Something Heroic

Something Heroic

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Comprised of guitarists Taylor Ledyard and Antonio Small, bassist Brett Hawkins, drummer Ryne Woodsmall, and singer Eric Polk, Something Heroic combines an unique blend of alternative rock with good old fashioned rock 'n' roll.


Something Heroic is not your everyday typical rock band. Hailing out of St. Louis, MO they are known not only for their unique brand of Alternative Rock, but also for the amount of energy they put into their live performances.

Something Heroic was formed when drummer Ryne Woodsmall and bassist Brett Hawkins (formally of the band Future Leaders of Yesterday) reunited and began to write music again. They quickly enlisted long-time friend Eric Polk as their singer/front man and local musician Yury Yershov as their guitarist. Within a few months they started booking gigs. With every show the band played, their fan base grew and more gigs were offered as a result. After a few months of live performances, they decided to expand their sound and added a second guitarist, Taylor Ledyard, to their lineup. In December 2010 they began to record their debut album “Choose Your Sides,” which was released in the summer 2011.

The charisma and power put into Something Heroic’s live show never fails to draw in crowds of crazy, energetic fans. The band has shared the stage with national recording artists such as Soletta, Vanittica, Future Leaders of the World, and Quarterfly.


Choose Your Sides-2011

Set List

Peaceful Passerby
Dont Pass the Time
Walk on By
Keeper of the Gates