Somebody's Something

Somebody's Something

 Milford, Ohio, USA

A singer/songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist team up to play dynamic indie-rock featuring prominent vocal harmonies with an electronic twist. Somebody's Something is as comfortable playing folk ballads as they are pounding out danceable rock.


Zach Starkie is a singer songwriter who teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Chelsy Albertson to play original music. Somebody's Something is the product of the their influences. The synthesizers and drum machines paired with vocal harmonies has drawn comparisons to Death Cab for Cutie and the Seedy Seeds. Zach draws inspiration from Elvis Costello, the Smashing Pumpkins, of Montreal, and that mid-90s modern rock sound. Chelsy loves Regina Spektor, Florence + the Machine, U2, the Ting Tings, and the XX. If you listen carefully you might hear them all at once.

It's the mix of influences that makes Somebody's Something special. The drum machines make it danceable, but the lyrics have meaning. The vocal harmonies spin a sweet sonic web around the audience, and the distorted guitar provides the perfect counterpoint. Somebody's Something's sets are as finely crafted as their music, as they strive to take the audience with them on a dynamic music adventure. Sure, you'll dance, but you might be too wrapped up in the story being told to move a muscle.


Apple Demo, Released May 2012

Radio airplay:

WVQC Cincinnati
WIUX Bloomington

Set List

(Subject to change on a gig by gig basis)
1990 Nothin'
The Distance Never Decreased
An Intangible Dream of Flight
Our Autumn
Vapor Trail