So Much Fun

So Much Fun

 Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Highly regarded for their live performance prowess, So Much Fun brings a progressive sound to the stage with rich multilayered influence of electronica, psychedelic, trip-hop, and experimental metal. So Much Fun has garnered respect for their efficient songwriting and considerable technical ability.


Cited in college newspapers as "too eager to sort through their creative grab bag before settling" So Much Fun is recognized as a sonically ambitious group pushing boundaries while maintaining the accessibility of popular music. They have been noted for their attention to tone, arrangement, and deep space ambience which melts their music together, according to one newspaper, like "space-cheese." Think of it as a dance party on Mars.

The union of vicious timing and speed from drummer PJ McManus, with Nick Miller's Roxie Music/Captain Beefheart vocal melodies, and Frank Driscoll's nebulous wall-of-sound-guitar, creates something along the lines of Flaming Lips meets Johnny Greenwood meets Boards of Canada meets Tony Danza's Tapdance Extravaganza.
As childhood friends, the three spent their adolescence walking different musical paths: McManus gained respect as a technically advanced young drummer in the Des Moines metal scene, Driscoll accompanied alternative rock projects, and Miller took to classical guitar and jazz.
The combination of their influences is what makes So Much Fun.

The group released "Moonraker" in July of 2010, and followed it with a Midwest/East Coast tour. The tour received personal praise from well known musicians such as Alejandro Escovedo.

The group is currently working on their second release, and planning to follow it with an extensive tour.


"Moonraker" (2010)

"Balaban" featured on:
KRUI 89.7
Capitol 106.3
WVKC 90.7
KDPS 88.1

"Lady Captain" Featured on:
New Rock 105.1