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Something Else

Columbus, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF | AFM

Columbus, Ohio, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Pop Alternative





On each and every song dropped, Columbus alternative quartet Something Else seem to create a standout masterpiece. Their 10 day-old release “All My Fault” already has slightly less than 1/2 of the plays on Spotify that their 2018 song “Breathe” has. The band demonstrates evolution and reinvention from previous singles, but maintains the charisma and swagger the group has exuded on those past tracks.

Something Else’s formula is to make the listener feel something deep as it keeps the fanbase growing on each and every tune. The band is known for fantastic live shows and are unapologetic for the flamboyance they ooze. Although “All My Fault” is different sounding from their other songs, it seamlessly fits into their arsenal. No one else’s voice and style can pull off what frontman Aidan Hall delivers on this emo-pop tune. At first, the pace is actually set by on point guitar work by Gruszewski. The single’s brilliance is ultimately felt with the excellence put in by Dooley’s drum play and McMillen’s bass work. The four of them are a solid team that know their individual roles and together, it makes for a three-minute gem sure to draw airplay locally and hopefully beyond.

“All My Fault” is a poppy track meant to complement other releases, not compete against nor be compared to them. Something Else is the Columbus music scene’s Chris Jericho: They like to keep things fresh so each song stands on its own merit. Their current single and prior songs justify a record deal and here is hoping this is the year that this collective founded in 2016 breaks through the barrier and moves up the ladder. The attention and accolades being raked in are completely warranted and one listen to this latest work of pop rock brilliance will serve as evidence. - Bravado Press

"Local Music Limelight: Something Else"

A little more than two years ago, Aidan Hall fell for the guitar prowess of the boy next door.

The 24-year-old discovered that his neighbor Landen Gruszewski played the instrument, and the two noodled around together, playing covers before attempting their own tunes.

They opted to turn the acoustic jam sessions into Something Else, a pop-oriented punk ensemble.

Along came Hall’s childhood friend, Colin McMillen (bass), and former Sam Ash music store co-worker Alex Dooley (drums).

After two unsuccessful attempts to record a debut album — “They always sounded like they were recorded in the middle of the street,” Hall said — the quartet will release its self-titled EP during a Friday show at Big Room Bar.

Several members spoke with The Dispatch before the show.

Q: Is there an unspoken rule that all band members must have long hair?

Hall: People keep on asking us that question, so I guess it’s spoken now.

Dooley: I think the Aqua Net from our parents has weaseled its way into our DNA.

Q: Any tips for proper maintenance?

Hall: Keep it brushed. I wash my hair once a week, and after I wash my hair, that’s when I brush it. Colin and (Alex) Dooley may be better at that than me. Volume is key; that is definitely it.

Q: What are the EP’s themes?

Hall: I’d say it’s an introspective look at what I feel most people’s heads are tormented by: hypocrisy and their inner fears. It’s about calling out insecurities and admitting them rather than holding them in, which I feel a lot of people don’t do.

Q: What music influenced the EP?

Hall: We all have very, very different music tastes. It spreads out, and we all meet back in a happy middle. I definitely think my love for My Chemical Romance sneaks its way in from time to time. ... I think there’s a certain hint of the pop element in a lot of the stuff we all agree upon really easily, like Michael Jackson, and My Chemical Romance. I feel like if we were all into the same thing, the music wouldn’t be as fun to make or listen to.

— Julia Oller - The Columbus Dispatch


Columbus post pop quartet Something Else set their self titled EP loose on the world on January the 4th. After the madness of the festive season, I’ve settled down to give it a spin and have been pleasantly surprised by a very accomplished and emotive record.

With a sound unashamedly dipped in heartfelt emo and given a generous sprinkling of pop melody and indie hooks, this EP has a little bit of everything.

Opening track ‘The Fool’ eases into wistful guitars and bitter, angst ridden vocals that don’t make the mistake of trying to pummel you, but ooze with frustration and self analysis, soaring hooks and gentle distortion making this track pull you in.

‘Shadow‘ is straight out of the indie school of rhythmic drum patterns and fat bass lines that provide a back bone to a pop melody heavy blast of a track.

Moving on to third track ‘Breathe‘ and the proceedings are slowed down to a heartfelt outpouring, loaded with the signature self awareness that seems ever present in the songwriting, I’m quite a big fan of this sort of emotion being portrayed in music and this is up there with some of the better tracks from bands over the last few years.

‘Nobody Has To Know‘ appeals with its crisp and sporadic intricate guitar hooks and wistful chorus section while purpose returns to the aforementioned self analysis and frustration and gives us possibly the best vocal performance on the record; hearing heartfelt vocals is what really gives this record it’s edge.

‘Mess‘ is a standout here, imagine Panic! At The Disco and Creeper collaborated and dropped a track and you’d have an idea of how this sounds, it’s catchy and understated in all the right ways.

Closing out the EP is ‘Go Away‘, a soft, almost acoustic beautifully crafted track loaded with emotion and a sense of regret, it wraps up the record perfectly.

Something Else may not appear to break new ground on first play but once you have had this playing for a couple of listens you’ll start to really appreciate that it’s so subtly different that it feels fresh and is actually a really enjoyable, well written and delivered EP.

Get on board with this band because I have a feeling that in a few years time there will be plenty of people wishing they’d taken the time to catch them early. - Broken Arrow Magazine

"EP Review: “Something Else” by Something Else"

Something Else have released their self-titled debut EP.

Something noticeable about this EP is shown right away in the opening track “The Fool,” and that’s how much the vocals stand out. The vocalist of this band has a very interesting voice and I think it really shows on this track, as well as many others on the EP. Something else I found impressive about this track was the guitar work. I love the lead guitar parts accompanying the vocals in the pre-chorus and chorus, which fit very well with the vocals and harder hitting drums, the riff after the chorus and the solo right before the bridge. Second up is “Shadow,” which is a bit more energetic and definitely leans more towards the rock side of the band’s sound, especially with the upbeat guitars and drums providing that energy and keeping it up throughout the rest of the track.

“Breathe” is a bit slower and softer in comparison to the previous two tracks, mixing electric and acoustic guitar in the memorable intro and letting the vocals shine a lot throughout the remainder of the track. Speaking of guitar, the following track, “Nobody (Has To Know),” is very guitar driven, and the drums help build up to its catchy chorus as well. The track overall has a darker vibe and I love that aspect of it. “Purpose” slows things down once again, but what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in emotion and passion, shown clearly in both the more raw vocals and harder hitting instrumentals. Second to last is “Mess,” which is easily one of my favorites on this whole EP. The vocals grabbed my attention right away, and I love the upbeat energy this track brings. The EP finishes out strong with the seventh track, “Go Away,” an acoustically driven number that delivers some intriguing guitar parts and great melodies.

In Conclusion…

While this release is on the longer side as far as EPs go, it’s still worth your time. Each song brings something interesting, with “Something Else” showing the various different parts of the band’s sound and providing something for many fans of pop, rock, and alternative music to enjoy. - Dissonants Magazine

"fresh fresh very fresh [single reviews]"

“All My Fault”: Something Else are setting out to be the champions of the midtempo pop rock sound, from what I’ve heard so far. “All My Fault” is earwormiest thing they’ve released thus far in their career. Aiden Hall takes a song that on paper is fairly straightforward and adds his own version of attitude and flair, which comes out in his vocals. After watching the music video, you’ll be hard pressed to picture him singing this song without being expressive. I’m here for this new, bright era of Something Else. - TUNED UP


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Something Else is an Alternative Pop band hailing from Columbus, Ohio. Catchy and emotional, the band demands your attention with its lock tight grooves, and forthright lyrics.

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