"Dark Classical Gothic yet Pop " what the hell is this? See if for yourself, we are SomebodySomeone.


How do you tell your story?what makes your life's experience yours, and yours alone?

The truth lies in simplicity. Our collective differences unify us. SOMEBODYSOMEONE began as four people ... cultures ... life experiences ... four different reflections in the same mirror ... through words and music.

SOMEBODYSOMEONE breaks through the barrier that separates us from each other by discovering the common ground in all of us: the soul ...breathing hopes, fears, pain, pleasure, the human experience into each of us.

Patrick Alan Casey grew up in a small town in Missouri. He was born into a family where music was all-encompassing. Patrick soon began to develop a name for himself across the region as a developing musical prodigy. He was greatly influenced by gospel music at an early age. In 1996, he moved to California to attend Pepperdine University, where he developed his vocal prowess studying classical music and Opera. As a freshman, he discovered Tori Amos and the power that raw emotional honesty that could be felt through songwriting. While in Malibu, Patrick got to meet and work with one of his life-long idols, David Foster. Working with him over the last few years counts as one of the most prized events of Patrick's life.

In 2003, Patrick met Jeff Sorenson, and he knew that he was the drummer who would bring his band together. Jeff has played with many multi-platinum artists and bands. The Wisconsin native attended the highly prestigious music school at the University of North Texas, regarded as the best percussion school in the country. After playing in and around Texas for several years, he made the move from Texas to California to begin forming the band with Patrick. He is currently an endorsed artist with DC California drums and Soultone cymbals.

In 2005, Patrick and Jeff found Kayta Matsuno and Doug Gild.

Kayta is a virtuoso of the guitar. After he graduated from renowned Berkell College of Music in Boston, he moved to Los Angeles. The broad capacity of his play style (From Gosple, R&B through country, Jazz to Rock) helped him to start his career as a session guitarist. The credit includes, Marlena Shaw, Steve Porcaro, Virgil Donatti, Tony Macalpine, Myra (ex Disney Record) Mauli. B, Lisa (Avex trax) NOVO philharmonic orchestra. Now He is pouring all the ideas acquired through his sessions into this band, so that his influence in this band artistically and technically is invaluable.

Doug Gild is a seasoned veteran of the LA music scene. He has been playing in bands since his teens, playing in just about every venue in Los Angeles and touring nationally with major acts. His musical style heavily influences SOMEBODYSOMEONE and its creative direction. Doug is also a master of the visual arts. He is currently directing the band's EPK...a short film combining music and video as a promotional tool.
SOMEBODYSOMEONE has played to sold out crowds and some of the major venues around Los Angeles such as B.B. KING'S BLUES CLUB and The ROXY ON SUNSET..



Written By: Patrick Alan Casey

VERSE 1 : Time after time I have tried,
To clear all the waste from these eyes.
Heaven's to ocean's never seen,
But all I am left with is between.
Blinded by what you could never see,
Broken by what I could never be.
In silent worlds when you are all alone.
Could silence burn a hole into your soul?
CHORUS: What if I could circle round the sun?
Then would you think I'm the only one?
Then would it not just be for fun.
What if I made you come..made you come undone?

VERSE 2: The hourglass is running out of sand.
The grains run like blood right though my hand.
Ghosts from the past sing like a sin.
Or is it just the screaming of the wind?


BRIDGE: I know you didn't ever know that I was here before.
I just had to know that you weren't coming back for more.




VERSE 1: Dark sun, blood moon, I can't feel you.
Dying once into the light, to find a place where death meets life.
Oh, how it burns my eyes, to gaze at the world outside

CHORUS: I have found my home,
I will love no more,
Until time stands still,

VERSE 2: Stars fall, Sun still shines,
Don't have time to say goodbye,
Rain, rain bloody rain,
Stab the clouds, release the pain,
Oh, how it burns my eyes, to gaze at the world outside..



VERSE 1: For once in my life,
With love I had tried and watching it die as it left my far behind.
And now all I see is just the road wild and free,
It's just your laugh's in the breeze and it's fading out of reach..

VERSE 2: I don't wanna feel the same
But when tomorrow nothing's changed,
Except to forget to say, your name, your name..

CHORUS: So why is the pain still here, if the wounds already healed?
Why is the hurt so fresh, fresh enough to cause these tears?
Why do I stand forever right outside your door?
Is this really real?
I can't have you here anymore.


SOMEBODYSOMEONE has finished its EP, produced by Jorge Vivo, who has worked with such artists as Puddle of Mudd, Andrea Bocelli, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Sum 41, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Big Dume, and others.


Screaming in the Wind

Set List

Every Road
Fall Away
Black Rose

Come as You are (Nirvana cover, acoustic)

Secret (Madonna cover, full blast)
Screming in the wind

1hour set.