SomeWhere Else

SomeWhere Else

 North Hollywood, California, USA
BandHip HopRock

SomeWhere Else, is a psychedelic hip-hop group, fusing the raw, rugged sounds of the electric guitar with the deep bass and smooth rhythms that usually drive hip-hop anthems. The band’s distinct sound comes from their unique make-up of 3 rappers who all produce and guitarist/bassist, Jono.


SomeWhere Else is a group that sounds like no other. This team of musicians has captured listeners home and abroad with their innovative and infectious Hip Hop/Rock-influenced sound. During their senior year of High School, the group won a series of Regional Battle of Bands competitions that gave them the chance to play against a dozen winning bands from around the world in Dublin, Ireland. In December 2008, they ventured to Europe with their own crew of documentarians to take part in the international gathering of musicians that was the Battle of the Bands World Finals in Dublin. When the final concert came to an end, SomeWhere Else’s trademark high energy and charismatic performance had proved to be captivating. Reassuringly surprised by the electric reception of hundreds of first time foreign listeners, the fans helped bring the judges to the unanimous decision of SomeWhere Else as World Champions.

Since their return to Los Angeles, they have been invited to perform at multiple venues, benefit events such as the UNICEF sponsored TAP Project concert, Hollywood staples like The Roxy, Cinespace and The Key Club and occasional house parties, all while consistently working on new material. They keep their fans updated on their increasingly popular blog by posting snippets of new tracks, displaying their instrumental prowess, and exposing the creations of their associates. As the entire band writes, records, produces, and plays all of their songs, they also manage to shoulder a full schedule of classes at their respective universities.

SomeWhere Else is an up-and-coming powerhouse group that demonstrates the productive independence, unique sound, and artistic courage that is essential to creative innovation and prolonged success. Always evolving and adapting, SomeWhere Else’s sound constantly redefines what it means to be a hip-hop group in today’s music scene.


Master Basement(LP) - 2010

Cloud Hoppers(single) - 2010

Strictly Invitation(single) ft. BrandUn Deshay - 2011