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Something Utopic

Troy, Michigan, United States | SELF

Troy, Michigan, United States | SELF
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"5 out of 5 Stars"

Something Utopic - Synthesis (Independent)
A modern rock band from Detroit, Something Utopic mix up classic and hardcore punk attitude with contemporary hard rock influences to produce something fresh and powerful. Thoroughly engaging throughout, their hard, energetic sound doesn't ignore the importance of a well-placed vocal hook, and the band are as funky as they are heavy.

Vocalist Michael Motherwell is neither over-bearing nor pompous, instead welcoming listeners with a tone that is convivial and almost hospitable. So many hard-rock singers feel the need to out-shriek their lead guitarist, but Motherwell's experience of working as part of an acoustic duo (Something Utopic were originally conceived as an unplugged twosome) comes to the fore, and the results are always musical - if you know what I mean.

It helps that "Synthesis" is littered with fine songs. They kick off with the minute-long "Prelude", a delicate Led Zep style appetizer, before things get going properly with "Identity Of One", with all four members taking their chance to stamp their own personality on the music. "Ambition" is all rolling rhythm and soaring vocals, and the titular track approaches epic status, but is over all too soon. - Leicester Bangs


LP "Synthesis" August 2011
All tracks available for streaming



Something Utopic is a rock group that has evolved tremendously since its beginning in early 2009. SU began as a relatively simple acoustic two-man act characterized by catchy vocal melodies and a somewhat average pop/punk acoustic sound. Mike made the executive decision to broaden the group’s sound with a drummer and bassist to complement a new electric sound. SU then recorded its first ever EP entitled “Slow Down” at MacTech studio. This demo maintained the catchy melodies combined with mostly punk chord progressions. As the months passed, both Mike and Keith began to feel that SU had much more potential than what was demonstrated in “Slow Down,” and could push the boundaries of musical creativity in new ways. Songwriting shifted gears toward a more progressive style of rock with diverse riffs ranging from gritty rock n’ roll to silky smooth harmonies. Ben’s jazz band experience opened up a broad range of drum work to accompany any riffs we could possibly throw at him. Along with Mark’s bass groove, a unique combination of funk and progressive metal that is both musically technical and fun to listen to, SU began to write songs that embodied this dynamic rock sound while maintaining similarly catchy vocal melodies to music of the past. The band decided that the old EP no longer defined their music, and that more recording would need to be done. In collaboration with Rustbelt Studios, SU just released the full length album "Synthesis" to embody its entirely new sound. All four members have a deep commitment to their individual role in the band as well as the overall product produced at the end of the day. The music speaks for itself!