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"NJ Poppunksters...."

Someone Say Something – Let The Games Begin EP (Own Label).

New Jersey pop punksters Someone Say Something are building a bit of a reputation on the US college scene and on the evidence of this EP it’s not hard to understand why. This 6 track sampler is full of raw energy and whilst they will have to smooth out some of the rough edges, they should not cut down on their obvious power and passion. The eponymous title track is very reminiscent of Blink 182 in their heyday and the chorus will get under your skin. They will have to improve lyrically but that will come with experience. They are musically solid and their youthful exuberance comes through in spades. Friday Night is even faster than the opener and is wonderful power pop. More power pop comes in the form of Less Than Lazy and this could easily be chart material. They throw in a live recording in the form of Follow and this power packed song has good potential. The acoustic based Anti-Self is average pop but can be improved – think McFly with an edge. They leave the best to last and Lose Control is the jewel in their crown. It is so full of energy and highlights a band on fire. They have a talent for writing a great chorus and that will take them a long way in the business. Given the right conditions and a bit of luck, Someone Say Something could well find themselves on the verge of something big.

David Blue
- David Blue


Let the Games Begin - EP - 2007
1. Less Than Lazy
2. Friday Nights
3. Lose Control
4. Anti-Self
5. Let the Games Begin

Someone Say Something EP 2009

1.Lose Control
2. Because of You
3. Let the Games Begin
4. Little Man
5. Less Than Lazy
6. Summer's Gone



SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING is a group that has a little more than "something special" going for them. The undeniable creative chemistry between the guys and the energy that radiates from the stage when they perform allows them to connect with their audience in a way that only few bands can accomplish. The result is a feeling of attachment; a need for more music.

Their drive for success was both justified and magnified only seven months after their first gig, when this nascent local act earned the opportunity to open the Bamboozle 2007 weekend on the main stage. Without wasting any time, they continued to win two more battles of the bands, winning slots at the NJ Warped Tour and the Movin' On festival at Penn State University before the guys had even celebrated their first year together as a group. Their inspirations include a wide variety of classic rock icons, as well as the pop-punk music of the late 90's. But despite the punk influence shared by all of the members, they don’t consider themselves “punks.” They don’t have anger issues, they don’t feign teen angst and they don’t promote social alienation. As keyboardist Marco Colasacco puts it, they’d "much rather be known as ladies’ men than social deviants." Armed with addictive melodies, driving rhythms, and electrifying live performances, SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING is tearing up the scene all over New Jersey and beyond, consistently winning over new fans and friends everywhere they make some noise; from local bars and urban venues to universities and cyberspace.

Fortunately for SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING'S fans and the uninitiated alike, the band's infectious musical and lyrical individuality is now available to a national and international audience. Their recently released six-song self-titled EP showcases their diverse writing styles, while preserving the excitement and energy that has made their live shows a must-see for so many. Inspired by life experience, the happy-go-lucky, slightly sarcastic tone in songs such as "Let the Games Begin" and "Because of You" will instantly resonate with anyone who has been in a crazy or awkward relationship. The lead track, "Lose Control," is a high-energy introduction to the record that captures the essence of being a young adult. On the flip side is “Summer's Gone,” a summer anthem that showcases the band's sentimental and emotional side. Rounding out this debut is “Little Man,” a quirky retro number that truly shows the guys' versatility and creativity.

2009 has been a big year so far for SSS. Some highlights include: having “Let The Games Begin” put into an 11-song rotation in 1,900 AMC and Regal Cinema theaters nationwide; licensing “Let The Games Begin” for inclusion on a featured segment during Mike Francesa’s nationally televised sports show, Mike’d Up; performing for the executive board of Universal-Republic; performing acoustic shows at over twenty Hot Topic stores in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Boston; and playing the main stage at Penn State’s Movin’ On Festival.

In addition, SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING has been performing all over the east coast in support of their release, and will continue to do so until they reenter the studio in 2010 to begin recording their follow-up album.