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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
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With their oozing sex appeal and eye-popping stage presence, if there was any band meant to play on Valentine's Day it's Some Hear Explosions. And if you've seen Some Hear Explosions live, then you'll understand me when I say you'll never see the same show twice. Known for their high energy shows and visual and often times theatrical performances, S.H.E. tailors each show to fit the occasion. It was a Halloween show when lead singer Ambre Leigh was possessed by a demon as bandmates performed an exorcism on stage. Monday night's pre-Valentine's show was set to a Romeo & Juliet theme, ending tragically with poison and gunfire. But through all the theatrics, not lost was their alt-rock explosiveness that S.H.E. is famous for as they performed songs from their debut album It's Our Time Now. -

"SOME HEAR EXPLOSIONS and Projectile Vomit"

It's Halloween EVERY DAY on the Sunset Strip but last Friday saw a bit more ghosts, witches and zombies lurking around - more so than usual. But if you thought the Viper Room was a safe haven from all the ghouls outside, you were wrong. Some Hear Explosions provided the evening's scariest set with Bay Dariz, Alex Gallner and Joe Herrera dressed as priests and lead singer Ambre Leigh playing the demon-bride in need of a little TLC.

Who would've known that an exorcism could be this fun or this sexy? Some Hear Explosions' Halloween themed show at The Viper Room could've easily been the musical version of The Exorcist - a battle between good and evil, complete with punk-rock priests, projectile vomit and an evil-possessed Ambre Leigh. Top that off with a soaring soundtrack that will exorcise the demons to come out to dance and sing and you've got yourself a nice Exorcist-rock-opera that is sure to make your head spin.

As usual, Some Hear Explosions put on a great show. It's hard to take your eyes off Ambre Leigh, even with a blood-soiled nightgown and creepy, devilish eyes. But in the end, the power of that holy music, known as their debut album, It's Our Time Now, won out and released Ambre Leigh from the chains of darkness, emerging reborn as the sonic angel we've grown to love.

Meet the band below and see why we're possessed...uh, I mean obsessed with Some Hear Explosions. -


This post is long overdue! Prior to my much needed vacation, I was fortunate to catch Some Hear Explosions at The Viper room. Before the curtains rose at the Viper Room to reveal Some Hear Explosions, you could already sense the brewing excitement in the packed venue with Sunset Strip rocker royalty Barb Wire Dolls and The Shakers' Jodie Schell in attendance. It's been a little bit over a year now since SHE released their debut album "It's Our Time Now." Now, primed to release their sophomore effort, they return to The Viper Room to try out new songs and a new look. And literally taking their show a step further, their new look was a visual entrancing stage show, complete with light boxes that lit up to the touch that was wrapped around volcanic riffs and shout-along choruses. And with an added 20-foot catwalk, it was enticing enough to unleash lead singer Ambre Leigh from the confines of the Viper stage to prowl freely, nearly kicking Vivace blogger's camera, while lashing out her booming vocals on crowd favorites such as "It's Our Time Now" and "Give/Take." Always the party atmosphere at SHE shows, Mulhollands guitarists even joined the fun onstage, playing guitar on a couple songs. -

"Some Hear Explosions comes home for quick acoustic show"

I had lunch today with my old friend, Bay Dariz, who is the guitarist of the talented L.A. Band, Some Hear Explosions. Bay and his bandmate Amber Leigh are both from Milwaukee, and will play an acoustic show Sunday at Club Anything.

It's always great to catch up with a "local guy done good," and I do my best to check the band out whenever they're in town.

You should, too.

The last time I heard these guys was at Summerfest last year, and I can vouch for how good they sound. Hearing them play "unplugged" should be a nice treat.

The show kicks off at 7 p.m. and also features an acoustic set from Anna Bohn and Adam Didier of OncetheSun and The Light Asylum, and Mark Allen of My Mourning Belle. Tickets are $5 at the door.

Hope to see you there! -

"Catching up with Some Hear Explosions"

One of the best parts of Summerfest is the opportunity to hear local music on the big stage. Los Angeles' Some Hear Explosions isn't exactly local, but two out of its three members do hail from Wisconsin.

The guitarist is Bay Dariz, an old friend of mine, and I'm excited to see his band Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Rock Stage.

He stopped by our office with his new drummer, Joe Herrara, and I had the chance to grab a quick pre-show interview to give our readers a taste of the group and their debut album.

Take a listen, then head to Summerfest tomorrow night and check them out. -

"Summerfest 2010 Review"

Just like I did last summer, I marked this afternoon on my Summerfest calendar early on to review Some Hear Explosions -- an L.A. based band with Milwaukee roots. My old friend, Bay Dariz, plays guitar and bass (though not at the same time), and his group returned to Milwaukee to promote their debut album, "It's Our Time Now."

With an hour-long spot at the Cool TV Rock Stage, the trio played all 11 tracks from its new disc -- though not in order. Dariz told me Some Hear Explosions, with melodic, driving beats, is the kind of band that fans of The Killers or Garbage might appreciate. I'll agree with that assessment.

Lead singer, Ambre Leigh -- who is also a Wisconsin native -- has a powerful voice, slightly reminiscent of Gwen Stefani. Dariz is as talented as ever, but that's something I already knew from his time in Milwaukee bands, The Mercy Kiss and G:Fuzz. New drummer Joe Herrera, is a nice addition to the group.

My favorite song this afternoon was the sultry "Give/Take," a song that could easily slide into the play list of any alt-rock radio station. And that could happen someday, since even with their nice following here at home, they are gaining popularity in L.A., with a CD release party at the Viper Room on Aug. 3.

I was happy to hear that two of my favorite songs from last year's Summerfest show made it onto the band's CD -- and also into their performance. "Shotgun Romance" and "Hell A" sounded even more refined this time around. "Too Forgiving" reminded me a little of Radiohead, even.

The band closed with "Mysterons" and "It's Our Time Now," and really backed up its energetic performance with solid music, to boot. Leigh should probably lay off the F-bombs a little -- I lost count after the first 50 or so --but you can't blame the "local" band from being a little excited.

It's always great to see an old friend succeeding in a tough business, and Dariz told me that of all his Summerfest performances over the years, this 6:30 p.m. slot was the latest he's ever played -- and the one that he felt best about, too. That has to be a good sign for a musician who quit his job and moved out west six years to follow his dreams.

But whenever you need a break from that rock and roll lifestyle, Bay, come on home and play for your friends and family.

We'll be there, appreciating your ever-evolving music whenever any chance we can get. -

"SOME HEAR EXPLOSIONS Kick Off Fall Tour with LIGHTS OVER PARIS; Offer Free Download"

Some Hear Explosions, the collective team of ex-The Mercy Kiss guitarist/vocalist Bay Dariz and singer Ambre Leigh along with the combined rhythm section of Alex Gallner on bass and Joe Herrera on drums, has exploded onto the music scene with an innovative sound and a debut album entitled 'It’s Our Time Now'. In support, the band will take their live act on the road, supporting Lights Over Paris.

The songs featured on their debut album vary from the call-to-arms opening track “Explode”, to the dark electro/pop kiss-off “Baby Won’t You (kiss my lips)”, to the gorgeous ballad “Amazing”. What manages to tie these songs together are Leigh’s unmistakable voice and melodies, which perfectly compliment her lyrics of personal struggle and sexual empowerment. Songs like “Hell A” and “Too Forgiving” chronicle the challenges of moving to Los Angeles and trying to succeed in life and in love.

To help spearhead the band’s fan interaction, Some Hear Explosions will be offering their first single, “It’s Our Time Now” as a free download for the length of the tour at THIS LOCATION. In addition the free download, the band will be giving away 10 tickets in each market through online contests. For more details, be sure to follow, friend, and/or like the band through one or more of their social networking sites listed below.

Tour Dates:

09/03 - San Francisco, CA @ Slim’s
09/05 - Portland, OR @ Roseland Grill
09/07 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
09/09 - Boise, ID @ The Venue
09/11 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
09/12 - Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
09/14 - Des Moines, IA @ The House of Bricks
09/16 - Milwaukee, WI @ Miramar Theatre
09/17 - La Crosse, WI @ The Warehouse
09/18 - Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
09/21 - Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar
09/23 - Columbus, OH @ The Basement
09/25 - New York, NY @ The National Underground
10/23 - Scottsdale, AZ @ Martini Ranch
10/27 - San Diego, CA @ Beauty Bar
10/28 - Santa Ana, CA @ Galaxy Concert Theatre
10/29 - Las Vegas, NV @ Wasted Space @ Hard Rock
10/30 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy

"Bang for Your Buck - Some Hear Explosions"

by Kari Vander Weit

Some Hear Explosions is an uber-confident foursome from California with a female lead vocalist. Inspired by the likes of No Doubt, the young group brings a provocative edge to modern rock with a splash of grunge. If you're looking for something new, give them a try at The National Underground on Sept 25th. 7pm. For More info go to - Aquarian Weekly

"Some Hear Explosions on Fearless Radio Podcast"

Some Hear Explosions had the very enjoyable experience of being interviewed for an hour on Fearless Radio while we were in Chicago. We talked, laughed about all of our inside jokes, and even played acoustic live on the air! Listen to all of the shenanigans here. -

"Ambre Leigh on "One Minute How-To" Podcast"

Ambre Leigh explains how she is able to survive touring. -

"Some Hear Explosions is Sexy Alterna-Rock - Interview"

Not every female fronted band sounds like Paramore, just ask Bay Dariz of Some Hear Explosions (S.H.E.). Some Hear Explosions is an independent alternative rock band. The band’s new album is entitled “It’s Our Time Now.” Recently I got a chance to chat with guitarist Bay Dariz about the new album.

Q - How would you describe your sound?

A - We’ve been telling people that we’re an “alternative rock band,” which is a label that people haven’t used a lot lately. I’ve also been known to say that we “wouldn’t sound out of place on tour with bands like The Killers or Garbage.” People see a girl in the band and assume we’re some Paramore-style band, but we’re not. We’re sexy alterna-rock.

Q - Describe your song writing process.

A - I record short demo versions of 4 or 5 song ideas at a time and give them to our singer Ambre Leigh. She listens to them and hopefully she likes some of them enough to write lyrics. Then she and I will record a complete rough demo of each song and take it to rehearsal where our drummer Joe Herrera and bass player Alex Gallner breathe real life into them.

Q - What’s your favorite song to play live?

A - We would all likely answer this question differently, but my favorite song to play lately is “It’s Our Time Now” because we get the crowd to sing along with the chorus. There’s really nothing like it. We’ve ended most of our shows with that song so it’s a little bittersweet because I always wish we could just keep playing.

Q - Why the title “It’s Our Time Now?”

A - “It’s Our Time Now” isn’t just the title of our album, but also of the first song Ambre and I ever wrote together. The lyrics are about making your dreams a reality, and that’s what we’ve been doing in this band since day one.

Q - After four shows together you got matching “S.H.E.” tattoos. What brought that on and were there any reservations?

A - Ambre and I were both visiting our hometown of Milwaukee for Christmas and after a half-dozen whiskey shots decided we should get matching “S.H.E.” tattoos. Don’t most great ideas happen after a half-dozen whiskey shots? Anyway, we waited until we got back to LA and neither of us backed out of it. I always think of the last lines from the famous Robert Frost poem, “But I have promises to keep / and miles to go before I sleep.” We’re both very proud of what we’ve already accomplished with this band, but we certainly have “miles to go before we sleep.” This tattoo is a daily reminder of the promise we made to ourselves and to each other to see this through to the end.

Q - Are there any touring plans in the works?

A - We’re just now finishing an amazing coast-to-coast tour with Lights Over Paris and Hollywood Heartthrob. We have five more shows this month but we never want it to end. I know I can speak for everyone when I say it was one of the greatest experiences of our lives. We’re definitely planning to tour a lot more next year.

Q - What can fans expect from your live show? Any embarrassing on stage moments?

A - People always tell us that we sound better live than on our record, which is the way it’s supposed to be, isn’t it? Our live show is loud and energetic and Ambre goes completely nutso onstage. She’s always jumping around and there have been many near misses where I’ve almost clocked her in the head with my guitar. Ambre always jumps into the crowd during the set and has certainly injured herself doing so, but she’s not really embarrassed when it happens because that’s just rock n’ roll. That said, our lives offstage are pretty much a series of embarrassing moments.

Q - Who are some of your early influences?

A - Once I started playing music I went back and listened to the greats. My biggest influences are David Bowie and Queen, two artists who were constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of what could be considered “rock music.” With this band, I’m also heavily influenced by The Cure, with their use of rhythms and melodic bass lines. Of course, like most beginning guitar players the first songs I learned to play were Green Day and Weezer songs.

Q - Thanks for taking the time. Is there anything you’d like to add?

A - I would like to thank everyone for supporting independent bands like ourselves! Everyone we’ve met so far on the road or who has written us online has been incredibly supportive and it means the world to us.

"Campus Circle - Music Notes"

You’ll be hearing music from L.A.-based band Some Hear Explosions in the upcoming films The Lake Effect and Pound of Flesh; see them perform music from their recently-released It’s Our Time Now when they play the Roxy Oct. 30. - Campus Circle

"CD Baby Music Discovery Podcast"

Some Hear Explosions were just featured in the CD Baby Music Discovery Podcast where they played "Give / Take", compare us to "Goldfrapp meets T. Rex" [a comparison we're totally OK with] and compliment our purple album artwork - give it a listen! -

"Some Hear Explosions @ The Roxy"

At one point in their set, Ambre Leigh of Some Hear Explosions seemed to apologize before singing their next song, “Beep” for being one of their "ballad’ songs. But by the end of the night in front of a sold out crowd at The Roxy, it was obvious to everyone that there was no need for an apology.

Like Leigh’s ever changing hair styles, you never know what to expect from Some Hear Explosions. Last year, S.H.E. was making a name for themselves generating buzz around the LA music scene with their electrifying live shows on the Sunset Strip. Now, with the release of their highly anticipated debut album, It’s Our Time Now, they’re finally showing the rest of the country what the hype was all about.

With the attitude of Garbage and hypnotic melodies of Portishead, Some Hear Explosions do have a sound all their own. Overlap their music to any X-Games slo-mo montage and you get a sense of what Some Hear Explosions sounds like – a whole lot of danger mixed in with the euphoria of flying high. It's also how S.H.E. plays - adrenalin-fueled with no safety-net. The confines of the stage couldn't even keep lead singer Leigh from jumping into the crowd, nor the crowd from jumping onto the stage and dancing.

Some Hear Explosions performs at the Roxy.
photo by picksysticks

In the short time that they've been together, Some Hear Explosions already play like seasoned veterans and it shows. In the hour set made up of Leigh (vocals), Bay Dariz (guitar/vocals), Alex Gallner (bass) and Joe Herrera (drums), SHE showcased Dariz's edgy guitars that cut like thorns on songs "Baby Won't You Kiss My Lips" and "Explode" while also showcasing Leigh's velvety vocals on ballads "Beep" and "Shotgun Romance." It’s this delicate transition from hard rock to beautiful ballads to electro/pop that makes Some Hear Explosions appeal to their fans. Their night ended with the first song Ambre and Bay wrote together, "It's Our Time Now," the fist-pumping , stadium-ready anthem that got the crowd into a frenzy and wanting more.

Some Hear Explosions perform "It's Our Time Now" at The Roxy
vid by 405east

Some Hear Explosions perform "Beep."
vid shot by 405east

Some Hear Explosions' homecoming show was their final show in what was their first U.S. Tour that took them cross country in over a month. It what was surely a grueling tour, S.H.E. actually looks forward to doing it again next year.

Setlist (Oct. 30 / Roxy): Explode, All Your Gravity, Give/Take, Shotgun Romance, Beep, Hell A, Baby Wont You (kiss my lips), Mysterons (Portishead cover), It's Our Time Now. -

" "It's Our Time Now" Album Review"

The debut album from rock/goth band Some Hear Explosions is comprised of a lot of different influences that are wrapped together in a nice little first time effort from the foursome of Bay Dariz (guitars/vocals), Ambre Leigh (vocals), Alex Gallner (bass) and Joe Herrera (drums).

What’s even more impressive is how the band got together. When Dariz’s group The Mercy Kiss disbanded, the musician called on his friend Leigh with hopes she would be interested in fronting a new band. After that, the duo added drummer Herrera; hence, Some Hear Explosions, or S.H.E, was born.

At first listen, “It’s Our Time Now” sounds a little like Fiona Apple on steroids. Leigh’s command of the microphone, like Apple, forces listeners to pay attention to the lyrics and the engaging playing behind her. As the album plays on, the band begins to display its identity as it shifts into many different influences such as No Doubt, David Bowie and at some parts Marilyn Manson.

However, even with their musical heroes incorporated into the music, Some Hear Explosions still maintains its individuality.

“Explode,” “Beep,” and “Shotgun Romance” are all potential hits with the rest of the album a solid go around. There seems to be something in the water when it comes to bands fronted by strong females. Some Hear Explosions joins the ranks of The Dollyrots, Girl In A Coma and Halestorm as the next edition in the forever changing musical landscape.

Anyone who has ever listened to classic rock and wondered what it would sound like with a strong female lead and in your face, heart pumping melodies will find delight in Some Hear Explosions’ “It’s Our Time Now.” -

"The End of the Page reviews "It's Our Time Now""

Rating: 9 out of 10

Los Angeles is a mecca for up-and-coming rock bands looking to make their name in the ever changing musical landscape. Many roam these streets from one dive bar to the next, coating the pavement with their sweat, pain and tears, paying dues the industry seemingly demands for any type of future recognition. Then the moment comes when their hooks floats into the ears of one random person, sending a jolt straight into their brain because they know it’s something special, something unique, and most importantly, something completely marketable. One phone call later the ball rolls and those lucky musicians are on their way, granting their early fan base the snooty (but amazingly fun) ability of saying, “I knew them before they were huge.” If you’ve never experienced the sheer joy of holding your musical knowledge above those of other mere mortals, follow along and I’ll give you that opportunity right now.

Some Hear Explosions is a goth/pop/rock fusion outfit that brings the flavor of David Bowie, the angst-y yells of Marylin Manson and the edge of early Garbage all in one extremely fashionable package. Catchy hooks ride on an electronic pulse, bouncing their way through the album, one moment making you crave seeing those fists pumping in the air, then the next moment taking it down a notch, displaying heart and thoughtfulness sometimes lost in modern-day radio play.

Making up the band are Bay Dariz, Ambre Leigh and Joe Herrera. Dariz and Leigh wrote much of the music together and their collaboration has definitely borne tasty fruit for music lovers everywhere. Dariz is all over the instrumental map playing guitar, bass, keys and programming, on top of lending his vocals, which bears a creepy and high-quality resemblance to Marylin Manson (just a touch happier). Leigh takes control of the mic as lead vocalist. Her sound brings images in my head of beautiful femme fatales from the film noir days of the twenties, gangster ladies stepping out of darkened cars wearing black suits and black hats, controlling everyone around them with a simple word from their lips. Herrera keeps it all on track on the drums, knowing internally when to pound down and bring the pain and when to gently tap the skins and bring things back from the rocker’s edge.

Getting down to the track level, there are a number of songs that deserve mention, but the one that I played on repeat when I first got the album was Beep. Insanely catchy, Beep stands out to me as an instant single that should climb almost any radio chart lucky enough to have it listed. It has the hook, the chorus and the rhythmic movement that all make for a great track. Hell A on the other hand delivers solid rock power and a lyrical kick making it not only a stand out on the album, but one to certainly look forward to during live gigs. It could also very well become a mantra for those who have the grand fortune (or misfortune) to actually call this infamous town home.

On the softer side, we have become ever-so-used-to the idea that all rock bands must provide a ballad on their album, something to sweeten those delicate ears who would normally avoid anything on the stereo missing the word “lite”. Those perfunctory tracks, padded in aural downy softness, can often come off as forced and almost trite, but this time we are lucky listeners indeed. Amazing is delicate, relaxed, honest and memorable, making it everything that people love when they’re sitting in their car, stuck in their cubicle or just having that glass of wine in their living room. It instantly makes you think of that person, that time in your life and connects those frayed moments back together, if only for a short period of time. Other notable tracks filling out the album are the marching beat of All Your Gravity, the dark corner romance of Baby Won’t You (kiss my lips) and the slithering sonic smackdown of the album’s moniker, It’s Our Time Now.

If you like what you hear from their site or on iTunes, check their schedule because they just might be swinging through your town soon. Take the opportunity while you have it because next time the tickets won’t be so easy to come by.

The End of the Page Recommendation: From top to bottom, It’s Our Time Now by Some Hear Explosions is a wicked debut album from a band destined and determined to make it. -

"The Sunset Strip Pick of the Week"

Some Hear Explosions!? One of The Sunset Strip’s best and brightest takes the stage at the Viper Room on Tuesday, Dec. 7 along with Hollywood Heartthrob, EchoGram and Shawn Chrystopher. School yourself on some great local up and comers. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10. -

"Westwood One 2010 Artist Look Backs"

Some Hear Explosions’ Bay Dariz

I’ll always remember 2010 for:

We went on our first national tour and got to see the whole country. We met so many amazing people along the way and the whole tour was truly unforgettable. We also shot a music video for our song “Beep” where we were running around the wilderness with a group of our best friends drinking beer and shooting water guns at each other. Priceless memories.

When I look back on 2010, the things that will stick out will be:

The series finale of Lost was certainly an event for me. The show debuted right as I moved to LA and it really felt like the end of an era. I’m not ashamed to admit it made me cry. Twice. Darren Aronofsky’s brilliant new film Black Swan is easily my favorite film of the year. It’s beautiful and haunting and absolutely riveting.

My “rock star moment” of the year was:

We stayed in a suite on the top floor of this amazing hotel in New York called the Eventi. We had just wrapped up the first leg of our tour with Lights Over Parisand this was cause for much celebration. We drank almost everything in our mini-bar, went to a club where a girl was standing on the next table playing violin along with the DJ, and everyone in our group was giving each other simulated lap dances. Afterwards we took a cab all the way down to the East Village so I could get late night pizza at Ray’s on St. Mark’s, the best pizza joint in America.

Some Hear Explosions are promoting their latest effort, “It’s Our Time Now.” - Westwood One

"Some Hear Explosions Interview - Denver Music |"

Some Hear Explosions is the collaborative effort of ex- The Mercy Kiss guitarist/vocalist Bay Dariz and singer Ambre Leigh along with the combined rhythm section of Alex Gallner on bass and Joe Herrera on drums. Since the band formed, they have received an influx of positive reviews and great opportunities- they played Milwaukee's Summerfest in 2009 and were featured (thanks to fan votes) on the festival's compilation CD, they've licensed some music for the films Lake Effect and Pound of Flesh, and recently released an album, It's Our Time Now, to much praise. Despite the band's busy schedule, I caught up with Dariz who opened up to me about writing music, playing in Denver, and rocking out to "Lady In Red".

What do you think about Denver? How do the fans treat you?

Denver was one of our favorite shows on the tour! We played with a great local opener named Calling Out West and we had a very fun, energetic crowd. We hung out downtown for many hours after the show with some friends we met in town and had an amazing time. Denver seems to have a really interesting music scene and I wouldn’t be surprised if some really great bands start exploding onto the national scene out of Denver.

Briefly explain the songwriting process to me.

Typically, I demo a bunch of song ideas and if Ambre responds to them, she starts writing lyrics. Then we track a more complete demo together and take it to rehearsal where Alex and Joe – our bassist and drummer – breathe real life into them. Often what inspires me to write the music and Ambre to write the lyrics are two totally different things. In the next record I’m hoping to get together with Ambre and plan more of a thematic arch ahead of time, but you can’t really plan too much when it comes to rock n roll.

What's the weirdest thing to inspire a song?

When someone hears our music, I want it to stir something within them, be it happiness, excitement, romance, or something decidedly more carnal. When I wrote the music for “Give / Take” I specifically wanted to write something that would sound great if you heard it in a strip club. That’s weird for me because I really don’t enjoy going to strip clubs.

If your music was the soundtrack to a movie, which one would it be?

We actually have songs in a few upcoming independent feature films (The Lake Effect and Pound of Flesh) so based on that I’d say it would be an indie drama with a definite dark side. I know I’d love for it to be a Darren Aronofsky film, and Ambre would probably veer more toward David Lynch.

What has been the defining moment of your career thus far?

Our defining moment so far was definitely our national tour in the fall of 2010. We had just released our debut album and just added our new bassist, and over the course of the 10,000+ miles we traveled we became the band we are today. We’d been working hard for two years and to finally be able to share our music with crowds all across the country was truly inspiring.

You’re at a karaoke bar and forced to sing one song- what's your go-to tune?

Actually, back in LA we hang out a karaoke bar all the time. No matter what song I sign up for, they always make me sing my number one jam “Lady in Red” by Chris De Burgh and everyone in the bar slow dances to it. To be fair, I really do love singing it, although I can’t remember why I chose to sing it in the first place.

If you were going to cover any album, by any band, from start to finish, which one would it be?

I’m sure we would all pick different albums and never be able to agree on one, but we often sing Jimmy Eat World together to warm up our voices before shows. I think we could do their Bleed American album some justice.

If you could have anyone in the world be your #1 fan, who would it be?

David Bowie. Thankfully, he’s still alive and well so there’s still some time to properly impress. -


Performing earlier in the night was the guitar-heavy Some Hear Explosions. Seeing them for the first time, they didn’t disappoint. With their in-your-face anthem-like songs like “It’s Our Time Now,” you’d expect lead singer Ambre Leigh to be drowned out by their abrasive and colorful sounds but she easily rises and pushes forward with her commanding vocals. While in the ballad-esque, “Amazing,” Leigh’s voice resonates like a silky web of barbed-wire. I'll definitely catch them again when they peform. -

"Summerfest a Nice Homecoming for LAs Some Hear Explosions"

It's been a long time since I've seen my old friend Bay Dariz play live. It was probably back at the old Globe East, when he lived in Milwaukee playing in the groups G:Fuzz and The Mercy Kiss before moving out to Los Angeles to make music his full-time gig.

Now Dariz is in a new band called Some Hear Explosions, and I knew it would be a rare treat to see him play at Summerfest Saturday afternoon. This show, like all the others over the years, didn't disappoint.

Even though the group is based out of L.A., both Dariz and lead singer Ambre Leigh are from Wisconsin, and you could tell they were happy to be home in front of friends and family.

The band played a tight, 11-song, 45-minute set, and this latest incarnation of Dariz's music still manages to challenge its listeners, but in a good way. Songs like "Give Take" displayed interesting chord progressions that ranged from driving rock to a little glam. At times, Some Hear Explosions sounds like Morphine; other times like Spacehog and Morcheeba. Their final song, "Our Time Now" reminded me of Blondie and The B-52s, if you can believe that.

Aesthetically, Leigh bounces around the stage like a modern day Pat Benatar, while Dariz and the rest of the band stoically go about their business.

In all of Dariz's bands, the quality of the musicianship has always shined through, and Some Hear Explosions is no exception. They did a nice job covering Portishead's "Mysterons," and displayed some interesting guitar tuning on the slow and powerful "Too Forgiving."

My favorite two songs, however, were "Shotgun," with its staccato guitar blasts, and the second to last number, 'Hell A.'"

Speaking of "Hell A," Los Angeles is the land of a million up-and-coming bands hoping for their big break, but it's nice honor to be welcomed home with a Summerfest gig. I know the group spent a lot of money to be here, and Leigh looked a little nervous on stage, chatting maybe a bit too much with the audience.

But who can blame her? Some Hear Explosions is an interesting band with a sophisticated and layered sound for only four members. Part of the emerging artists series this year, I hope the right people take notice of the group. They're good enough to go places. -


"Dead-End Prom Queen" EP - Summer 2012

- Track Listing -

01 - Dead-End Prom Queen
02 - This Wild Heart of Mine
03 - We're Gonna Make it
04 - Pretty on the Surface

"It's Our Time Now" - LP - 2010

-Track Listing-

01 - Explode
02 - All Your Gravity
03 - Baby Won't You (kiss my lips)
04 - Give / Take
05 - Shotgun Romance
06 - Beep
07 - Too Forgiving
08 - Hell A
09 - It's Our Time Now
10 - Amazing
11 - Mysterons



“One of The Sunset Strip’s best and brightest" -

"Some Hear Explosions could easily slide into the play list of any alt-rock radio station." -

"With the attitude of Garbage and hypnotic melodies of Portishead, Some Hear Explosions do have a sound all their own. Overlap their music to any X-Games slo-mo montage and you get a sense of what Some Hear Explosions sounds like – a whole lot of danger mixed in with the euphoria of flying high. It's also how S.H.E. plays - adrenaline-fueled with no safety-net." -

"the flavor of David Bowie, the angst-y yells of Marilyn Manson and the edge of early Garbage all in one extremely fashionable package." -

"Anyone who has ever listened to classic rock and wondered what it would sound like with a strong female lead and in your face, heart pumping melodies will find delight in Some Hear Explosions" -

"Goldfrapp meets T. Rex" - CDBaby Music Discovery Podcast


Ambre Leigh - vocals
Bay Dariz - vocals, guitar, bass, keys
Joe Herrera - drums

An explosion. You can see it. You can hear it. You can feel it. It shakes things up. It changes them. These are the qualities intrinsic to the Los Angeles-based trio, Some Hear Explosions. They aren't dabbling with decibels, they're creating a force; an energy. They won't settle for their audience to merely "hear" their music, they need them to experience it.

Perhaps it was coincidence that Bay Dariz and Ambre Leigh grew up in the same city without becoming friends, but it must have been fate that brought them together 2,000 miles away in LA. When Bay’s former band, The Mercy Kiss, disbanded, something drove him to make a female acquaintance his first call, remembering that she’d once off-handedly expressed envy for his rock n' roll pursuits. Ambre had never written a full song and hadn't sung publicly since she was a child, but it didn't take much coaxing for her to give it another shot. The duo penned their first track/mission statement “It’s Our Time Now” in early 2008 and the chemistry was undeniable.

"Once we had a few songs, I realized it sounded like nothing I’d ever done before. Not only was I pushing myself in different musical directions, but Ambre and I have very different tastes in music. Where our sensibilities converge is what we sound like.” That resulting sound is innovative and dynamic: the kind of sexy, sultry music that also somehow manages to rock a lot harder than you would expect. One of Ambre's favorite assessments of their sound came from a producer/songwriter who said they were "like the love child of Garbage and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs."

In 2009, they recorded an attention-grabbing three-song demo with producer Michael “USA Mike” Eisenstein, the former guitarist of Letters to Cleo. This opened the floodgate for their next year of successes: the completion of their lineup with drum virtuoso Joe Herrera, shows in front of thousands at Milwaukee's Summerfest, placement of several of their songs in feature films, and the release of their self-produced motto, turned full-length record, "It's Our Time Now." The buzz surrounding the band earned them a spot on a nationwide tour where they had the chance to perfect the hurricane that is their live show in front of rabid audiences from coast-to-coast.

To say SHE's performances exude a certain energy is a gross understatement. Ambre Leigh has been described as "a modern day Pat Benatar" and "what Deborah Harry would look like if she was a young post-punk-pop-rocker today on amphetamines that were washed down with Red Bull." This vivacity, accompanied by self-built, touch-sensitive light boxes, movie themes, blood, sweat, tears, and kisses, are what truly set their live show apart, and transcend it from a simple concert to an all-encompassing experience.

The group is currently recording demos for their next release in Los Angeles, and collaborating with the best, brightest, and ballsiest in the business. "Some" aren't nearly enough. It's time for everyone to hear explosions.

. Recorded three-song demo with USA Mike (Letters to Cleo) in 2009
. Debut full-length album “It’s Our Time Now” released in August, 2010
. Coast-to-coast “It’s Our Time Now” US tour in the Fall of 2010 to promote the debut record
. US tour documented as an episodic web series on the Some Hear Explosions YouTube channel
. Perform regularly at the Viper Room, the Roxy, and Key Club in LA
. Shared the stage with Semi Precious Weapons, Papa Roach, Our Lady Peace among others
. Performed at Summerfest 2009 and 2010 in Milwaukee as part of the festival’s "Emerging Artists Series"
. Voted onto the "Emerging Artists Series" compilation CD by fans; 10,000 copies were distributed during Summerfest
. Won the Summerfest’s daily Text-to-Vote by receiving the most text votes of any band that day
. Interviewed and performed live on TheCoolTV, Fearless Rad