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"Sonámbulo deja sonar hoy a su primer hijo: el disco "A puro peluche""

Release l album debut "A puro peluche"
Lanzamiento del album debut "A puro peluche" - Costa Rican newspaper La Nación

"Sonámbulo Review by a Journalist @ Arts Festival, San José Costa Rica , January 25th, 2011"

Journalist review after a Arts Festival by the Costa Rica Ministry of Culture @ the National Center of Arts ( CENAC) in San Jose, Costa Rica. - narciso en

"Sonámbulo closes Costa Rican Arts Festival for an audience of 5000 people, January 24th 2011"

Tan intenso fue el cierre del concierto Un lunes de enero en La Sabana: Concierto de las artes, que una parte de los seguidores del grupo Sonámbulo........! - Costa Rican newspaper La Nacion

"Sonámbulo and The Skatalites,February 6th, 2011 - San Joaquin de Flores,Costa Rica / 212 Club"

Concierto Internacional The Skatalites (Jamaica) & Sonámbulo (Costa Rica)
San Joaquin de Flores,Costa Rica / 212 Club - Mundo Loco Producciones

"Sonámbulo Winner of the ACAM 2010. Producción del Centro Cultural de España"

A puro Peluche es el nombre de la última producción musical del grupo costarricense Sonámbuo, que consiste en la fusión de ritmos tropicales con una estética cercana al “trance” .El disco duró aproximadamente un año en producirse, y fue posible gracias al apoyo del Centro Cultural de España. - The Cultural Center of Spain in Costa Rica

"Todos los peluches son Sonámbulos"

Sonámbulo - Universidad de Costa Rica


Su música y letras fusionan experiencias y ritmos afro-descendientes, americanos autóctonos y modernos. Sus canciones van desde el son montuno, la cumbia, el bolero, el ska y el reggae adicionados con elementos del rock, african beat, funk, entre otros, dando a cada pieza una identidad psicotropical. - Wikipedia

"Pictures of Sonámbulo "anti- tuna farm campaign" in Pavones, South Pacific, Costa Rica"

1st Artistic Festival for the Nature- Pavones, South Pacific, Costa Rica 2009 - Pura Vibra Music


"A puro peluche" (2009)

-A puro peluche
-Juana y Mi Hermana
-No hay mal
-Jabalí montuno
-Bolero carabalí
-El zopilote
-Zona roja
-Chusma funk
-1807 Amor de cafetal



Sonámbulo is a Costa Rican band that was founded in 2005 under the same name, when a group of friends dedicated to circus arts and creating music for their own performances gets together to create an original musical project.They start with Cuenca on the Cuban tres and vocals, Ariza on the bass drum and bombo track, Tito on bass and el Parce on the bongos. Later Cuba joined on the congas, as the fifth element. On this basis their first pieces were created during evenings and nights of jammin with friends. Today Sonámbulo shows a rich cultural background with members of different Latin American countries (Cuba, Colombia, El Salvador and Costa Rica).

It took five years to mature the concept Psicotropical but now, with the launch of their new album "A puro peluche", a manifestation of non-stop dancing takes possession of the audience.

It’s worth highlighting the power and great energy stream that is felt during each of their live shows, reaching a state of “trance” in which the musicians and listeners merge together; it could be defined as a feedback session between the band and the spectators, creating an atmosphere jam-packed with dancing, singing and euphoria

Sonámbulo is a music project that creates original music fusing African, latin, traditional american, and modern rhythms with a contemporary sound and esthetic, predominantly driven by high-energy dance rhythms, creating the genre “psycho-tropical”. Its songs range from Son Montuno, Cumbia, Bolero, Ska and Reggae added with elements of Rock, African beat, Funk, among others, giving each piece a Psicotropical identity .Instrumental improvisation and freedom on stage are just two elements that characterize Sonámbulo.

In addition to the rhythmic and cultural fusion, Sonámbulo has a somewhat unusual instrumental line-up, combining the “Cuban Tres”, the “Bombo Track” (a modified Peruvian Cajón), electric bass, congas, bongos, conventional drum-set, timbales, other percussion, keyboards, guitar , saxophones and trumpet. The result is a rich and wide range of sound, varied and unique.

Sonámbulo has performed on several environmental campaigns to help to preserve Costa Rican natural richness.