One of the best band to come out of Calgary in years. A growing fanbase throughout North America. One of Canada's Jagermusic bands. Great live show. Intelligent songwriting. Just generally rad dudes.


Inspired by artists such as Thrice, the Deftones, Cult Of Luna, Norma Jean and In Flames, Somastate has experienced a quick rise to becoming one of the most talked about, freshly-unique hard rock bands in underground music. Sharing core values akin to bands like Converge, Somastate continue to push past the ever-evolving "scene" in hopes of creating music that will stand the test of time while always promoting a message of community and social awareness.

In 2009, Somastate was sponsored by JagerMusic Canada and have been touring the country in between recording their new EP "The Physics Demos" and writing for their upcoming full-length due out in 2010. In the past 2 years, Somastate has performed Taste of Chaos, Vans Warped Tour, Junofest and shared the stage with artists such as Thursday, Secret and Whisper and Cancer Bats.


Sing Gloria

Written By: Somastate

Well I’ve been seized by the power of this great affection
Her bright eyes scream as she hugs her knees, breathing a smile
And waiting for the night to close in
Such majesty found in the life we’re given
You find that in your tears you taste it and feel it move beneath the song we sing

Singing Gloria
We’ll say it louder we’ll sing it out

Well she’s been seized by the pain of this great infection
Where feeding tubes become the bitter roots leeching the spirit she needs
From the body given
Such tragedy found in the simplest ribbons
Metaphors in the place of living
In your tears you taste it and feel it move beneath the song we sing

Singing Gloria
We’ll say it louder we’ll sing it out
Since Gloria’s now gone
We’ll say it for her, We’ll sing it out

And from the light inside all men who risk their souls to find it
Come legacies now worth living for those who’ll never hide it
So from the light inside all men who taught us how to fight it
We will stand to face our endings strong

How precious the heart that sings in the darkness
Bleeds for the truth and dies so we find it
You screamed it out at the top of your lungs so we could see
Now find the rest you seek

Sing Gloria
Just say it louder, Just sing it out
Since Gloria, you’re home
Just say it for us, Just sing it out

Walk on home, Walk on home
Walk on home, Welcome home


Written By: Somastate

We’ve traded their bones for mortar and stone
The state of their hearts for state of the art technology
And with the simplest demands took fingers from hands
And babies from wombs, daring their guns to strike us to the ground

But it’s not hard to see that this is necessity
How we kill the free and cause innocents to bleed
Witness now our transforming

Gods we become in the victories won
We’ll spread our wings and we’ll fly to the sun
Such a long way gone
Beware the juniper

We’re carving our names in spirits at play
The dance of the dead marches now so perfectly in time
(I am vampire)
We’ve traded peace in our souls for pieces of gold
And glimmers of hope to cut straight through the throat of honesty
(I am empire)

Wrapped Around a Bullet

Written By: Somastate

Oh how those angels cast such imposing figures
With their hands firmly on the triggers pressed up against your head
One more word, babe, and it’s forever
How could the created ever give voice unto their creator
Holy, but not so whole he still waits to annihilate you

Messenger adopt the pose and feel the skin rip from your bones
He always leaves the heart exposed, he’ll always leave the heart
How aimless is this fervor, bullet holes won’t make you a martyr
Or have you never heard?
Your frailty just cost you forever

You almost sold me on the things you were
As beauty desiring desirer
You almost sold me on the pain you knew
Until cruelty inflicted infected you

How tight your grip on the arm of the ghost you talk to
While in your eyes shines a painful virtue sent down from him on high
It wasn’t you that he chose to speak through
But still the betrayed endeavour to pay respect to their traitor
Holy, but not so whole they still beg to believe half-truths

Messengers adopt the pose and peel the skin right from your bones
They always leave the heart exposed, they’ll always leave the heart
Dead from the invocation, bastard names for your incantations
And prophecies untold
A proper end to your conversation

You’ll never take my heart, and you will never take my soul
You’ll never kill the fire that burns far brighter than you know
You’ll never take my heart and you will never take my soul
The flame that destroys the cold

There is no absolution, there is no forgiveness


Reversals EP - 2008
The Physics Demos - 2009

Set List

Our typical show consists of one set with all original songs, 45-60 minutes in length.

1. White Flag
2. Juniper
3. Locust Years
4. Betrayed
5. These Darkest Paths
6. Sing Gloria
7. WolfInside
8. Wrapped Around a Bullet
9. Oceans Away
10. Sweet Revelation
11. Devil
12. Safe Harbor
13.The Sinews of War
14. To Return