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Something Delicious

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada | INDIE

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada | INDIE
Band Rock Avant-garde


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"NO FLYERS PLEASE "nfp ep" Release Party (Live Show Review)"

Moncton's Something Delicious were up next – I've been looking forward to seeing these guys for a while now, and they didn't disappoint. It's almost impossible to describe a Something Delicious set in a few paragraphs – where to even begin? First off there was the painted chests, the gas mask microphone, and the dual frontmen – guitarist/singer Jonah H. and singer/trumpet player Patt. And of course, there was the music.

Imagine someone took all your favorite bands (plus a few 80's cartoons) and threw them into a blender, then threw them up on stage on shuffle with the skip-happy attitude of a 6-year old with an iPod. Assuming, of course, your favorite bands are Frank Zappa, System of a Down, Sublime, NOFX, Mr. Bungle, Neil Young, Refused, Ennio Morricone, and Melt Bannana.

These guys brought more energy (and sweat) to Gus' stage than I've seen in a while. Bouncing back and forth between styles at a break neck pace, these guys switched on a dime from hardcore punk to reagge breakdown to ska funk. It might have been a little too spastic for a few more conservative audience members, but I loved every minute of it. Seeing is believing, of course, so check out the videos below (and more on Youtube), and be sure to check their annual MessFest in Moncton. - Noisography

"CD Review – Various Artists The Music of Artisanship & War: Vol II Diminished Fifth Records"

There’s too much good music around to keep track, let alone listen to all of it. While we come back repeatedly to our favorites, we keep digging through endless names and albums, dividing sparrows from the nightingales.
It takes a humongous amount of time and the taskitself is of gargantuan proportions, even though we like it. This is true for any genre, but Diminished Fifth Records proves that even in such a particular case as the East Coast metal scene, there’s a lot to look into.

A compilation of songs, labeled “The Music of Artisanship & War: Vol II”, is the second in the eye-opening series and contains 19 songs from bands the world is missing out on, as the label put it. The CD presents a rather diverse metal landscape, ranging from thrash and death to power and even doom. Some of the bands are young and maturing, others are more than a decade old like Cephalectomy. Their song “The Igniting Tempest” is one of the records that have never been released before, so fans can get their hands on some exclusive material here. The overall quality varies from song to song, same can be said about the genres. Check out Something Delicious, who have a very unusual mix of funk and hardcore. Tempting Tragedy presents an early-90’s style epic doom metal with additional stylistic changes worth attention.

Some of the music is relatively novel, while the influence of some famous bands can be felt in general, be it hard rock or sludge. This compilation would be interesting to just about anybody who likes metal, giving an insight into a vast number of genres and East Coast bands, which are still in the shadows. It’s all very different, but damn if it ain’t heavy. If you want to get into the very underground metal world – this is your ticket.

By Arceon

"VARIOUS - "The Music of Artisanship & War: Volume II", 2008 (Diminished Fifth) The tritone-worshippers unleash a solid comp."

Compilation CD's are a tricky beast, being so dependent upon the quality of each individual band to make it a worthwhile investment in time and money. Fortunately, once I saw that this bad boy came courtesy of the metal madmen at Diminished Fifth records, the monstrous purveyors of East Coast metal mayhem, I rested comfortably knowing I was in good hands. Just take a look through the peacedogman reviews of various Diminished Fifth artists like IRON GIANT and GALLACTUS and you'll see what I'm talking about. Throw in a bevy of underground metal tracks with a whole host of those being previously unreleased and my attention was fully piqued.

What we got here is a veritable opened bleeding vein of all things metal, ranging from the 3 INCHES OF BLOOD-esque NWOBHM meets thrash of COFFIN BIRTH to the violent assault of death metal brutality of bands like HELLACAUST and BLACK MOOR. At 19 tracks and a full hour in length, it's too much to detail each band here. Suffice it to say, my personal tastes diverge more towards the sludgy quasi-stoner metal of IRON GIANT and GALLACTUS and the freaky metal meets funk of SOMETHING DELICIOUS, but there's really nothing weak here. No matter what brand of headbanging gets you off, you'll find something to pump some blood to your member. For you completists, the previously unreleased tracks come from ANTHESIS, ORCHID'S CURSE, CEPHALECTOMY, UIGG, GALLACTUS, UNHALLOWED EXISTENCE and ARCHAIK.

To these ears, some of the death metal gets a little repetitive, but in the end, D5R do an admirable job of chronicling the vibrant East Coast Metal Scene. Horns high!

"Something Delicious - No fun intended [Album]"

Every once in a while, a band come our way that are so crazy and eccentric that you cant help but think that the band members must have a few screws loose. Ladies and gentlemen…. I give you Something Delicious.

Something Delicious is exactly what it says on the tin. Their latest release ‘No Fun Intended’ is a chaotic blend of Ska, Punk and even a few screaming vocals thrown in just for kicks. As with most Ska music, it has got some of the wackiest and wildest trumpets and Sax’s you could ever expect to hear, which are played in a slightly humorous fashion that cant help but impress.

The album stays true to its musical stylings with insanely upbeat rhythms and some of the cleverest bass lines in recent memory, it’s a must for any fan of ‘Primus’. The guitars seem to take it up a notch, steering away from the clean and syncopated tones of previous Ska acts and cranking up the distortion to layer the record with sqweely punk riffs not unlike that of Rancid or NOFX.

Vocal-wise, there is a fine mix of clever lyrics and a few joke lyrics, the personal highlight being the albums second track. Being a massive fan of the Simpsons myself, the chorus to the track ‘Faker’ is, surprisingly enough, a jingle sung by Homer Simpson in one episode. It couldn’t help but slap a grin on my face.

Over all Something Delicious seem to be walking the thin line between sanity and the "nuthouse" (check out their website for their oddly written epic tale). They have however, given us an album that is a must for any Punk and Ska fans alike. I’m not saying ‘No Fun Intended’ is a musical offering for everyone, but if you fancy stepping out of your musical comfort zone, then I suggest you check this out.

Overall Rating - 80%
Vocals / Lyrics - 70%
Musicianship - 80%
Production - 70%
Creativity - 80%
Lastability - 80%
Reviewers Tilt - 70%

Total - 76% -

"Something Delicious - No Fun Intended (TBA Collective)"

Watch out folks, "Something Delicious" are out to screw with you. I mean this in the most endearing of ways though. The Moncton band's debut record seamlessly shifts from aggressive metal inspired vocals to funk to loungy-pop music, sometimes all in one song making for a varied and exciting listen. Even with such a diverse musical palette driving the band forward, the band is tight as all hell.

Taking cues from bizarro rock inspired / experimental bands like Mr Bungle, the rule with Something Delicious is that they don't follow rules. Check out tracks like Publicity Stunt, Faker and Gamblor for one of the most musically original releases to emerge from the Moncton music scene in recent years.

- By Ken Kelley - Here Magazine - Ken Kelley

"No Fun Intended by Something Delicious"

"Never was an album more aptly named. Let us wander into a Fishbone rehearsal whilst the Cookie Monster lies, miked up, in the corner having 40,000 volts rammed up his rectum. If they were Japanese, this band would be massive. Unfortunately, they’re Canadian." - Die Shellsuit, Die!

"SOMETHING DELICIOUS - "No Fun Intended", 2009"

"Quirky, mutational funk metal meets NOMEANSNO hardcore meets trumpets that sound like fat mariachi Mexicans in some wild colorful carousel ride assembled to make the square purist-genre listener puke." -

"The Hump Day Sounds – Something Delicious"

Something Delicious has taken every band they’ve ever played in and bashed them together long enough that it started to make sense. From singer Jonah Hache’s jazz project Extrapolation, and his punk influenced band The Umph , to trumpeter/singer Pat Rousselle’s time with metal band Laid to Waste and even touching on a math-rock background with bassist Mario Gautreau’s tenure with The Morse Code Alphabet

Sometimes a mix this eclectic can cause a band to sound a bit pretentious. Thankfully SD has taken some time to craft these songs to make sure everything fits in it’s right place before they were fully accepted into the fold.

This is the beginning of things for Something Delicious. They’ve got the chops, the pop sensibilities, and the looks to bring this mish-mash to the masses. - The Serious Business

"Fête de la Musique à Moncton : voici les musiciens !"

English version follows

Le lundi, 21 juin prochain, à Moncton, on célèbre tout ce qui est musical ! Les musiciens de la région et d’ailleurs ont été nombreux à répondre à l’invitation lancée en avril. Plus de 25 artistes, chansonniers et groupes performeront à différents endroits dans le centre-ville de Moncton.

Dès 10 h 30, des chansonniers réveilleront les foules au Parc Oak, à la ruelle Robinson, ainsi qu’au Café Clémentine Déli, coin St-George et Archibald sur la rue Main. Westcut, Caroline Savoie, Glen Burg, Zax Hackett, Kendra Gale, Andre Saulnier, Denis Michel Haché et Sarah Cormier offriront aux passants, leurs plus beaux airs.

À 11 h 30, l’ouverture officielle aura lieu à l’extérieur de l’Hôtel de Ville de Moncton. Jusqu’à 15 h, plusieurs artistes défileront à tour de rôle afin de faire bouger les gens sur leur heure de dîner : Craig Wight (Cornemuses), l’Harmonie de l’école Odyssée, Lisa Leblanc, Kendra Gale, ALCAZ.

La scène principale qui se trouve au parc Riverain, sur le bord de la rivière Petitcodiac, derrière l’édifice de la Croix bleue, sera en branle dès 17 h et ce jusqu’à 23 h. S’enchaîneront sur scène une panoplie de musiciens d’expérience et de la relève : Codiac Concert Band, Mario Lebreton, Natasha Richard, Xeno, Adam LeBlanc, Double Vision, Sarah Cormier, Lisa Leblanc, Caroline Savoie, Great Balancing Act, Julie Aubé, Melanie D, Robin Anne Ettles, Mel Keith & the Strombachs et Something Delicious. Du traditionnel au funk metal en passant par la chanson, il y en aura pour tous les goûts !

Le directeur de Musique NB, Jean Surette, qui a collaboré à l’élaboration de la programmation, n’est pas peu fier de la liste de musiciens qui seront en vedette cette année. « Avec la si belle réponse obtenue suite à l’invitation lancée en avril, nous avons été en mesure de créer une programmation diversifiée où la jeunesse rencontre des musiciens d’expérience, la majorité sont de la région. Nous avons, cependant, des belles surprises de l’extérieur, dont le groupe ALCAZ, un duo de la France, qui sera de passage dans la ville. La Fête de la musique sera décidément célébrée en grand à Moncton ! » Le coordonnateur de l’événement, Mamadou Konté, ajoute : « Le 21 juin, c’est également le solstice d’été. Venez donc célébrer la plus longue journée de l’année en musique ! »

Pour en savoir davantage sur l’horaire et la programmation, veuillez télécharger le dépliant ici, ou vous rendre au ou encore joignez la page Facebook de la Fête de la musique à Moncton au

Une célébration internationale !

La Fête la musique a été lancée en France en 1982 et est maintenant célébrée dans plus de 100 pays, à tous les 21 juin, toujours avec les principes fondateurs de gratuité, participation bénévole de la part des musiciens professionnels ou amateurs, diversité des genres musicaux et mise en musique de lieux de patrimoine et d’espace public.

La Fête de la musique à Moncton, coordonnée par Mamadou Konté, est une initiative du Consulat général de France en collaboration avec Musique NB, Downtown Moncton Centre-ville, la Fédération des jeunes francophones du N.-B., le Centre d’accueil et d’intégration des immigrant.e.s du Moncton métropolitain, l’Alliance française de Moncton, la Ville de Moncton, Branch Graphic Design, Carol Doucet Communications et

Fête de la musique 2010 in Moncton : Here comes the music !

(Moncton, June 11 2010) – On Monday, June 21st, Moncton celebrates all things musical ! Many musicians from the region and elsewhere have responded to the invitation sent in April. More than 25 musical artists, singer-songwriter and groups will perform in several places in Downtown Moncton. All performances are free.

From 10:30 am, solo performers will wake up the crowds in Oak Park, Robinson Court, and Café Clementine Deli. Westcut, Caroline Savoie, Glen Burg, Zax Hackett, Kendra Gale, Andre Saulnier, Denis Michel Haché, and Sarah Cormier will offer to the passers-by, their finest tunes.

At 11:30, the official opening will take place outside the Moncton City Hall in Moncton. Upbeat musicians will entertain the crowds on their lunch breaks : Craig Wright (Bagpipes), the Harmony de l’Odyssée, Lisa LeBlanc, Kendra Gale, and ALCAZ.

The Main stage is located in the Riverfront Park, next to the Petitcodiac River, behind the Bluecross building. The line-up consists of experienced and emerging artists : Codiac Concert Band, Mario Lebreton, Natasha Richard, Xeno, Adam LeBlanc, Double Vision, Sarah Cormier, Lisa Leblanc, Caroline Savoie, Great Balancing Act, Julie Aubé, Melanie D, Robin Anne Ettles, Mel Keith & the Strombachs, and Something Delicious. From traditional music to funk metal by way of folk and jazz singers, there will be something for everyone !

The director of Music NB, Jean Surette, who collaborated on the development of the line-up, is very proud of the list of musicians featured this year. - Consulat Général de France à Moncton


Something Delicious No Fun Intended LP (2009)

Awkward Comfort CD Single (2008)



What started as a three piece "crumple jazz" project in 2006 has become an experimental-post punk happy-hardcore musical force of four of the quirkiest individuals of the east coast. With a live show consisting of intriguing costumes, live art, and a stage presence that is unmatched, combined with a drive to create the most flowing and unsettling music that your ears will learn to love, Something Delicious will find the right groove for you to dance, grind, mosh and destroy your trials and tribulations away.

Their soothing intricacies of music-making -- clashing with the most deranged chord progressions, ping-ponged melodies and hair-raising harmonies -- will leave you in such a state of disbelief that you'll constantly find yourself attempting to reassure your sanity while, rest assured, having a good time.