We think its time for originality.Its time for ROCK to make a return to the mainstream.Riffs that hit ya...solos that blaze....drums hammerin....and the front man givin his all.We are who we are....take a listen...let the music speak for itself.


It all started in early 2005 when 5 of the areas best musicians got together and decided to put together one of the best ALL ORIGINAL rock bands that would ever form out of Pa. They immediately hit the studio and the 1st song released "Destiny" was the winner of a contest with one of the largest radio stations in the area 97.9 the X. The song was aired on National TV for a special show on our troops serving in Iraq.The next song "Downfall" was snatched up for the B-Movie from Chris Crowely titled "Leaving Souls". The band was also featured in varies area newspapers. The band put together the rest of the album (One Step Away from Nothing). The copies sold very quick, and as the band started performing live, thats when it really took off. They soon were playing the areas biggest clubs, and low and behold started building their fan base. They kept pushing, playing original music. They played anywhere they could to be heard. The next step was to hit the studio again and record the SOMBER EP. Done at Saturation Acres (credited with Breaking Benjamin's 1st ever EP) under the discretion of Brett Alexander the bands writing took to the next level. The EP was released and the real frenzy started! The crowds grew bigger and the band strived to put on one of the best stage shows around. The 5 guys are very serious about there music. Respect and constant work is their secret. Known around Pa for their great attitudes to not only fans but also club owners, sound production crews, and even lighting techs. The guys worked there way to play with such acts like Papa Roach-Kill Hannah-Crossfade-Saliva-Black Label Society-Vanilla Ice.-SOiL.....and more to come. The band is currently in the studio again(Bret Alexander-Saturation Acres) and the new CD will be out by the end of October 2007.


"One Step Away From Nothing"-Somber-released January 2006-sold 1000 copies.
"SOMBER EP" released September 2006-350 copies distributed.
New CD on the way-scheduled release date October 27th 2007

Set List

We play a variety of Rock oriented originals. We currently have 41 songs(Originals) and do play some covers. Examples are -Johnny Cash-Folsom Prison Blues---Drowning Pool-Bodies---Limp Bizkit-Break Stuff.