Somebody & the Somethings

Somebody & the Somethings

 Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

Looking for a band with artistic integrity and a solid sense of creating good music? Look no further. This hardworking band from Birmingham, AL is guarunteed to give you a case of the jollies. It's easy to get lost in the murky rehashed indie rock, but Somebody & The Somethings bring a difference.


SOMEBODY & THE SOMETHINGS are not just anybody. A trio from Birmingham, Alabama, Steven Lane, Harry Miree, and Jim "Jambone" Cunningham are each simultaneously and interchangeably Somebody & The Somethings. The idea of a band was first entertained by the three in a nineth grade English class. The band assumed a number of identitites throughout high school while performing at parties and a few charitable events. In March of 2007, their senior year of high school, the band performed as The Ape Invaders while opening for Sister Hazel at a sold out show at Birmingham's Sloss Furnaces. With college came new responsibilities and interests. With Jim away at school, Harry and Steve both agreed to continue playing, but merely for fun. As time progressed, and Steve and Harry began to write and record new material, they felt compelled to once again seriously pursue the band. Steve, Harry, and Jim reunited as Somebody and the Somethings with Steven Lane on guitar and vocals, Harry Miree on drums, and Jim "Jambone" Cunningham on bass guitar. Having come a long way since 9th grade English class, Somebody & The Somethings have been crafting and perfecting new material in studio for their latest album White Lies. Their recent work could be described as pop folk rock inspired by greats such as The Beatles and Bob Dylan, but with a modern sound reflective of their times, and reminiscient of acts like Blue Mountain, The Jayhawks, and The Boy Least Likely To. With their debut album, Somebody & The Somethings hope to leave listeners with a renewed sense of hope for an uncertain future. Such a lofty goal is probably unattainable by one band, but still worth shooting for. One thing is for certain, Somebody & The Somethings are a band worth checking out.


Not a Scientist (Single)
White Lies (Full Length Album) Released December 22nd, 2009 by T.H.E. Records

"Not a Scientist", "Getting There", & "In Light of What You Said" are in regional college radio rotations.

Set List

In no particular order:

We're Bound To See The Sun
Getting There
In Light of What You Said
Oh! The Inconsistency!
Paper Thin
Not a Scientist
Entertain The Rain
Bomb Shelter
White Trash Love Song
You Don't Have To Die
Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy
Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger
Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire
The Beatles - Please Mr. Postman

Run Time (Approx.): 90 min