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Someday Never @ Room 2858 Knights of Columbus

Middletown, New Jersey, USA

Middletown, New Jersey, USA

Someday Never @ Panini's

Akron, Ohio, USA

Akron, Ohio, USA

Someday Never @ TBA

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


Someday Never was electronically pole vaulted on to my desktop by their label. I was completely caught unaware by what to expect from these guys, with their name having elements of all of the active genres, and having never heard these guys before, the pre-screening silence was filled with all sorts of expectations, amd phantom skepticism. Once I threw the EP on, though, it was a little bit of everything, dashed together on a foundation of pop punk. The guitars have the chunkiness and soloability of harder genres, and the choruses have an accessibility reserved for some of the more mainstream pop rock acts. But again, at the heart of it all, there is an overwhelming pop punk vibe running through the songs that these guys have crafted with the harmonies, the "whoa!"s, the boom-boom-bop drums, and even right down to the production quality. It's no surprise these guys are from Jersey, the pop punk capital of the galaxy.

The main vocals are strong and full and easily the first thing that anyone will notice when listening to this band. They're clear, and distinct, and are complimented excellently by the backup singer who has a completely different voice with a lot more of a high end tone. The rhythm section of this band holds its own and then some with the drums throwing in a lot of tom work, and rolls while the bass guitar makes his presence felt in the backdrops and loopholes of the tracks. The highlight of this EP, though, is the guitars. The tones, the chugging, the soloing, and even the little flare that they throw in from time to time make it the key element that holds this record together.

Note to Self's chorus with the sing-along, finger pointing, microphone hanging above the crowd "whoa oh, WHOA oh!" is the first thing that's going to jump off the page to you. Killer solos grab you in Pretty Eyes, White Noise, and Let's Get Lit and Storm the Castle. The chugging part in Natural Trend of Breathing showcases, if you haven't picked up on it already, hints at further influences from the band that stray from rock and punk roots, and show off a much harder edge, bordering on a breakdown. The only thing that's missing is the china cymbal hit.

The producer of this record did an outstanding job of capturing everything there is to this band. The levels are perfect, leaving no man behind, while still showcasing the band's strengths, and really thickening out all of the pieces that needed some fattening up. These songs sound huge. There is nothing to stop this band from being on every Next Big Thing list, or from having their record on every pop punk fan's CD rack. Things are only going to go skyward for these guys. I'm glad to have heard them when it all started.

The Verdict: 5/5 - Wrank Music


Back in the days of 2004, when the whole post-hardcore was reaching its annoying point, where every kid with an 'emo fringe' got a severe beating, I came across a New Jersey outfit called 'Someday Never' via
the Random Search function on PureVolume.
Their description pretty much matched every other clone out there, but still, a little song called 'To You This May Concern' somewhat drew me to them.

2 years later, the same band (equipped with a small lineup change) release 'The Natural Trend Of Breathing' (produced by Hidden In Plain View's Rob Freeman) and I must say, I'm fucking impressed.

This Marlboro 4 piece have surfaced from pool of endlessly depressing bands (not to say they were depressing in the first place!) to fine tune their own noise, which creates the feeling of a new, distinct sound. Much like when you listen to Say Anything or Jack's Mannequin.

Straight away, as soon as 'Note To Self' pours through the speakers, you feel like you've been hit by a truck driven by the pulsating rythm, Singer/Guitarist Doug Leibowitz successfully mixes dipping vocals with anthemic 'whoahs'.

'Pretty Eyes' matches the tempo of the previous track, again with vocals which flows alongside some fantastic guitar work. 'Let's get lit and storm the castle' slows the EP down a little, but not in a disappointing way.

The title track is a rollercoaster dominated by Leibowitz's unique voice, working in harmony with some fantastic drumming by Andrew Riccatelli. About 2 minutes into this, you're guaranteed to be reciting the infectious chorus at top volume.

'White Noise', which burns a little slower, still hypnotises you with memorable hooks dangled by Leibowitz & Matt Sisinni (Guitar/Vocals).'Dear Regina' does more of the same.

SDN close the EP up by smacking you in the face repeatedly with 'NYC Skydivers Club (Angel With A Parachute)', right until the last second. If this EP was a game, the kickdrum would definetly get man of the match.

Someday Never have carried their emo roots over into 2006, bringing with them a power worthy of most classical metal bands, to create a disc which just does not disappoint.

- Tom Harding -

With the interesting premise of a good looking girl with a gas mask on her face on the cover of the EP loomed over my mind when I started listening to Someday Never's "The Natural Trend Of Breathing." I for one love to find the diamonds in the rough that deserve some lime light and try to give them some. This EP is the starting anew from their old CD and blasting them into new heights and experiences.
The EP unloads in a flash flood of crashing drums and frenzied guitars in "Note To Self." Accented vocals and a wonderful and catchy melody emerge. Creative guitars make this song their playground as they explore every inch of the track. A tone guitar starts of "Pretty Eyes" and meshes together with the oncoming rhythm that beats along with a well produced set of vocals and a great chemistry of every instrument. Lyrics are heartfelt and emotions are felt through every ringing guitar solo. Light guitars build until a rush of serpentine guitars slither though the bass line like a snake though solid trees. "Let's Get Lit And Storm The Castle" is the song that shows us how the backup singing harmonizes and hits the right note with perfect precision. Over lapped guitars trend along a path that hasn’t been set yet as "The Natural Trend Of Breathing" shows us a new why to do things. As the flagship of the EP, this song's importance is in the message. Hopeful, sarcastic lyrics and cheery guitars charge in and hold down the fort with jocular streams of rock that resonate in your ears. Echoes fill the studio as "White Noise" serenades us with its slow soft vocals and accented guitars. The song shatters its borders and leaks outward in search of light with exploring riffs and a filling bass line. Dueling guitars fuse and share their energy and play off one another in a mass of static emulsion and charge. A climbing guitar guides us up the ladder in "Dear Regina." Pumped up riffs and imaginative lyrics are what makes this song interesting and fun. Anthems shout with contrasting but blended pitched voices. A distorted shout pixilates and leads into the last song on the EP. "NYC Skydivers Club (Angel With A Parachute)" is an intriguing title that insists you find out what it means. A solid riff comes in and faded vocals adds up until the explosion of the chorus that adds tranquil feelings to your subconscious. Picked guitars and high pitched singing mixed with strong vocals are the additions and the defining characteristics to Someday Never.

This EP is the shoe that comes out when people tell you to put your best foot forward. I had to look again to check that there wasn’t a girl singing on this CD because the talent of a guy who can sing that high are invaluable when you pile that on top of a really great singer. The guitars took me on a tour and helped journey through their thoughts and ideas. Someday Never are going to be very popular and with good reason. They are talented, creative, and if their music says anything about who they are, they are crazy. I believe they have started a new philosophy, the natural trend of making great music.

~ Pernell Fowler
July 01 2006 - Skyline Press

Reviewed by: Sean-Michael Dore [Thu, June 22, 2006 @ 3:55:17 PM]

Someday Never’s newest EP, The Natural Trend of Breathing, opens up with a sense of urgency that could sum of the last few months of this band’s career. Having caught them at this year’s Bamboozle festival and talking to their label about the constant delays on the EP it was obvious to me that this band just wants to get out there and play their music for anybody who’s willing to lend them an ear. Now with the EP in hand, I can understand why a common delay was such a frustration for everybody involved with this EP.

The first track on the EP, “Note To Self,” has it all. Gang “woooah” refrains, guitar slides, smart lyrics with even more clever hooks; for example “I know, I know / it’s better to be be clever than to do what’s smart.” Someday Never have perfected a form of pop-punk that is becoming increasingly more and more vacant these days. The sheer excitement in this song forces the hooks deep into that sliver of your heart that loves pop-punk.

The band’s sense of humor in their song-writing keep things from going the way of cliches, but at the same time their seriousness demands your attention and prevents you from even attempting to write them off. Even when it comes to something like a song about a girl, such as “Pretty Eyes,” you just can’t skip over the track. The consistency of their song-writing carries elements of each song into the other, but sometimes they aren’t even noticed until half way through the song. The only complaint that you may have for the EP is some awkwardness of the backing vocals; though you can’t say that the backing vocals in question are unnecessary, they just seem a bit out of place. With that being one of the only noticeable shortcomings, it’s safe to say that this is a solid release from a band that is sure to turn some heads.

The Natural Trend of Breathing hammers down Someday Never’s sound with such effortless perfection that it’s intimidating that this is only a 7 track EP. Someday Never are showing why pop-punk and New Jersey are still synonymous, all while breathing life into a tired genre.

Rating: 9 out of 10 - Mammoth Press

"If a band’s success was measured by how genuine, welcoming, and down to earth its members were, the Rolling Stones would open for these guys and Bono would do their sound checks. But even if they weren’t such nice guys, you’d still need to check them out. Their second release, “The Natural Trend of Breathing” is a captivating mix of punk/pop/rock, so chock full o’ melodies and catchy choruses that it will have you singing along instantly." -


Hailing from Marlboro, Someday Never blends emo-influenced melodies with near-metallic guitar muscle. The exceptional "Let's get lit and Storm the Castle" one of seven songs on the band's 2006 EP, The Natural Trend of Breathing (All Records), is just as anthemic as the title suggests.

The band rolls through Austin on March 16th for a show at Nuno's.

-Chris M. Junior-Asbury Park Press - Asbury Park Press


The Natural Trend Of Breathing - EP - 06/28/2006 - All Records
Home Is Where The Heartache Is - LP - 05/25/2004 - All Records
Most Popular Losers - EP - 2003 - Self Released


Feeling a bit camera shy


"South by Southwest 2007, here we come!" says bassist Bobby Clifton as he gets into the van for another Someday Never tour. "We love to play and see our fans...period. Touring is what we love to do. I think in 2007 alone, we will play 25 shows from Connecticut to Texas and back, in the first three months. Yea! More shows the better!" says lead singer and guitarist Doug Liebowitz. Look for Someday Never in a town near you...the band just played their 500th show in March of 2007.

With hundreds and sometimes thousands of myspace plays per day, Someday Never is experiencing consistent response to their music...with fans ranging from England, Australia, Japan, and of course, right in their home state of New Jersey.

They are currently featured on Playstation's "Off-Road Fury #4" and various compilations cd's like Punk the Clock, Pure Voume, PoRecords and others.

The band produced their current EP, "The Natural Trend of Breathing" with friend and producer, Jayson DeZuzio (Coheed & Cambria, My Chemical Romance) and Rob Freeman from Hidden in Plain View. With near-metallic guitars mixed with emo-based lyrical runs...Someday Never has honed their sound to make it more their own.