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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Alternative




"Somebody's Darling to hit East Coast in June"

"Just as nearly every guy with a guitar in New Jersey gets compared to Bruce Springsteen, Farris has faced comparisons of her own. As a female lead singer from Texas that gets a bit rowdy on stage, she’s heard countless comparisons to Janis Joplin.

“If I had a dollar for every time somebody said that, I would be a bazillionaire!” she laughs. “But I think it’s a great compliment. Janis Joplin was awesome and she was a big inspiration of mine.”

In June, the band hits the Northeast for a series of shows in the area. Farris hopes that people are inspired, encouraged, and moved by the band’s live set. She adds, “We also like to drink with our fans.”

Janis would be proud." - New Jersey Stage

"[Preview] Somebody’s Darling w/ Radio Birds & Dalmatian @ The Basement 05.06.2015"

"The bio for Southern rock band Somebody’s Darling says, “Think my Morning Jacket fronted by a woman, or Alabama Shakes if they’d been born in Texas”. Other comparisons include Grace Potter, ZZ Ward, Tame Impala, and Gary Clark Jr. The woman out front is Amber Farris on lead vocals and guitar. The rest of the band is David Ponder (guitar), Nate Wedan (percussion), Mike Talley (keys), and Wade Cofer (bass). All five members of this bluesy rock ‘n’ roll band, which formed in Dallas in 2007, are Texas-born, but packed up and moved to Nashville earlier this year to tour, write, and record. Their most recent release, 2014’s Adult Roommates, takes a mature, and sometimes stark, look at what it means to be a working band. Come out to The Basement tonight to welcome these new kids to town. Check out the video for “Bad Bad” from the new album." - No Country for New Nashville

"Baebel Music premiers single "Generator" from new album Adult Roommates (2014)"

"Equal bits Gary Clark Jr. and ZZ Ward...their track "Generator" whose delightful Tame Impala's "Elephant"-esque intro gives the track a propulsive spurt right out of the's off their upcoming LP, Adult Roommates, and we're ready to hear more." - Baebel Music

"CULTURE COLLiDE premiers "Bad Bad" from new album Adult Roommates (2014)"

"Somebody's Darling have all the elements you would expect from a Southern rock band: Lead singer Amber Farris' commanding vocals, dominant guitars, powerful drums, and lyrics that make you pay attention. They've just announced the release of their third album, Adult Roommates, on September 16.

And we're thrilled to share the premiere of first single "Bad Bad." The track offers a hint of the album's vibe — think vintage, raw, awesome." - CULTURE COLLiDE

"Somebody's Darling truly is a "live" band"

This talented bands jam, bluesy, rock 'n' roll tunes are big and commanding in every possible way - from lead singer Amber Farris' impressive vocal chops and wild blonde hair to the band's ballsy rhythm section and grooving guitar licks. Now together for seven years and three albums, their most recent release, 2014's Adult Roommates, takes a mature and sometimes stark look at what it means to be a working band. The Dallas band recently relocated to Nashville to tour and write the next record.

Somebody’s Darling is headed to The Southgate House Revival next Friday, April 3rd with The Whiskey Shambles! We sat down with the beautiful lead singer, Amber Farris to get to know the band prior to the show!

Give us some background on Somebody’s Darling…
Amber: In college [University of North Texas], I was in a band called Raleigh with David [lead guitarist of Somebody's Darling] and some other friends, and when that split up, David and I decided to try to write some songs together. As for a drummer it was always going to be my old buddy Nate Wedan. We met Michael [keys] in college as well. We only practiced once before our first show, in my bedroom unplugged, but it went ok and we haven't stopped since. Moving Mike over to keys and bringing on Wade [bass; back-up vocals] for the last two records has been huge for where we've taken our sound, and with everyone tossing in songs and ideas on the last record [Adult Roommates], it feels like we've come a long way.

You have opened up for some amazing acts! What are some of your favorite experiences as a band thus far?
Amber: I know for me it was the chance to open up for Brandi Carlile at Verizon Theater in Dallas this past December. Her energy really inspired me and I think some of her fans dug what we are doing. And we had a blast opening for St. Paul & the Broken Bones, they brought it.

What can one expect from a live Somebody’s Darling show?
Amber: Somebody’s Darling is really and truly a “live” band. The energy and the emotion of playing in front of people is really why we all do this. We got slow songs and we got fast songs, but we bring it on both. I’d like to think that our music makes people want to stay at the bar, get close to someone, and feel something. At least I hope.

What is next for Somebody’s Darling?
Amber: Well, we just moved to Nashville, TN. We've only been in town a month or so, but we're loving it so far. We've got a ton of dates on the calendar for 2015, touring and performing live is really what we thrive on. And we've got a great practice space at our Nashville camp, so we're working hard on new songs. -

"Somebody's Darling sets sights on a blistering blues-rock show at Barley's"

"They’re driving freight trains of reverb and melody, ragged and glorious and occasionally desperate and always fun. And as long as it remains fun for Farris and her bandmates, they’ll keep doing it." - The Daily Times

"Red Bull Music premiers exclusive stream of Adult Roommates ahead of official release"

"On September 16, Somebody's Darling will release its new album, 'Adult Roommates.' It is the third full-length by the Dallas-based rock quintet consisting of vocalist/guitarist Amber Farris, lead guitarist David Ponder, bassist Wade Cofer, keyboardist Michael Talley and drummer Nate Wedan.

Today we're happy to premiere 'Adult Roommates,' which the Red Bull Sound Select artist recorded with producer Beau Bedford (Old 97s, Sarah Jaffe) and producer Matt Pence (Midlake, Jason Isbell) in Denton, Texas.

Listen to 'Adult Roommates' in its entirety below, and pre-order the album on iTunes. After the jump, check out an interview with band members Farris and Ponder, as well as Somebody's Darling's upcoming tour dates." - Red Bull Music

"New Daytrotter Session with Somebody's Darling (September 2014)"

Sep 17, 2014 - Futureappletree, Rock Island, IL!/concert/somebodys-darling/21021450-37383355 - Daytrotter

"Somebody's Darling to hit Knoxville with rock band authenticity"

During the days of the Civil War, unidentified casualties were branded as “Somebody’s Darling” with the notion that someone somewhere loved this deceased soldier.

The sweet and eerie term of endearment has now been borrowed by the Dallas-based soulful rock band, Somebody’s Darling.

To kick off their tour, these bluesy rockers are bringing their Lonestar state styling to the Scruffy City for a night of rock, soul and blend of Southern edge.

This blend is one that occurred rather naturally, said the band’s front woman, Amber Farris.

“Our genres from each person vary, but we still have the same core respect for music we like and good music,” Farris explained. “I think our individual taste in music is different in lot of ways from each other. And I think that’s how the unique sound comes across.”

The assortment of musical interests is clear on the band’s latest album, “Adult Roommates.” While the soulful lyrics and rock melodies are still there, a great deal of musical growth is apparent to the blonde Texas rocker.

“I feel like we’re still kind of figuring it out - trying to get our sound to what we want it to be,” Farris said. “We think we’re going in the direction we’ve always wanted to. We really put everyone’s talent at the front of the line.”

Though musical growth was a main focus, the group has another objective in mind.

The four-man and one curly-haired female lead singer formation is, at times, difficult to come by. However, they just aim to be a rock ‘n roll band.

“That’s what we all want to be – a true rock band,” Farris said. “It’s not like 'Amber Farris and the Blah Blah Blahs'. We are a band through and through. I think that’s what people like about us. There’s no gimmicks. It’s just straight up. We’re just a rock band.”

However, this identity comes with an honest name to match, said Farris. Somebody’s Darling shares the sentiment and the identity of those soldiers long forgotten.

“It’s a way that unknown soldiers are marked when they have their identity gone,” Farris explained of the band’s namesake. “It’s kind of sad, but we kind of like the meaning of it. We just thought it was kind of a sincere, honest name.

“I think everybody wants to be somebody’s darling, ya know?”

Somebody’s Darling is playing at the WDVX Blue Plate Special on Thursday at 12 p.m. They're also playing at Barley’s Tap Room and Pizzeria in the Old City Thursday night at 10 p.m. Admission is free. - The UT Daily Beacon

"Dallas Morning News reviews new album Adult Roommates (2014)"

The third time really is the charm for Dallas rockers Somebody’s Darling. The bluesy rock band has grown into a heck of a group with singer Amber Farris at the lead, and it shows with the band’s third full-length album, Adult Roommates.

The cohesiveness they’ve built since the release of 2012’s Jank City Shakedown is baked into every roaring track: from the sexy, coy “End of the Line” to the pulsing buildup in “Generator,” which was recently leaked online.

Keyboardist Michael Talley says this is the first time the band hasn’t had “an element of greenness” while recording: All five members, including guitarist David Ponder, drummer Nate Wedan and bassist Wade Cofer, have been touring together for the past two years and have performed more than 200 shows. Even the songwriting process has changed hands.

“In the past, it’s pretty much been Amber and Dave writing the songs, but on this album I contributed to a few as well,” Talley says.
Pry your ears from the relentless guitar work and Farris’ pleading chords for just a moment and you’ll hear the sobering tales they’re telling. “Come to Realize” reflects on how hard it is to leave someone, while “Two Lords” grieves the loss of two fellow musicians.
“The two lords of yesterday haunt these streets with me / No more starting over, no more New Year’s Eve,” Farris whimpers alongside a somber acoustic guitar.
Even though “Two Lords” is a departure from the band’s signature raging, pedal-to-the-floor style, the track peels away the layers and confirms their musical maturity.

Most of the songs on Adult Roommates stay true to Somebody’s Darling’s gritty roots, maintaining that rough-edged Southern charm we’ve come to love.

“Stylistically, it’s consistent to Jank City Shakedown, just more mature. It reflects more of a growth for us as a band and as musicians,” Talley says.

Seeing the band perform should be on any live-music fan’s to-do list. The band has captured some of that relentless energy in a video for the first single, “Bad Bad.” The as-yet-unreleased video shows off the band’s onstage vitality but also reveals the musicians’ goofier sides in the studio and on the road.

It’s hard to deny the band’s natural chemistry on Adult Roommates. Even closing track “Keep This Up” sends the listener off with a warm embrace, its resounding harmonies pacing in the background as the sounds fade away.

This fall, Somebody’s Darling tours locally and regionally and will perform at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City in October. The five-day festival features more than 1,000 live acts in more than 80 venues across the Big Apple. - Dallas Morning News

"Myspace premiers "Bad Bad" music video"

"This hard-hitting Texas rock outfit is seemingly always on the road, playing over 500 shows in the last five years. But they're still finding time to record new music—their most recent album, Adult Roommates, was released on September 16, with the music video for the single "Bad Bad" premiering exclusively on Myspace." - Myspace

"Dallas Observer reviews new album Adult Roommates (2014)"

"On "End of the Line," the bluesy, smoky fifth track from Adult Roommates, the newest album from Dallas' Somebody's Darling, lead singer and songwriter Amber Farris sums up the heart and soul of the new record with a few simple words. "This is the oldest we have been, this is the youngest we will ever be," she sings, and in that one line lies a lifetime of wisdom." - Dallas Observer

"The 5 Best Female Vocalists in Dallas"

"As lead singer of Somebody's Darling, this year's Dallas Observer Music Awards-winning country act, Amber Farris has a stage presence and voice that could rival any of the genre's heaviest hitters. Farris' vocals are raw, powerful and wholly unique, giving Somebody's Darling a sound that is immensely popular with local music fans. There are more young local bands than ever that are fronted by women, and Amber Farris is the example that they should all look up to." - Dallas Observer

"The Best North Texas Alt-Country Bands"

"Good luck to anyone looking for the answer to the question, "Is there a live band in North Texas that simply slays harder than Somebody's Darling?" Led by powerful vocalist Amber Farris and lead-guitarist David Ponder, the two of which write most of the band's material, Somebody's Darling have won DOMA's before. And since they can't seem to help but get better with each new album -- this year's soul-infused Adult Roommates is the latest piece of evidence in this regard -- it's a safe bet that more trophies are on their way to this group. Farris has an inspiring voice that transcends genre and gender boundaries, and there's not a room that can hold this band at this point in time." - Dallas Observer

"Show review - May 22 Red Bull Sound Select @ Three Links - Dallas (2014)"

"The sweet sultry songstress vibe of Somebody's Darling was a great next step in the evening. Somebody's Darling has been on the up-and-up in the Dallas music scene for some time now and I was happy to finally see them perform live. They didn't disappoint. The lead singer, Amber Farris, has quite the voice and the band was tight. The dynamic growl of Amber's voice made for several goose-bump filled moments. The blues was strong with Somebody's Darling. Beautiful keyboard ambience, quick fingers on the fretboards, and Amber's long locks of wavy blonde hair thrashing to the beat were a few key secondary features of the set. Their musical prowess was undeniable." - AXS Entertainment

"Show review - Adult Roommates release party @ Tree's - Dallas"

"This was what an album release show should be. A club packed with fans who are anxious not only about getting their hands on the latest release from a band they love, but also seeing them pull out all the stops to make this something more than just your average show.

The last few times I had seen Somebody’s Darling they were clicking on a level that affirmed they were one of the areas’ best. That was still holding true this night. The showmanship, the musicianship and even the way it was all executed was no different from that of a bigger ticket act you’d pay good money to see here at Trees." - The Music Enthusiast

"A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Somebody's Darling"

"Somebody's Darling hail from the land of the Bushes. The Dallas group are notorious for hitting the road repeatedly over the last five years. According to their press notes, they've played over 500 shows and supported artists like Lucero and Divine Fits. They were recently honored by Red Bull Music and invited to become an official Red Bull Sound Select Artist. Watch below, and pick up their Adult Roommates like, now." - Huff Post

"Twang Nation"

"While attending the Americana Music Conference in Nashville last September I was lucky enough to go to some great shows. John Fogerty , Charlie Robison, Radney Foster, The Bottle Rockets, Angela Easterling....all great. But the show that stuck with me most was my favorite sort, a complete surprise.

Texas has a long, rich legacy of musical contributions as big as the state itself, and they run the across all genres. But if anyone asked me for a recommendation of a current musician or a band that best personifies what I like best about Texas music I would hand them a copy of Dallas' Somebody's Darling self-titled release. Gritty, balls-to-the-wall rock, not the anemic variety seeping from mainstream country station over the last decade from execs that think Creed is rad, but the kind of Lynyrd Skynyrd or Charlie Daniels (listen to the fiddle-banjo fueled barn-blazer Another Two Step to fetch a hankering for 'shine and a bar fight) meets Replacements ( listen to the cuts Lonely as well as Farewell for power-punk ferocity spiced with pedal steel!) And with the current re-issues of Exile on Mainstreat you miss that 70's Stones swagger just listen to Cold Hearted Lover for enough bluesy heat sure to burn a hole in your highball glass.

On the brazenly fearless and apologetically sentimental yearn of the opener Horses and Easy Amber Farris takes her rightful place with other powerful Texas singers, like Janis Joplin and Michelle Shocked, that can belt it out and also work the nuanced edges of a song. The band - David Ponder n searing Lead Guitar, Nate Wedan as a force to be reckoned with on Percussion and the understated Michael Talley on Bass. This is a crack band that does what they should do, make it all seem seamless and effortless. The solid songs and passionate performance on this release and live shows why they were the winners of the Shiner Records' Rising Star Competition and have a sterling future ahead of them."

Baron Lane/Twang Nation - No Depression

"Speed Rocking @ CMJ (showcase review)"

"With Somebody’s Darling, the listener is never bored. The band’s music constantly keeps you riled up and ready to go. Earlier that week I was listening to their stuff on my computer at my office but did not realize that the headphone jack was not connected. All my colleagues looked over at my desk and instead of being annoyed, gave me a thumbs up and high praise. (Cue Andy Samberg’s Nicholas Cage impression) That’s the power of Somebody’s Darling." - Punchland

"Daytrotter (2012)"

"The people that Farris, guitarist David Ponder, drummer Nate Wedan, keyboardist Mike Talley and bassist Wade Cofer bring to life are those who have seen the floor, been knocked down to it more times than they can remember and after some bottles have been consumed, they've managed to pick themselves off of those floors, to examine the new shape that they find themselves in. It never seems to be the same shape. It's always something new, slightly more damaged, but reminiscent. Farris is a force as a singer, as a conveyor of hopefulness and of despair. She gets the bottle. She understands the bottle and she understands that the sun comes up every morning. It always does." - Daytrotter

"Dallas Observer"

"not only can Farris shout it out like an alt-country Aretha Franklin, but guitarist David Ponder isn't exactly a slouch in the songwriting department, either. Together, the two, along with a tight rhythm section, merge old-school honky-tonk with pop and soul. It's a mixture that always seems to translate well whenever Somebody's Darling hits the stage." - Dallas Observer

"Dallas Observer Music Awards"

"There might be a better lead singer/lead guitar player combo in North Texas than Amber Farris and David Ponder, but such a case will not be easily proven. Farris' powerfully soulful voice is the smoke to the flames that leap from Ponder's axe when he really kicks out the jams. Their recent release Jank City Shakedown reminds us that country music can legitimately blow out amps." - Dallas Observer

"Dallas Observer review of Jank City Shakedown (2012)"

"One listen to Shakedown and it's obvious Ponder is right. The album bristles with authentic country as well as some rhythm and blues, strutting from opening cut "Cold Hands" to closer "The Middle." It's easily one of the best local releases of the year and should bring the band the national exposure it so richly deserves..." - Dallas Observer

"Dallas Morning News"

"There is a soulful keyboard, guitar, bass and drums outro on “Maybe” that speaks volumes about the band’s sound, particularly on the new disc Jank City Shakedown. Add to that Amber’s heart-on-the-sleeve voice and you have the makings of roots rock-R&B-country nirvana." - Dallas Morning News

"Culture Map"

"It is this (...) blend of old and new that has fueled the band’s unique sound, a hometown blend of country, roots and rock." - Dallas Culture Map

"Central Track"

"While there's a certain unfettered intensity that makes Farris a hard component to ignore, she's no one-trick pony here, either.

Instead, she uses her Melissa Ethridge-like power to draw listeners in as she shows off her range, ably adapting to a wide swath of styles throughout the course of the disc's 10 cuts, no matter whether it's the honky-tonk "Keep Shakin'," the gospel-tinged "The Middle" or the southern rock of "Wedding Clothes."

But Farris' diverse ability hits home hardest at Jank City's midpoint, as she desperately chokes out lines like, "My own medicine won't make it down my throat" on the aptly named "My Own Medicine" cut.

It's moments like this that show off her band's growth since their debut. Several hundred live shows between releases will do that. What's more, the addition of keys in the interim has allowed the band to incorporate several more styles, such as Texas blues and gospel, into their already heavily-influenced sound." - Central Track

"Central Track"

"Still, even with all that's going on in this ridiculously packed weekend, another show has helped put a favorite local country act atop this week's list of buzzing acts. After a month-long tour -- and over a month since their sophomore full-length was released -- Somebody's Darling returns to town this Saturday to play its homecoming/album release show at Dada." - Central Track

"Routes and Branches"

"In a time when too many female vocalists are praised for their twang or their sweet drawl, Amber opts for a bluesy bravado that commands more attention. The music of Somebody's Darling sounds like it might've emerged from a place a state or two to the east." - Scott Foley - 88.9 KRFC (Ft. Collins, CO)


"The Dallas quintet deliver a heavy dose of roadhouse rock. Singer Amber Farris has a voice that often recalls Maria McKee and more than holds its own against the band’s brawny electrified sound." - Twangville

"Forth Worth Star review of Jank City Shakedown (2012)"

"Somebody’s Darling, a much talked-about new Dallas outfit whose song Cold Hands, is all over KXT-FM
...comparisons could be made to the bluesier Alabama Shakes it will be interesting to see if Somebody’s
Darling enjoys the same career trajectory. No doubt, they made quite a few new fans Saturday." - Fort Worth Star-Telegram


Self-Titled LP (February 2010) 

Jank City Shakedown LP (September 2012)

Adult Roommates LP (September 2014)



In 2015, Dallas rock band Somebody's Darling, taking a page from Tom Petty, packed up camp, pushed all their chips in, and headed for Nashville to run down the dream of doing this forever. Think My Morning Jacket fronted by a woman, or Alabama Shakes if they'd been born in Texas. 

"Equal bits Gary Clark Jr. and ZZ Ward, their track "Generator" whose delightful Tame Impala's "Elephant"-esque intro gives the track a propulsive spurt right out of the's off their upcoming LP, Adult Roommates, and we're ready to hear more." - Baebel Music

"Somebody's Darling have all the elements you would expect from a Southern rock band: Lead singer Amber Farris' commanding vocals, dominant guitars, powerful drums, and lyrics that make you pay attention." - CULTURE COLLiDE

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