Who Shot Sally

Who Shot Sally

 Sherman Oaks, California, USA

Who Shot Sally is a female fronted band that grew it's roots in southerrn Missouri. With their unique blend of catchy, guitar driven hooks and soaring, blues tinged vocals, they quickly became favorites at live venues in the Los Angeles area.


Jenny Franklin started her music career as a vocal major at Missouri State and, after deciding she was more interested in a career rock music than in music theater, went into radio and quickly became the co- host of The Spank and Jenny in The Morning show on KZRQ.
Scott Pozdzioch was a physics major with a fondness for quantum mechanics and guitar driven rock music but a dislike of emo and string theorists.
The two first joined forces in Missouri in the band Thrill Hoe and quickly became major players in the regional music scene, playing sold out shows in Kansas City and St. Louis as well as their hometown of Springfield. After landing their first major film soundtrack for the movie Tully as well as placing 3 songs in a James Franco short film titled You Only Stalk The Ones You Love, they moved to Los Angeles.
After a year in California Jenny and Scott decided to start a new project which quickly gained a following playing acoustic shows in the L.A. area. With the success of the new style and material, Jenny and Scott teamed up with bassist Brian Tyndall and drummer Courtney Olsen to form Who Shot Sally. With the release of their first full length CD as the new band sceduled for February, Who Shot Sally has resumed playing local venues in preperation for a regional tour late this Spring. Their previous work from Thrill Hoe, Low Tar Candy, can be purchased at Barnes and Noble as well as any online site which sells music. Unfortunately, due to a type-o, they are listed under the name Thrill Hoc on itunes.


Low Tar Candy (under the name Thrill Hoe)
This CD contains the singles Tuesday from the movie Tully as well as Damaged Goods and "Til Morning from You Only Stalk The Ones You Love.
The band has also released two singles from the upcoming Some Strange CD. Intervention and walk On By.

Set List

Walk On By
Just Play
Time Passes By
Here Comes The Rain ( Eurythmics cover)
Lil' Devil (The Cult cover)

Testify, Over, Just Play, and Time Passes by are tracks which we are not placing on the forthcoming album and only have rough mixes from home recordings. We also play some of the other tracks from the upcoming CD.

Our sets usually run between 20 and 40 minutes but we have played longer if the situation has warranted it.