Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Sona is a power trio led by a watery wall of swirling guitar, a steady, driving beat and understated vocals. At our core, we are shoegaze - the melodic side of Sonic Youth, the driving side of Joy Division and a bit of male/female vocal harmonizing to round it all out.


Sona is fresh from the studio, where they’ve recorded their first 5-song EP. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Duane Trower of Weights and Measures Sound Lab in Kansas City, the EP is a stellar-sounding step toward bigger and better.

Sona began as the abnormally functional love-child of husband and wife members, Brian Goodman (guitar, vocals) and Jenna Goodman (bass, vocals). In 2006, the Goodmans formed Sona out of their 9x9 spare bedroom in Warrensburg, MO. Sona’s setlist grew from two years of successful collaboration and live shows with original drummer, Marty Robertson (former guitarist of Frogpond and Onward Crispin Glover), and second drummer, Heidi Phillips (former front-woman of Frogpond).

In late 2008, the Goodmans moved to Lawrence, KS, where Sona went on a year-long drummer search.

Over a handshake at a house party, Bobby Reeves (drums), ended the search and completed the power trio. Reeves’s solid beats coupled with J. Goodman’s driving bass provide a rock-solid foundation for B. Goodman’s swirling, watery guitar.

Live, Sona is melodic, spacey, driving and loud – commanding yet understated.

Sona spent 2011 perfecting their setlist and playing live shows at many of the best venues in Kansas City and Lawrence, including the Record Bar, Riot Room, The Brick, Czar Bar, Replay Lounge and The Bottleneck.


EP - Released in October 2011!!

Set List

Better Off
Running Out
New Life
Move Forward
On the Rise
Another Way