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"Somatic Fuzz "Singularity""

There is something about the concept of song (singular). You know, as in, the song on the album, or the song of an artist's career. Not always the single, the song is the difinitive statement, a frozen moment of pristine crystallization. The song is loved, and for that reason it moves, it is heat. Some bands expend their whole gamut making a big deal about avoiding the song. Others kill themselves questing for it.
I don't think "Singularity" has what shall forever be remembered as the song by Somatic Fuzz. But the band's getting close, and they sure seem to have their eyes on the prize. I could see "Cauterize" becoming a standout hit for a number of local radio shows. It's contagious indie rock syrup, effortlessly statisfying guitar jangler with downright weird distortion and phrasing by lead vocalist Travis Franklin. Other strong tracks include "Redshift," with its escalating minor chord progression that crunches and thumps its wat to a hollering peak melodic hook, and "Murder by Midnight" which would sound like The Strokes playing a spy show theme if Julian Casablancas never existed.
Although they haven't hit it yet, there is evidence that Somatic Fuzz are seeking the single. Which helps to explain the diversity in sound between a gentle hummer like "Cape Caroline" and the screamo-intensity
of "30 seconds to the Failure of Men." While the whole thing smacks a bit like sweat, when they get close to hittin' it just right..., well, they are real damn close. CMJ - Rift Magazine


LP: Singularity (in terms of science not singles)

1. Clip On Tie
2. Cauterize
3. 30 seconds till the Failure of Men
4. Murder by Midnite
5. Four
6. Cape Caroline
7. Red Shift
8. Chain Reaction
9. Iona Speak!
10. Digital Ghosts/Falling
11. Hopeless



The best way to describe the music that we do is diverse. We don't really want a label or anything of that sort, I think the best thing about being in an indy rock band would definately be the freedom you have with your music. Somatic Fuzz has anything from traditional punk 3 chord music to 9 and a half minute alternative prog rock opuses. We love the idea of experiementing with sounds and styles but it doesn't matter how far we deviate we will never be able to get rid of melodies because the common ground we all have for musical influences would be bands like the Beatles or The Pixies.
Our live shows would be on par with a neutron star that has had its crust violently ripped apart with magnetic intensity. We are five gentlemen that are very passionate about what we do.