Somebody Houston

Somebody Houston

 Leeds, Alabama, USA

If you took four individuals who had the same goals, a passion for creating, and different musical backgrounds and allowed them to create music together, your end result would be Somebody Houston. It's a sound that is unique in it's own right.


Somebody Houston is a four piece pop punk band from Birmingham, Alabama drawing influences from Blink-182, All Time Low, Mayday Parade and Angels & Airwaves. Being a younger band, they formed in late 2009, and have only released one self-titled EP. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Jason Richardson, back up vocalist and guitarist Sky Bush, drummer Evan Hawk, and bassist Casey Tesmer. The band's sound is a mix between an alternative, post- rock vibe with a pop-punk hook.

Somebody Houston formed when Jason and Evan decided to unite and create a band of their own after being in a couple of side projects together with other musicians. Sky and Casey were later added to the mix and a band was born. The band writes their music based on their own life situations and beliefs. Their musical influences strongly show in their music.


Somebody Houston EP
Single - So Long, St. Louis