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Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
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"Non-denominational Indie-Licious, Funk & Roll - Local band offers something different"

By Julie Waggoner - Colorado Daily

Something Underground's style refuses to be categorized like most bands. In fact it falls into a category all its own: non-denominational, indi-licious, funk and roll. Translation: the band is interested in the bigger picture, independant and plays an ever-changing mixture of rock and rhythms.
"Each type of music delivers its message in a different way," Seth Larson said. "There's nothing better than a funk song when you're feeling light and groovy. Nothing expresses heartbreak as well as blues. Depending on the message of the song we use a different medium to best express it."
Something Underground began eight years ago when brothers Seth, 30, and Josh Larson, 26, moved to Colorado from Texas and Minnesota, respectively, but it wasn't yet in its current incarnation.
"I felt like we were finally back together and that was our opportunity to get together and play music again," Seth Larson said. "We assembled some good friends and started playing."
They had played music and performed in church with their family while growing up. Their parents, who were in a band together in high school, taught them piano, guitar, drums and bass.
"No matter what we've been, no matter where we've moved, we've always played music," Seth Larson said.
Six and a half years ago the brothers started playing as Something Underground with Todd Krieger on cello and Trevor Marriotti on drums and keys.
Seth and Josh Larson's positions in the band are more difficult to define because each brother is a vocalist and plays guitar, bass and keys. Seth Larson also plays drums. The multi-faceted band members lend a unique aspect to Something Underground's shows because members trade instruments during sets and even during songs.
"The audience likes Something Underground because of their versatility," said Matt Byrne, general manager of The Foundry, 1109 Walnut Street." (During a show) the bass-player will switch to cello, the guitar player will switch to the drums, the drummer will switch to keys."
Byrne said The Foundry always has a "great night," when Something Underground plays because of the bands large local fan-base.
He said he's been inviting Something Underground back to play every two months since the first show they played four years ago.
"Our shows are entertaining, energetic and eclectic," Seth Larson said. "They constantly build energy the whole time. We never play with a set list because we want to feed off the crowd. We throw some songs out and figure out what people want to hear and draw from different styles to tailor the show to the audience."
Something Underground began playing at The Foundry on Wednesdays in July along with DJ Petey, Sight and other artists. Together the group goes by The Project Underground.
"People" should come to a show if they're looking fo a positive, family-friendly experience - if they're looking to see people who are inspired and passionate about what they do," Seth Larson said.
Something Underground also plays shows at The Fox Theater, The Boulder Theater, Trilogy and the Millenium Hotel.
"I like that they're young and hungry," Byrne said. "They don't want to have a day job. They want this to be their job and they work hard at it."
The band hasn't always been without day-jobs. Before getting serious about their music Seth Larson was working in marketing and Josh Larson was a full-time student at CU.
"At a certain point I discovered that what I really wanted to do was be a musician," Josh Larson said. "We quit what we were doing on a daily basis and chose to make the band our first priority and have not looked back since."
By pursuing their passion for music, Seth Larson said the band hopes to help inspire other people to do the things they're passionate about.
"We've both been in the place everyone's been with doubts about whether pursuing your passion is even realistic," Josh Larson said. "Later you question what does realistic even mean."
Seth Larson said Something Underground's main goal is to travel the world playing music and meeting people.
Already the band has made two trips to Southeast Asia, he said. Every three months Something Underground goes on tour in the Midwest and this fall they plan to make their first trip to California.
"When people tell me where they're from I tell them at some point we will eventually be in their city," Josh Larson said.
He said the band plans to keep touring and playing music for as long as possible.
"It's only just the beginning," Seth Larson said. "Six and a half years have gone by in the blink of an eye. We've learned to adapt to any situation we've been in. We've learned to use our strength as a group. I've learned to love people as unconditionally as I can. The band and music has shown me how to accept myself and the people on this planet."

- Colorado Daily

"Landmines in Southeast Asia"

Landmines in Southeast Asia

by Julie Waggoner - Colorado Daily

On trips to Southeast Asia in February of 2004 and 2005, Something Underground put on

concerts with information for tourists about the problem of landmines, and the musicians

raised money for people impacted by landmines, Josh Larson said.
"If we can help individuals or groups, we do - that's the beauty of music, it helps us to

help people and many different causes," Josh Larson said. "Musicians are helping make

changes worldwide, and they do it just by playing music and doing what we love. As we

keep playing, our ability to help keeps getting better and better."
Seth Larson said while in Southeast Asia the band met lots of people affected by

He said the band gave money to Handicap International in Cambodia and played at hospitals

for landmine victims.
"It was very grounding, intense, humbling, inspiring and saddening," Seth Larson said.
The band plans to return in February 2007, he said. - Colordo Daily

"Daily Camera - April 12 2007"

"It worked for the Beach Boys, it worked for the Bee Gees, and now it's working for Something Underground, the Denver-based pop band whose brotherly harmonies have made it a favorite..."

"Something Underground mixes originals and covers, all with the goal of keeping its audiences entertained."

"...they're living the time-honored rock 'n' roll lifestyle, playing out four or five times a week at bars, clubs, private and corporate events, festivals, fairs and benefits."

"Something Underground has traveled far in its 8-year musical journey, both figuratively and literally. Locally, the band plays regularly at venues such as Nissi's, The Foundry and the Little Bear in Evergreen; it also has toured the Midwest and traveled twice to southeast Asia with former local Sally Taylor to play benefit concerts for land-mine victims."

"It has songs on local radio-show compilations from Channel 93.3 and 99.5 The Mountain, and recently the band started a Wednesday night series at the Foundry with DJ Petey, playing improvised music over the records he spins." - Daily Camera - Greg Glasgow

"Colorado Daily - Jan 11 2007"

BY WENDY KALE Colorado Daily Music Writer
Thursday, January 11, 2007 10:10 PM MST

Colorado bands are continuing to make news on both the local and national front in 2007. First up, local band Something Underground is taking its music to the next level. The group is now performing as a three-piece outfit and been shaking up the local scene with its inventive alter-ego band - Project Underground.

Brothers Seth and Josh Larson founded the original Something Underground group. The college group performs a tight blend of rock and funk infused tunes and the group's headlined many clubs in the Boulder/Denver market - including performances with Sally and James Taylor. What sets this band apart from the pack is the double-jolt of vocals and harmonies presented by the Larson brothers.
- Colorado Daily - Wendy Kale

" CD Review - March 2008 - We Came to Get Down"

We Came To Get Down, Something Underground

We love this CD! It rocks in just the right way. Not too hard, not to mellow. Great vocals from Seth and Josh Larson that are easily heard and memorable. The first track, also the title track, just grabs you right off the bat. We'll call it that retro 1970s flavor of rock. Lots of guitar, catchy lyrics and terrific production. We found ourselves clicking our fingers along to "Mr. Elephant." "Come Around" is dancebale and fun. The fact that this is a live album (except for the last track "Zombies"), blew us away, as the quality of the recording, thanks to Immersive Studios in Boulder, beats many studio albums we've heard. This just proves the theory that having a receptive audience oftentimes brings out the best in a band.
Buy this album if you like to get down!
For more info please visit:

- -

"Outrider Magazine"

I loved the introductory note that accompanied this CD. The band wrote, "It seems you review all types of music, which is what we are." That statement grabbed me, not because of what they said(plenty of acts string together half a dozen genre tags in their promo kits), but because of the way they said it. Something that begins simply, honestly and clearly is a good foundation for music. Something Underground is that and more.
Possibly the most distinctive factor in their hybrid sound is that their roots are consistently in the most in-your-face examples of the musical forms they blend. The funk element isn't just some generic Jeri-Curl commercial music bed; it's funk's "Nah, man, this is the genuine [expletive deleted]" response to hiphop. The rock seasoning isn't Fleetwood Mac; it's Johnny Winter. The jazz comes from a dentist's nitrous oxide tank, rather than the soothing background tracks piped into his waiting room.
Lyrically, it's all rock, in that every song explores concerns of youth, and youth is, after all, the litmus test of rock. These are songs about defining and defending personal freedoms in a world where one is still pristine enough to judge those who would restrict those freedoms. At the same time, it squeezes pop pretty hard, too, delivering studio techie ballads with production polish reminiscent of Phil Collins.
As a local reference/comparison for Wilmington, Something Underground is the Denver area's equivalent of "Lila," whose full length studio CD should be available for review in these pages soon.
- Arthur Shuey

"Score Magazine"

Collective Soul and Lenny Kravitz bleed from the upbeat opening track while the next four are more reminiscent of Seal and Blessid Union of Souls. Quite frankly, “Victim Mentality” made Kimmie want to have sex, but we’re open to the possibility that she’s just horny. “Lied Again” brings back more of the funk, in a Santana sorta way, and we contemplated a pole dance to bluesy “Rely”. The closing track, “Drugz” kicks off with some great rhymes and harmonies, commenting on the image of rap and includes a great bridge of ‘Jump, jump’ (C’mon, search your memories for that old Kriss Kross tune). These four boys from Colorado have managed to put together a cohesive blend of styles that transcend genre and demographic limitations, appealing to a wide potential audience. - Kimmie and Christie


Underground? In the days of my youth (sigh!) UNDERGROUND was standing for a musical direction, Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield, Janis Joplin, Electric Flag, Iron Butterfly, Incredible String Band and many others. The most different musical styles were thrown in one big pot and sold in more or less successful ways. These were the very first thoughts I had when I listenend to ‚SLIDES' by SOMETHING UNDERGROUND for the first time. But what means listened? I'm still listening the CD and please: Don't ask me how often I listened, it's going to be countless!

Something Underground - and that's the relation to the above mentioned "Underground" of the late 60's - is an exceptional band. They combine everything: Funk, Jazz, Rock'n'Roll, Blues, a little Classic, even HipHop-soundings. And with an extraordinary instrument, the cello, played by Todd Krieger (bass guitar), the quartet underlines it's unique nature. The brothers Seth and Josh Larson, both vocals and guitars, as well as Wiso Fraguada on the drums complete the band which because of their musical power should better be called 'Overground".

While listening to the CD again and again big names appear in my head, spontaneous occurring to me. But I won't name any here because Something Underground are anything than ‚copier'! All they did is absorbing all the big things that happened in music. And the created their own sound out of that.Fast songs, slow songs, carefully built thrilling curves and heavy thunderstorms, or to make it short: A record that won't come out of the player in a short time, a record you would have to invent the repeat button, if it won't be there already!

Due to the two vocals diversion is guaranteed. Besides the guitar Josh plays piani and Seth bass guitar. The two of them are those who create a fantastic sound with their guitars, partly in two (guitar)voices arrangements and in a way you haven't heard for a long time. Not this slowly getting on your nerves - allways the same - boring southern rock affectation. Here you hear musicians at their work who learned their profession very well!

For me this band and their CD is one of my personal discoveries of the year 2004, who conquer a favourite seat in my heavy rotation.
And how the whole thing sounds? Unique, big, supernatural, fantastic! And if the music industry wouldn't be leaded by such dopes as they are at the moment, these four guys would be already on the highest top. They would already be where they belong!

This is where you can get the fantastic 'SLIDES' - CD: CD-BABY

Review by Juergen of - Juergen Hague

"Marquee Magazine"

Something Underground crawls to higher ground with new CD Slides

By Molly Chappell

Something Underground is a misnomer. This former garage band’s subterranean sounds have been rising to the surface.

And the band members are finding a renewed enthusiasm due to their recent successes. They are gaining solid footing in the music world, as they won both the Hard Rock/Rolling Rock and 96.1 battle of the bands.

Something Underground is basking in the sunlight of the hard work they have given the band for the last four years. Their first full-length album, Slides, was released this spring, giving them a tangible expression of their efforts.

Vocalist/guitarist Seth Larson said that last year in particular has seen the band take major steps up the learning curve. “Signing the record deal was like getting married. We had to establish how we would work as a band. We are all learning to use our strengths more efficiently. We have become a team,” he told The Marquee in a recent interview. “We’re learning that there’s two separate businesses in music — the technical recording and the shows and practices that make it all worthwhile. That’s where we get all of our energy.”

And Something Underground is bursting with energy after playing 20 shows in July and headlining The Fox Theatre in August.

Josh Larson and his brother Seth switch between guitars, keys, bass and drums with both supplying vocals. The Larsons are joined by Todd Kieger (cello, bass) and Trevor Mariotti (drums).

Larson described the band’s sound as “manic.” “Some days we play funk. But then there are darker days and it’s hard to get a funk song dark. Our music varies. For a while, all I did was play the piano and that meant lots of love ballads — I mean anti-love ballads,” he said.

Their emotional connection to music drives their shows. “It’s not only about how we feel on a particular night. It’s the audience. That’s why we never plan a set list,” Larson said.“For us, it’s really about the music I know that sounds cliché, but its true.”

Something Underground will play the Friday Afternoon Club at the Millennium Hotel on Sept. 3 and will play later that night at the Foundry. - Molly Chapel - Marquee Magazine

"Westword Music Showcase Review"

By A.H. Goldstein in Last Night's Show, Music Showcase
Monday, Jun. 15 2009 @ 9:35AM

Something Underground, 4 p.m.
Something Underground establishes a quick connection to the growing crowd. As the weather outside the cramped space turns more and more threatening, the trio makes quick progress in pulling in spectators and engaging them in the performance. With clean, direct guitar and bass lines from Seth and Josh Larson, as well as solid backing drums by Trevor Mariotti, the group's straightforward rock tunes and easily digestible riffs resonate with the audience. The set includes guest performances by Boulder Acoustic Society violinist Kailin Yong and Demon Funkies guitarist Ryan Chrys, a feature that adds a communal feel to the performance. The songs are straightforward rock - tunes rooted in blues structures and classic rock guitar adornments. While the set lacks musical subtleties (this is a power-rock trio after all), the group hits all of its cues, demonstrates no small amount of virtuosity and gets the crowd hooting and hollering by the end. Indeed, even the players seem surprised by the mass outpouring of enthusiasm before they perform their last song, a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir."

"This is the most love we've felt ... This is awesome, guys," Josh Larson declares to the crowing crowd.

Verdict: Something Underground's set seems perfectly tailored for a rock festival -- a straight-ahead, approachable sound that can draw a diverse crowd. - Westword Publication


Sounds From the Basement -EP (2001)
Slides - LP (April 2003)
Mountain Homegrown Vol. III featuring SUG (2005)
Mountain Homegrown Vol. V featuring SUG's "Kashmir" - (2006)
Came to Get Down - EP (2006)
Mountain Homegrown Vol. VI featuring SUG's "Imagine" (2007)
"Angelic" and "Sunset" featured on KTCL 93.3FM (2008)
We Came to Get Down - LP (March 2008)
End of the Old Times - Single (August 2008)
"Zombies" featured on KTCL 93.3FM (January 2009)
Intention & Release - (May 2010)
Singles "She's On Fire" & "You Would Never Know This" - (Feb 2011)



Instantly recognizable for their brotherly harmonies, Something Underground is an ever-growing musical force winning the hearts of the people with their energetic blend of rock, reggae, folk and pop. Consisting of brothers Josh and Seth Larson on vocals, bass, guitar and keys, and Trevor Mariotti on drums, Denver-based Something Underground continues the rich tradition of Colorado bands breaking on to the National stage. Something Underground, or SUG for short, is as well known for their tireless support of charity organizations and community building as they are their passionate stage performance. Since releasing their third album called Intention & Release in May of 2010, the band continues to write, record and release songs for their adoring fans while keeping a full schedule of live shows.

- 2011 Denver Westword's "Best Traditional Rock Band" - Nomination
- 2009 Denver Westword's "Best Rock Band"
- 2008 Denver Westword's "Best Pop Band"
- 2007 Denver Westword's "Best Funk Soul Band" - Nomination
- 2007 The Colorado Daily - Runner up to Best Local Band
- 2006 Alice 105.9FM Bon Jovi Battle Runner Up
- 2005 Denver Metro Partners Battle Winner
- 2005 MSquared Battle Winner
- 2005 The Fox 103.5FM Last Band Standing Runner Up
- 2004 Denver Hard Rock Cafe Battle Winner

( and www.myspace/somethingunderground)

Supported these National Acts:

James Taylor
Carly Simon
Sally Taylor
Livingston Taylor
Ben Taylor
Todd Rundgren
Brad Paisley
Old 97’s
Better Than Ezra
Cowboy Mouth
Mark Pender
The BoDeans
Duke Robillard
G.B. Leighton
Tim Mahoney
Jock Bartley (Firefall)
Stuart Davis

Festivals, Fairs and Special Events:

Colorado State Fair
Boulder County Fair
Boulder Creek Festival
Taste of Colorado
Taste of Ft. Collins
FiBARK Festival
Sounds of Southlands
People’s Fair
Westminster Promenade
Stapleton Concert Series
Parker Country Festival
Hot Sounds at Denver Pavilions
Westword Music Showcase
Larimer Square Oktoberfest
Southpark Music Festival
Conifer Music Festival
Comcast Tailgates at Invesco Field
Evergreen Lakehouse Concert Series
Firestone Honey Festival
Cheyenne Tribune Concert Series (Cheyenne, WY)
Waterfest (Oshkosh, WI)
Cherokee Jazz and Blues Festival (Cherokee, IA)
Van Horne Music Festival (Van Horne, IA)
Sutherland Street Dance (Sutherland, IA)


Red Rocks Amphitheater
Dillon Lake Amphitheater
Chautauqua Auditorium
Bluebird Theater
Boulder Theater
Fox Theater
Coor’s Amphitheater
Soiled Dove
Little Bear Saloon
Grizzly Rose
Coor’s Field
Denver Center for Performing Arts
Cable Center
Herman’s Hideaway
Walnut Room
A Basin
Keystone Resort
Copper Mountain
The Tugboat
Western State College
The Cabooze (Minneapolis, MN)
400 Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
O’Gara’s Garage (St. Paul, MN)
The Red Carpet (St. Cloud, MN)
House of Bricks (Des Moines, IA)
The Picador (Iowa City, IA)
Luther’s Blues (Madison, WI)
Ozone (Omaha, NE)
Loft 150 (Witchita, KS)
Exit In (Nashville, TN)
3rd & Lindsley (Nashville, TN)