Some Velvet Morning

Some Velvet Morning


Some Velvet Morning are a signed UK band, who have recently released their debut album, Silence Will Kill You, playlisted on Radio 2 and XFM. The band have toured the UK, US and Russia to great reactions in 2007.


After a smattering of catchy indie feel-good singles, including ‘Losing My Mind’, an up-tempo, foot stomping rock n’ roll gem that received great reactions from alternative radio and television (Kerrang!, Arrow, Total Rock, XFM, Ex-tube’s Extreme Sports and E4’s School Of Performing Arts), this trio have created a buzz of interest from all who’ve caught this great band live.

Some Velvet Morning are Des Lambert (Vocals/Guitar), Gavin Lambert (Bass) and Rob Flanagan (Drums), and formed the band after a chance meeting in London’s tin-pan alley, Denmark Street. They came to the attention of industry legend Vicki Wickham, of New York indie label RhythmBank Entertainment. Vicki, having produced seminal UK TV Show Ready, Steady Go, which launched such legendary artists as The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding and The Who onto the UK public, and latterly managed the likes of Dusty Springfield, Marc Almond and Morrissey, could be said to know her music. She fell in love with Some Velvet Morning and signed them on the spot.

In October this year the band visited the states, where they showcased material at one of the best known venues in NYC, Joe's Pub, paid tribute to John Lennon at Strawberry Fields in Central Park and played at the international music industry showcase CMJ. The tour also saw them feature on one of the most influencial US music TV shows, Fearless – a show which has introduced such talents as Hot Chip, KT Tunstall, Supergrass and Kasabian to US audiences.

Back in the UK, Some Velvet Morning tracks, ‘Let The Good Times Come My Way’ and ‘Propaganda’ have recently featured on BBC Radio 2 Bob Harris & Alex Lester shows. November saw the band appear on the station’s Janice Long show, where they performed further tracks from their debut album, Silence Will Kill You’ live. The record was produced by Rik Simpson (Kasabian / Coldplay) and Mike Pelanconi (Lilly Allen / Graham Coxon) and features Bauhaus techni-gloss artwork, which has attracted some of the trendiest pop art & imagery galleries in London, including Galleria Charlick.

'Silence Will Kill You', is pure emotion and drive. It is not about an “issue” - it is about human involvement with “issues”. It does not speak out against oppressive regimes, but focuses on the current erosion of freedoms and what that will lead to (Propaganda). It is about standing up and voicing a different perspective (The Madness of Crowds, humanism Vs religion (Godless) and the personal expression of desires and creativity, thereby avoiding insanity (Losing My Mind). Human history is steered by choices. Add your voice.


Losing My Mind

Written By: Lambert-Flanagan-Lambert

My mind, speaks a thousand words.
It shoots from the hip and it hurts.
Keeps me awake like a curse.
I toss and turn and hate my mind.
My mind, wants to crucify me.
Kick back and watch me bleed.
I take a pill to get my relief.
It's the only way I know to unwind,
Oh I can't believe -
It feels like I'm Losing My Mind.
Feels like I'm Losing My Mind.
My mind, my psychiatrist said:
"It doesn't feel at home in your head.
Better learn to get some rest,
You're only gonna make yourself worse."
I sing 'cos it keeps things simple.
A language of signs and symbols.
I analyse each scar and wrinkle,
Anything to keep myself blind,
Otherwise I find -
It feels like I'm Losing My Mind.
Feels like I'm Losing My Mind.
Come on...
Come on...
My mind, filled with fantasy.
I drown in my lust and my greed.
The world the way I want it to be.
I don't believe I'm one of a kind,
There must be someone like me -
It feels like I'm Losing My Mind.
Feels like I'm Losing My Mind...


Written By: Lambert-Flanagan-Lambert

I know this ground beneath me
Is slipping away
I hear the message you’re preaching
I try to escape

Oh forgive me, if I’m not myself
Oh forgive me, if I don’t want your help

From experts and preachers,
From textbooks and teachers.
It’s all propaganda
From tabloids and talkshows,
From billboards to god knows
It’s just propaganda.

There’s no time to count the civilian
There’s work to be done.
For until these billions are trillions
Then war will go on.

Oh forgive me, if I deviate.
Oh forgive me, if I try to escape

The close up, the soundbite
The replay, the gunfight
It’s all propaganda.
The tax cuts and think tanks,
The loopholes, the world bank..
Oh take a look around ya
It’s all propaganda

Oh forgive me if I deviate
Oh forgive me if I try to escape

Away from this propaganda of
Illusion, confusion, delusion, intrusion
It’s all propaganda.
From New York to Beijing
If we lose then they win.
From Big Macs to weight loss
From junkies to Kate Moss
From catwalks to blue jeans
From sweatshops to Gucci.
Oh take a look around ya It’s all PROPAGANDA.


Losing My Mind (Single) - XFM, Kerrang airplay
Settle Down (Single) - XFM airplay
Pretty Girl (Single) - XFM airplay
Propaganda (Single) - XFM / BBC Radio 2 airplay
Silence Will Kill You (Album) - XFM / BBC Radio 2 airplay

Set List

45 mins. All original, no covers

Losing My Mind
Food Chain
She Wants To Be Loved
National Valentine
Let The Good Times Come My Way
One Day You'll Love The Things You Hate
How To: Start A Revolution