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The best kept secret in music


One a.m. on Friday morning. At an hour when most University students would either be getting some shut eye or finishing up homework assignments, a group of devoted fans crowded together Jan. 27, at The Canopy Club, 708 S. Goodwin Ave., to hear the local band, Something for Sundown, perform into the wee hours of Friday morning.

For Tom Swanson, freshman in Engineering, there wasn't anything he would rather be doing than hearing one of his favorite local bands live.

"While lasting until all hours of the night, the Something for Sundown show was very enjoyable," he said. "It was worth the late night."

Starting as "four friends' afternoon jam sessions," Something for Sundown has grown into the permanent lineup of University students Tony Sorrentino on lead vocals and guitar, Arjun Venkataswamy on backing vocals and bass, Dan Loman on drums, and Stephen Moll on guitar.

Front man Sorrentino, sophomore in LAS, said music has always been a part of his life and being in a band is something he's always wanted to do.

"We love music, we love playing music, but forming this new band was out of more than that," he said. "It was out of a desire to say something substantial and try to create something unique."

It is this ability to relate to listeners that has brought the band local success.

Recently, Green St. Records, a student-run record label, chose Something for Sundown to be a part of their local band compilation CD. Artists send in a one-song demo and then representatives of Green St. Records decide which bands best represent the local music scene at the University.

This year, Green St. Records selected 10 acts among 50 applicants for their CD, Crescendo, which will be available for free in late April. All acts chosen will then record their songs at Pogo Studio with Mark Rubel, a local producer.

President and marketing manager of Green St. Records, Brittany Cadwalader said Something for Sundown was partly chosen because of their solid sound and soulful lyrics.

"Their music is recognizable and relatable, which is something very important to anybody who enjoys music," Cadwalader said. "You listen to things that you know, and incorporate them into your life. Like people using song lyrics for an away message, that song hit that person in a particular way, and that is a gift that the members of Something for Sundown have and that makes them a cut above average."

Sorrentino said he is really excited about being selected as one of the 10 top local acts, as well as recording on February 16.

"I think it's going to be a great opportunity for us to get our music out to a wider audience," he said. "We aren't exactly looking to be rock stars, but we want an opportunity to showcase our music."

Even though Sorrentino does not plan on Something for Sundown becoming the next number one band on Billboard music charts, he said he wants to take the band as far as they can.

"I definitely see there being enough substance and drive with what we have now," he said. "It's definitely something we'll continue until we're out of U of I. And then we'll just see where it goes from there."

No matter what happens with the band, Sorrentino said he will always continue with his own solo project. He has been playing one-man shows for about three years and said it is something he really loves doing, especially in conjunction with Something for Sundown.

"What you can say with an acoustic guitar is so different," he said. "It's more honest and fragile."

Being a solo artist has certainly benefited not only Sorrentino, but also the entire band. Sorrentino said many of the songs Something for Sundown currently performs started as ideas he originally had for solo projects. Sorrentino writes all of their lyrics but said they are planning on incorporating a more collaborative style for future material.

"The new stuff we're writing is more indicative of our voice as a band," he said. "It has a more unique sound since we all come from diverse musical backgrounds."

This unique sound is what Sorrentino and others said makes Something for Sundown a band completely in a league of its own.

Cadwalader, sophomore in Business, said the members of Something for Sundown were great to work with and commended their professional sound.

"The quality of their music is incredible, especially for a college band," she said.

Swanson also said he was really impressed with Something for Sundown's new songs that they performed for the first time at The Canopy Club a week ago.

"They continue to pump out fresh and interesting material," he said. "This melodic indie rock band has a good sound, a good feel, and is an audience pleaser."

Their live performance is something the band members all feel strongly about. Sorrentino said they believe a foundation in live performance is as important as a foundation in recording. He said their live shows aren't just a re-run of their demo. Instead they add new introductions to songs and play their songs a little differently each time to add a bit of fresh sound.

Sorrentino also warns that even though Something for Sundown is energetic, they aren't the kind of band listeners would want to mosh to.

"We don't fit that mold, and that's beautiful," he said. "We just want to be ourselves on stage."

Instead, Sorrentino said he hopes anyone who attends one of Something for Sundown's shows will have an experience that is relaxing, fun and memorable.

"We want our shows to be an experience of a bunch of people getting together and hanging out and listening to music that we all feel passionate about," said Sorrentino.

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Demonstration EP - 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Not unlike most bands in the Chicago-area music scene, the beginnings of what has since come to be Something for Sundown were extremely humble: basement rehearsals, permanently misplaced instruments, and even one show with more people onstage than in the crowd. But fast-forward 12 short months and the story starts to take shape. In that time the band that began as four friends' Sunday afternoon jam sessions has come into their own, cutting out a name for themselves in the highly competitive Chicago music scene, self-producing and releasing a promotional EP, and opening for nationally touring acts such as The Waiting Game, Army of Freshmen, and The Hush Sound (Fueled by Ramen).

With backgrounds ranging from jazz to folk to rock, the individuals that make up Something for Sundown each have over 10 years of musical experience. Combined with a perseverant work ethic driven by a genuine passion for their music, it's no surprise that these four college students have received such a warm welcome into the independent music community.