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Someday Paradise plays music for God, and for everyone who loves God. We play to bring others to God and to spread our Savior's word into the hearts of our listeners.

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The Race

Written By: Someday Paradise

The Race
Music and Lyrics By: Andrew Haponek
Performed By: Someday Paradise

Verse 1 –
This is the way I feel :: When I’m running right by your side :: The feeling of second place :: Makes me want to run and hide away :: I see the floor and :: It’s so full of all my tears :: Behind closed doors :: That have been there for years and years

Chorus –
It’s a race :: I must carry on :: I’m sick of running from my fears :: I’m sick of hiding from you

Verse 2 –
Where am I now :: I think I took a wrong turn back there :: Shouldn’t have cut the corners :: Now I am paying the price :: Now I need you :: Come and take my place :: So I can rest :: And get back on pace

Bridge 1 –
I’m standing up :: I’m fighting back :: But I need your help :: Yeah we need your help :: Not backing down :: Even if I fall to the ground :: But I need you help :: Yeah we need :: Need your help

Bridge 2 –
This is the part where you say (You say) :: This is the part where you say (You say) :: This is the part where you say (You say) (You will be forgiven) :: This is the part where you say (You say)