sometimes y (1981)

sometimes y (1981)

 Chanhassen, Minnesota, USA

the greatest band you've never heard...real songs by a real band...the 4th best songwriter in minnesota--enjoy!


sometimes y (1981) formed in 1981 in madison, wisconsin–made a small splash in a small pond in the 1980's. gigs and recordings with REM, Replacements, Tom
Verlaine and related resulted in 1984's “one fell swoop” — produced and recorded at Smart Studios by Butch Vig and featuring Paul Westerberg, Wally Ingram, Steve and Duke from Garbage and numerous other lifers…voted album of the year by the L.A. Times and promoted by everyone from John Peel to Nico.

the band then retreated to raising family and boxes full of home recordings. with over a dozen releases in the box–sometimes y (1981) are releasing “more than
happy” in the fall of 2011.

“more than happy” is the third sometimes y (1981) proper release. new songs recorded mixed and mastered at Wild Sound in minneapolis. the “y” are joined by the renown eric thomas on violin and long time friend and associate dave stanoch on drums and beyond. a variety of gigs are being planned to support the release of
this cd.

the “y” promise that this is album one of three in the next five years…with additional future releases including: the long promised “Naked” song cycle, an expanded anniversary release of “one fell swoop”, volume one of “the loster years”and various related projects from parent company jane bear productions.

keep in touch and enjoy!



Written By: dave reiss

i love my family
hate my life
especially tonite
i'm getting no where

love my family
hate my wife
especially tonite
i know that she's right

just the other day
we were back trying again
tonite at dinner you say
i remind you more of my dad

i love my family
i love my life
especially tonite
i know that it's right


Written By: d reiss

in the middle of nowhere
not a brilliant disguise
statue of liberty
burns right through the ice

pink flamingos
covering Bascom Hill
walking up backwards
trying to come down
from Madison

you and i
are much too much i like
we are exactly
what we despise

look pretty young but
been around for ages
get too high
never give favors
you're still mad at everyone
aren't you, Madison


i.l.t. smoke / crazy dancer -- single 1982
one fell swoop -- lp 1984
be happy -- lp 2003
more than happy--ep 2012

Set List

typical set list is 90%+ originals with a smattering of covers by the velvet underground, dylan, etc.