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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Wake Up EP (2006)
Something For Rockets LP (2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Rami Perlman is a weirdo. He doesn’t shut up about music, he’s a never-ending fountain of non-sequiters, and he wreaks of an overwhelming desire to share his music with everyone he meets. And while he totally could, he almost never talks about the fact that his father is one of the world’s greatest living musical legends. (You can just Google that on your own.)

In all honesty, however, Josh Eichenbaum might even be weirder. Talk to him yourself, you’ll find out why. He happens to be a studio genius, sound editing out of a Los Angeles post-production studio and mastering all keyboards. He and Rami went to Brown together, and when Rami told Josh he was going to move out to Los Angeles because he was “finished” with his native New York, Josh offered up his studio for messing around. …And Something for Rockets was technically born.

Barry Davis is a hottie. He’s been drumming since he was a sperm, and it shows. As a duo, SFR was cool and fun to watch, but it was missing some punch. Barry was third to join the band, and he initially joined against his will. But he’s clearly not regretting it now.

Jacques Brautbar can be heard playing the guitar Thursday nights on Fox at the start of a very unpopular show called The OC. That’s because he used to play in a band called Phantom Planet from LA. And after leaving that band to pursue photography, which is he quite, quite gifted at (Rolling Stone anyone?), he fell in love with Something for Rockets, and Something for Rockets fell in love with him. Ask him about how Rami, Josh and Barry informed him of the fact that he was “in the band.”

To sum it all up, about 3 years ago, some divine creature popped out a little blipping, beeping baby called Something for Rockets. It was a cute little turd, but it had a lot of growing to do. And now, three years later, Something for Rockets is a phenomenon gearing up to release a follow-up to their wildly lauded self-titled, self-released debut and the anticipation has been mounting and mounting and mounting.

It’s all those fans they’ve been roping in daily since inception. With today’s strongest communication tool on their side, the little-known internet, they’ve been able to connect with anyone and everyone who’s taken a liking to their Myspace page, or seen them on MTV’s “You Hear it First,” or caught them at their Monday night Spaceland residency back in January 2005, or read about them in Urb’s “Next 100” issue or GQ’s “Must Have” section. With one of indie music’s most impressive, die-hard street teams on their side, Something for Rockets has been able to skyrocket onto the national stage.