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No formal releases yet but we have almost finished our LP and plan to have it pressed and out in July.



Our music is best described as chaotic. We have indelible melodies and then it ascends into screaming and noise. We have a large pool of bands that influence us ranging from the Smiths to the Monkees and onward to Pantera and Slayer. Touching on almost everything in between. I have never heard anything quite like us in the Twin Cities music scene and its kind of exciting seeing how the people up here react when they see us. A man at one of our shows best described us by saying "you make me want to rip my skin off!" which he followed by saying "I mean a good, release kind of way!"
We all have our own musical stories but when it comes down too it, it's best when the stories of how each of us took to music coalesces into the sound we create. Mike and I (Travis) came from a small rural community in central Wisconsin and quickly bonded over such bands as Nirvana and Sonic Youth. Those are just 2 of the bands that really changed our (Mike and Travis) lives. That helped us feel music on a different plane than most people feel.
Theo grew up in the eastern metro area of St. Paul and took to the drums early on. His biggest influence in drumming comes from Jimmy Chamberlin and the Smashing Pumpkins. This maybe his favorite band of all time but you will have to ask him personally. He played drums for a band that at the time did not have a name and consisted of his old high school friends but was looking for something more serious and found Mike and I and Somatic Fuzz.
Corey is the youngest of the band and the newest to the musical world. Don't let that fool any of you he has to be the quickest learner of guitar that I have ever seen. In the next 3 years he may even be the next guitar prodigy!!! Well maybe not but he is one of the most talented guitarists I have ever seen. He enjoys "The Great Gatesby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Despises Jaguar guitars.
Somatic Fuzz as a band has played many shows in the Twin City Metro area and areas outside of the TC. Our stage show is best describe as intense sometimes even descending into instrument smashing (depending on our mix and moods of course). I am going to stop writing this now I think our music will speak for itself and I am sick of trying to sell this shit.