Somewhere in between

Somewhere in between


Somewhere in between is a band formed by five friends that love playing music. We are crowd go getters, even if there are 20 people there at the beginning of our set there will be a crowd of people there by the end of our set. We pack energy into our set. And we would love to bring it to your venue.


Somewhere in between first formed in February 2011 as an acoustic act with Cj Dean, Cory Senator, and Jacob Tracy, but we always had plans of expanding into a five piece band. We later added Eric Sheets and Josh Wathen to the group. After a while we decided to head into The Coppermine to record a five track Ep. We like to cover different genres with our music ,hence the name Somewhere In Between, so if you stick around for the whole show hopefully there will be something that will appeal to you. We are all just some people that enjoy making and playing music, and we hope that you can enjoy it as well. Come check us out at future shows. If you are wanting to book us contact


Save it for the summer EP 2012

Set List

We play an all original set list.