Somewhere Here

Somewhere Here


Somewhere Here plays their own rendition of alternative rock with biting riffs and soothing melodies that, when combined, make a sound unlike anything you've heard. Lyrically based and instrumentally sound, Somewhere Here is guaranteed to please.


Somewhere Here is a four piece band from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. With their evolving style and clever lyrics, they have been called "too smart for their own good," quickly becoming crowd favorites because of their catchy melodies and tight, upbeat music. Songwriting has always been important to the band. They see their songs as a way to tell stories that inspire both the audience and themselves.

After six years together, Somewhere Here has put together a sound that is their own version of Rock/Alternative. For them, the show is the passion. With their songs, Somewhere Here puts on high energy performances with addicting sounds that crowds simultaneously want to dance to and sing along with.

Somewhere Here hopes they can bring their intense energy to a stage near you.


Dinner Mint - LP, 2003 (independently recorded)
The Rain - LP, 2005 (independently recorded)
Butterfly Away - Single, 2008 (recorded at
Pendlwood Studio)
Never Look Back - 3 Song EP (recorded at
Pendlwood Studio)

Set List

Typically we play 45 minute to 1 hour sets. Although we have played for 2 hours and more. here's an example of an average 45min - 1 hour set list,

Intro -> Heroes
With Diamonds and Lies
Maker of the Sky
Butterfly Away
You Know What They Say
Shoot 'Em Up Heroine
Never Look Back

when we do play covers, we are partial to 90s rock songs by bands like The Bare Naked Ladies and the Goo Goo Dolls.