Something Close To Hero

Something Close To Hero


Something Close To Hero is a screamo/hardcore band from Des Moines, Iowa. SCTH is made up of four friends who love playing music. The band has been together for about 2 years now and has been writing and performing shows in the area.


Something Close To Hero have been making a new breed of hardcore for almost 2 years now. With heavy chugging metalcore, hardcore riffs, and pop-choruses, SCTH redefines themselves with every song they make. Jeremy Irwin [vocals] and Ben Monroe [bass] both signed on the band after Steven Banks [guitar] and Sam Talerico [drums] formed the band. This four piece Des Moines screamcore group are pushing their way up rapidly, while keeping a child-like humor about themselves.

Over the past 2 years, SCTH has morphed from a little harmless looking hardcore puppy to a devilish and toothy screamcore beast that threatens to eat fans alive. But not really. That was only metaphorically speaking. Seriously, though, SCTH has been pushing to improve their brand of hardcore, and the overall hardcore scene in Des Moines.


We have 2 demos

Set List

-Murder She Wrote
-Griffin Crowder
-April 20th
-Forest Gump
-Burn The Memories
-Sam's Corral
-Say A Prayer For The Fallen
-For You
-Tonight's The Night

We usually play a set of 30 minutes but it all depends on where we are playing.