Something Cool

Something Cool


We're like a combination of old school Green Day, Operation Ivy and the Descendents (i.e. raw pop-punk). I guess I would say that we have our own style and we don't like to classify either us, or our music.


We're three guys from a little piece of shit town called Calistoga in the Napa Valley. We have been a band for about 7 years, starting from scratch. We play mostly punk rock songs about politics, girls, life and just about everything else. Yes, Sean and Darren ARE brothers and Neil might as well be. We're basically losers who don't do anything cool, hence the name. We all go to school- Sean and Darren go to Sonoma State and Neil goes to Santa Rosa JC. Listen to us at (internet radio)


No Control

Written By: Something Cool

What could happen to a people when their leaders have lost manegement the system takes a leap back back to version one point oh I've never sceen quite a lazy action it's like were in slow motion, emotions just stop progress oh noIt makes me think it makes me feel

No Control
Don't play it in my ear
Don't stand around in fear
What could they do to you
A lot versus a few what would you do

Yeah when things split into two ideas get forced onto you so please listen to me if you want to survive another mindless dick who just lies and lies and lies
I just want my slice of American Pie I don't want to fight supress our might

No Control
My friends and I don't care
A little respect is rare
Revolution is on
Top one all fucking gone


We've been recording on our own for years, so we have quite a few albums. Here they are, from oldest to mose recent:
Hypnosis (as Sculpture)
A Little
Gets Nailed
New & Improved
Coat Of Arms EP
(new)Too Cool for School

Set List

Our current set list is about 9 songs, but we have so many songs that it really doesn't matter- we can add songs or change them around at will.
Set list:
What's Just
True Life
No Control
The Scene
My Poor Nose
Drama Queen
Just Me