Something for Sundown

Something for Sundown


Something for Sundown's unique blend of melodic indie rock captures as much of the earnest lyrical and musical sensibility of Death Cab for Cutie as it does the emotive tension of Jimmy Eat World. Their nuanced art-pop is accessible yet complex, creating a sound that grows with each experience


Not unlike most bands in the Chicago-area music scene, the beginnings of what has since come to be Something for Sundown were extremely humble: basement rehearsals, permanently misplaced instruments, and even one show with more people onstage than in the crowd. But fast-forward 12 short months and the story starts to take shape. In that time the band that began as four friends' Sunday afternoon jam sessions has come into their own, cutting out a name for themselves in the highly competitive Chicago music scene, self-producing and releasing a promotional EP, and opening for nationally touring acts such as The Waiting Game, Army of Freshmen, and The Hush Sound (Fueled by Ramen).

With backgrounds ranging from jazz to folk to rock, the individuals that make up Something for Sundown each have over 10 years of musical experience. Combined with a perseverant work ethic driven by a genuine passion for their music, it's no surprise that these four college students have received such a warm welcome into the independent music community.


A Four Alarm At Five

Written By: Tony Sorrentino

When winter fades away, and summer light is near, a baseless shade of gray seems to reappear. It hollows me within. It showers me without. And like a bitter friend, it harrows me with doubt. Your alarms should now be sounding. This is a fire and I'm barely breathing, just searching and seething for air in the smoke. Searching for something to take me home. And I am an airwave on which I will broadcast that finally at long last I have known the one thing that felt like home sweet home. Well bluer light does shine where I've missed you most and so to you my dear I propose a little toast. To four alarms at five. To the shooting live at nine. Here's to the faceless mob of me, but I am feeling fine. Your alarms are never sounding. Libretto never sounded so much like the real thing and so I'll sing my heart out to you. Though a crowd of people gather to watch. And life's unscripted but if I had my choice, my voice would come out more like under the lights where everyone can watch.

An Author's Farewell

Written By: Tony Sorrentino

Where are you going? What is the question that drives this quest you're on? And is there an answer out there that would afford you some peace?
Where are we going? It does make wonder if we will ever return. And if we could would we want to? There's no turning back; we're over the edge. So douse the signal fires and light the funeral pyres. Here we go. Up in smoke to places the world will never know. But before we are ashes, may I make one last request? Please my love, forget I was anything to you, forget I was anything at all. I'm so sorry dear. I know that this strange course of action was driven by fear. And I know that these things that I've said are far from reality. But open the closet and dig out the bones to discover the sense in me. After all, we have all got our secrets and time never really erases the past.

In Medias Res

Written By: Tony Sorrentino

What about all those times you saw me as a reflection of myself? I grew my hair over my eyes and black cloth covers everything else. I hide in all this pretense in all this fictionalized posturing, but lately I've been thinking that this mirror image isn't me at all. It isn't me at all. So buckle up, and strap yourself in. Ladies and gentlemen, the seatbelt sign is now illuminated. This show is now in progress. This ride is now in motion. So let's batten down the hatches. Let's batten down the hatches. Are you in? Lately feeling hopeless; breaking hearts is becoming routine. I'm up and down. I'm back and forth. I am everything in between but something still is overlooked. Some detail is left unadressed. I seek acceptance through rejection and at end I am left unimpressed. I am unimpressed.


Demonstration EP - 2005

Set List

Our set is primarily made up of original music, with a selection of well-placed covers thrown in as well. Our typical set lasts about 45 minutes, but we can comfortably fill slots from 30 - 90 minutes.