Zach. SOMAROSA's music and live show is a no frills, raw, very visceral and straightforward performance. "I think we've earned our place onstage over the years. We always connect with our fans, and some of the best feedback we get is from our recorded material. It's an exciting time for us right now - it feels right." Concerning the future of SOMAROSA, Zach adds, "We are going to do this till the day we die, so get used to us...we are back from the dead." Somarosa can be seen at the Emergenza music festival in Atlanta this year among many other regional shows.



Written By: SOMAROSA

We are better/We are silent/We are lucky/We are trying/And we're sorry we are dying/And it's summer and we're kicking each other/We were color but now we're faded/We were covered but once we're naked/And we wonder yeah how we made this/And its summer and we're kicking each other, yeah/ We will nod aware of rhymes to find in our sweet sleep, We will nod aware of rhymes to find in our sweet sleep/We'll end this wreck and show me the way to go home/We'll end this wreck and show me the way to go home/Can't live in this state and let you believe in let go/We'll end this wreck and show me the way to go home/We'll nod aware of rhymes to find in our sweet sleep/


Written By: Somarosa

live like steel - and make a name for all yr days - it comforts you - in any myriad of ways - know the seas - and suns that rise - and when they leave you cry those lonely nites - and red shifts turn to gray - theyll always bend you - back in place some way - out of the way-I'm dumb-with some kind of delay...
turn yr wheels- and bleed yr dreams for all they weigh-it comforts you-just like a body at a wake-a whole new deal, a tender meal-I'd kick it off but yr rebels left for home-the pride of our two lives -our bride has left with jesus throwing stones -to the sea -all my energy has left this heart of ours - all sing with me-love is what you make...
some say we are too young to know - and some will say we are too old - do what you will-it will be done-and when you leave-you'll leave a part of one- a blade, a wheel, a wing - the constant will be what you did not see-a blade a wheel a wing, forever enough - to the sea-all my energy, has left this heart of ours- all sing with me - love is what you take.....



video :
Video for "Stick" aired on CHANNEL ZERO in Atlanta, Boston, New York, Tennessee among others. Available for download on SONICBIDS.COM, MYSPACE.COM/SOMAROSA, YOUTUBE.COM & SOMAROSA.COM

-airplay on:
- WRAS 88.5 ATL
-WREK 91.1 ATL

Set List

Set length is anywhere from 45 - 60 minutes of all original material. We can play shorter or longer sets if needed...maybe with a cover thrown in for fun.

Invisible Man
Road to Corinth
(running scared) cover: R. Orbison
Burn, Burn, Burn
October 9th
Viajero Cancion
Van Dyke Brown
Mute Segue
Automatic Haze
(many others)...