Too cool for school and too stylish for style Sometime always deliver a surprize. The electrified jazz vocalist Diva De la Rósa takes you on a lucid dream through Danni´s 90´s inspired melodies. A sure cocktail for the senses ready to take you home and beyond.


"SOMETIME the brilliant pop outfit from Iceland, have with their catchy dance infused songs received great critical acclaim. Sometime started in 2006 with Danni the super technical and inventive drummer from Maus, Curver the mad manipulator from Ghostigital, Dj Dice scratch wiz of Quarashi and singer Rósa from Feldberg, a frontwoman who possesses the vocals of an electrocuted Peggy Lee.

Their first album Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius was well received, got great airplay in Iceland as well as abroad. They received the attention they deserved and played many festivals as well as some nice parties including one after a Sugar Cubes show.

The adventure has led them around the world and back and now recently turned into a twosome Rósa and Danni show just what they´re made of with their sophomore album Acid Make-Out: Music from the Motion Picture.


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius - LP
Acid Make-Out: Music from the Motion Picture - LP
Heart of Spades - Single
Mind Repair - Single