Some Assembly Required

Some Assembly Required


Midwestern Garage Power Pop played with the energy and intensity that only a Detroit band could. A danceable beat with great hooks and FUN. Say the Replacements, Knack, Kinks and Ramones got drunk and wrote some songs. That would bring you to our sound.


Formed in 1987 while still in high school, Some Assembly Required has developed into a mainstay on the Detroit circuit. Wearing their influences on their sleeve( Beatles, Ramones, Replacements, Knack, Kinks), we write hook laden and melody driven songs designed to please a wide audience. We also have a good, loyal draw. We always provide a consistent, energetic and fun live presentation. If you're looking for a fun band with a great attitude, you've just found them...


Pop Psychology (1997)
Imitation Is The Sincerest Form (2005)
Stray Cliches (2007)

We've gotten airplay on several internet radio stations, and some local independent radio stations

Set List

We draw our set from a list of about 30 originals and we usually play 45-50 minutes. We always do one cover song and we rotate the song. For example, in January we are covering White Wedding.
An example of our set list......(Jan 08)
Needle In My Vein
Made To Order
Two Is Not Enough
Can't Stand You
Marisol's Head
Not Like You
Take A Chance
White Wedding
Lighten Up
Paper Doll
Lost Her Mind
Never Mind It Now
Paper Kitty