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In March of 2006 the band released their debut EP "Prototype" which has enjoyed air play on FM99 WNOR in Chesapeake, VA as well as numerous internet radio stations including Nympho Radio and Innocent Radio.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Something Like Seven was a bit shocked last February when, with only a handful of shows under their belt, they were offered a slot on a two night event showcasing the top 8 bands in Virginia; but their unique blend of hard rock, nu-metal, and catchy vocal melodies, paired with a live show that is nothing short of intense, has more than earned them their place among Virginia's finest unsigned acts.
After his last band disbanded in 2002, frontman and songwriter Jason Jacquin began writing songs for what was then conceived as a solo project. "My original intent was to record my own stuff, the way I wanted it, and just promote it online..." says Jacquin, "but it didn't take long at all for me to realize that no matter how much I loved the songs, I'd never be content musically unless I was back out on stage sharing them with a crowd. You can't do that alone with this type of music." So, rather than trying to build a band from scratch, he opted instead to start by recruiting his long-time friend, guitarist Jason "Jay" Hamilton. "From the moment I joined this band, I've had nothing but faith in Jason's vision. As the light guy for his last band, I saw what he was trying to do... and I knew that without the restrictions he was under in that situation, he would have no problem taking it all the way to the top this time around..." Hamilton notes. He adds with a chuckle, "I'm just glad to be along for the ride." Next in line was another old friend, guitarist Brandt Graybill. "Jacquin writes awesome chorus riffs, and killer melodies... Jay writes some cool heavy parts, and when I came in, I brought a more ambient style to the verse parts, and it all just fits..." states Brandt. Filling out the lineup are drummer Adrian Aldana, and the most recent addition to the band, bassist Randy Cason, who had played with Jacquin in his last band, Lift (6) Eighteen.

While Something Like Seven takes thier music seriously, the true heart of the band is thier shared sense of humor. "With the exception of Adrian, we've all known each other for years," says Brandt, "and he just fit right in with the rest of us." In the year that the band has been together, there hasn't been one heated argument between anyone... they're too busy cracking jokes with each other, and planning fun pranks on other bands in the area. "We try to keep the fun in a rock show... so many bands get caught up in the quest for the record deal, they forget about just having fun." Says Adrian. "So we throw toilet paper on them while they're playing, and litter thier stage with gay porn." Brandt adds, "That's right. Drink, bitch!!!" The guys in Something Like Seven are like a family... perhaps a dysfunctional family at times, but a family nonetheless.

This deep comradery shows through in the bands music, as well. Though each member listens to a variety of different music, ranging from old school metal, to pop, to classic rock, to jazz fusion, they all contribute bits of their influences to create a style that is simultaneously heavy, catchy, and technically challenging. Not only can you mosh to it, you can also sing along to it. Often at the same time. From the instantly memorable four part vocal harmonies of "Angry" and the sing-along chorus of "Every Time," to the brutal, mosh pit inducing onslaught of "Easy," there's something in their music for everyone. "They've definitely got crossover appeal," says Jim Anderson, who produced and recorded the band's 2006 debut EP, "Prototype". "They've got that hardcore element, but there's catchy hooks all over the place too. It's hard not to love these guys, no matter what kind of music you listen to."

Though Something Like Seven has only been playing out for a few months now, they have already solidified their place among the hometown crowd as a band to see often. With the release of "Prototype", they plan to begin booking shows up and down the east coast, to broaden their audience and build a name for the band on a bigger level. The band is also looking into securing endorsements from guitar companies, string makers, promotional companies, alcohol sponsors, and anyone else who might be willing to help the band out.

"We're not fooling ourselves here, we all have bills to pay and jobs to keep," Jacquin says... "But we're not going to let that keep us from doing this the way it needs to be done. We're gonna play the out of town shows... we're gonna drive for 8 hours on Saturday to play for 30 or 45 minutes, and then drive back home in the morning, so we can all be back at work on Monday. We're gonna do what we have to do, so that eventually, the music will pay the bills, and we can just focus on doing what we love. And, if we do it right, hopefully we won't be the only ones who love what we do. But really, the bottom line is just that we're having a blast doing it."