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Somerset West


All immigrants to Southern Oklahoma, Somerset West has found a home - in a state that built bands like the Flaming Lips and All-American Rejects. While the current era of indie music has focused their sights in other directions, all is not lost. Somerset West has rediscovered straight-forward rock.


Somerset West began in a borrowed garage in Northern California. Eventually we found ourselves crossing east and landing in Oklahoma City. At this point, my brother and I began to fill out the rest of the band, adding friends that shared our love for playing music. Things progressed, and we became more involved. I think in a lot of ways, that is what the new CD (Lucerne) is all about; the collaboration of influences, mistakes, redemption and change.

Change has affected Somerset West in a variety of ways. Though the band has traveled the states and has had many members (all from a trusted circle of friends), SSW retains the same spirit. With mellow nuances and screaming sentimentalization Somerset stands alone as a band in this day and age. Full of insight in failure, Kyle's vocals preach redemption with a strong rock back up.

Recorded at a trio of studios, including the venerable Black Lodge in Eudora, Kan. (The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams, The Appleseed Cast), and with tracks produced by Chicago’s Matt Opal (Spitalfield, Kill Hannah, Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo), “The Golden Land” is a little disjointed and jumbled, but the mess is welcome and mostly interesting.
-Joe Wertz/The Gazette


The Golden Land (full-length 2010)
Lucerne EP (2009)
New Ocean Sound EP

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Set List

We generally play an all original set. 30-45 minutes.