Some Never Sleep

Some Never Sleep


Some Never Sleep is Rock that is pushing boundaries. Without straying to far into the abyss yet not sticking to convention, the sound of this band puts a spin on the familiar. 3 guitars vocal harmonies and great key work makes this band a new breed


Some Never Sleep is a band from Gilbert, AZ. In the two full years that the band has been together they have played in many clubs in Arizona along with playing the battle of the bands stage at the 2008 warped tour. Some Never Sleep has recorded two EP's and a single that was put onto a Darfur Donation Compilation . They have recently Just Finished a Second EP titled "The omission of time" poking fun at the fact that the last recording they have done was in 2007. The band is always looking to push themselves out of their comfort zone and explore musically. They never stop writing new material. the bands influences are Muse, Mute Math, Coheed and Cambria, Amberlin.


Some Never Sleep Loft demo
1) Negative incrament
3)piano song

1)the beginning falls
2)Between truthful lies
3)And the synchronicity
4)between us and I

The omission of time
1) The Construct the Arc
2) Blossoms to Brimstone
3)The dance of Armageddon
4) Atlas to Ruins
5) The Edifice of Truth
6) The whitest Lies

Live footage is on youtube
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Set List

Sets are typically 30 to 40 min. long. There is more material to play longer. The songs that are played live tend to be more rock based. the songs are dynamic so there is a range of music.