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Seoul, Seoul, South Korea | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | MAJOR

Seoul, Seoul, South Korea | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2015
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"7 reasons to watch Sonamoo's 'Deja Vu' MV"

In a K-Pop world where girl groups dabble with only cute and sexy concepts, it's always refreshing to see something that's a bit different--dare I say even badass?

Introducing TS Entertainment's newest girl group SONAMOO! Fresh onto the K-Pop scene, SONAMOO charms with their edgy style and epic choreography.

In case you happened to miss their debut, here are my seven screencapped highlights for this rookie girl group's "Deja Vu" MV!

1. Mijae's hilariously cute, dumbfounded looks

2. Errybody checkin' out dat Euijin booty.

3. SONAMOO telling haters to go to the left.

4. "Education is power."

5. The mystery of D.ana touching random stuff

6. This awesome dancebreak

7. Last but not least, the lovely SONAMOO members themselves of course

Vocalist High.D looking glorious with her red hair.

Maknae Newsun making your day.

Vocalist Nahyun being cute for the camera.

Sexy rapper D.ana werkin' it.

Vocalist Minjae lookin' pretty.

Vocalist/dancer Euijin knows she's cute.

Last but not least, leader Sumin rockin' them pigtails like a badass. - allkpop

"[Mini-Album and MV Review] SONAMOO - 'Deja Vu'"

TS Entertainment's new girl group SONAMOO is already making waves. They've released their new mini-album and MV for 'Deja Vu.' Pre-debut, there was already controversy dogging the band, much of it not having anything to do with them, per se. With that in mind, let's take their EP for a spin.

The album launches with "Into Me," a ballad intro song with some spoken word parts. It's pretty, although some of the English had me snickering: "Let me make sure just one thing, are you ready for the off with me, huh?" Minjae and High.D's breathy vocals really make the song pop for me. Very ethereal and soothing.

Next up is the title track, "Deja Vu." I like the song. It works well with a pounding beat, a synth whistle layered with pumps and a pseudo-desert groove. I like the time-changes and the layering of different elements. Nahyun and Minjae's voices are softer and well-suited for the melody. A rapid-fire pre-chorus is carried by Euijin and Sumin while D.ana and New Sun handle the rap breaks skillfully. It's a bold move that doesn't always work, sometimes resulting in a patchwork mess of a tune, unlike here.

"Love Call" is the third tune on the album, and there are hints of a horn section along with smooth synths. It doesn't really stray into retro territory, however -- it has a definite modern feel. High.D's incredible vocal range is really showcased here. From the sweet "call me now" during the breaks to the belted "every day" parts of the chorus, she kills it. Again, there's that layering effect, sweet and fierce existing side by side. Love it! Although I thought D.ana's rapping on this track was a bit sing-song compared to New Sun's.

The fourth song, "Nation's Little Sister," is more straight-ahead, radio-friendly pop. If you were able to figure out what the previous three songs were about, this one might be a little harder from just the title. The line "I want attention, whether it rains or snows" pretty much says it all. It's a good, catchy song, and the "ooh whoa ooh whoa" in the chorus is the hook.

"Let's Go" is a funky tune sung over piano riffs. There's some horns that almost give this track a retro, SECRET-like feel to it. It's a feel-good "spread your wings and fly" type song (that's one of the lyrics, in fact). New Sun and D.ana's raps fit the tune extremely well.

The final track is "The Giving Tree," a well-crafted ballad that has a chugging beat behind it. It doesn't really need it, though. It starts out with some emotional rapping from D.ana and New Sun, and each of the other vocalists lend their voices to make a beautiful song. During the final choruses, it sounds like all of SONAMOO joins in to sing, which makes this song even better. The lyrics talk of everlasting love. They're at their most poetic here: "It was like a nightmare and my heart was burned black / I don't want a love like a chase that makes me run out of breath." And that's from D.ana's rap.

This is a nicely-done debut. I didn't detect any filler on here, and I really found myself enjoying every song. The girls have shown they have some serious talent here. I like how Euijin, Sumin, Nahyun, High.D, and Minjae soften the songs with honeyed voices while D.ana and New Sun add a fierce punch to the whole thing. Here's to a bright future for these girls! They deserve much love.


The MV has them dancing around a dim warehouse in dark outfits. The scene occasionally changes to brightly lit with white outfits. What's funny is that it really sometimes seems like a boy band video; they're basically dancing in a box with lights shining on them. I didn't enjoy it any less, but it made me laugh.

There's only the tiniest hint there's something going on beyond the dancing. Nahyun and the others start messing with some machines (with some caressing of antique furniture in between) and eventually what looks like ghosts are released. There's some sweet special effects there, but I'm not sure what the point of it was. Ghostbusters Korea, anybody?

The girls appear to have embraced a hip-hop concept, and I like it. It's darkly sexy. And it's not over-the-top, either. The outfits are attractive and appropriate without seeming like lingerie. They also don't really overdo it, either. Those are outfits I've actually seen people walking around in. Yeah, there are chains and baggy pants, but I've seen that done to the point of parody (I like B2ST, but they looked ridiculous like that).

Some of the environments looked rather wet, too. That had to be really uncomfortable. It served the dark tone well, though. At times, it reminded me of B2ST's "Shock." Machines, kinda wet, dimly lit, etc.

Is it an amazing MV? No, but it works well enough. It's fun, and if you're a fan of the song I'm sure that helps. :) - allkpop

"Album Review: SONAMOO Try On Dance Pop & Hip-Hop For 'Deja Vu' [AUDIO]"

On December 29, TS Entertainment released the debut album “Deja Vu” from their new girl group SONAMOO. “Deja Vu” is a six trackmini album which encompasses various musical styles including R&B, as well as, hip-hop.

SONAMOO are the most recent girl group from TS Entertainment, since the debut of Secret in October 2009. While teasers which were previously released for “Deja Vu” hinted at a harder rap sound, SONAMOO’s musical style is more like Secret, Apink or SISTAR than B.A.P.

Soulful pop songs are the essence of the album, particularly on tracks such as “Deja Vu” and “Love Call.”

The album opens with “Into Me (Intro),” a nineties R&B interlude which segues to “Deja Vu.”

“Deja Vu” incorporates a hip-hop track with vocals which vary from rap to R&B. SONAMOO has earned comparisons to B.A.P due to the street sound of “Deja Vu” which includes a heavy drum breakdown.
“Love Call” is a funky, hip-hop influenced dance track which showcases the vocal composition of SONAMOO. The rap breakdown which enters the conclusion of the song is one of the most unique elements of “Love Call.” On “Love Call,” SONAMOO evoke the sound of dance pop groups like 4Minute, making the song one of the standout tracks on the album.

“People’s Little Sister” is a dance pop track which diverges from the sound that is previously established on “Deja Vu.” The lyrics of the song are slightly awkward and forced which detracts from the overall presentationof “People’s Little Sister.”

On “Just Go,” SONAMOO incorporate jazz instrumentals with an uptempo pop track, creating a catchy gem.

The album concludes with the stirring ballad “Everlasting Love.” “Everlasting Love” incorporates sincerely sweet vocals which capture the overall sound of SONAMOO. The song helps to bring the album to an end, while delivering the promise of excellent vocals from SONAMOO, on future projects. - KpopStarz

"Sonamoo Debut Album Hits Number One on Gaon Album Chart"

Rookie girl group Sonamoo has shot to the top of the Gaon weekly album sales chart with the debut mini album release “Deja Vu.”

The six-track album dropped on December 29, but raced to the top of the top of the chart for the period December 28 to January 3, marking a very successful debut so far for the new TS Entertainment act.


“Deja Vu” staved off some stiff competition from the likes of EXO, whose album “EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet” ranked at Number Two, followed by a live album by SHINee and releases by Lee Jae Hoon and A Pink.

A spokesperson for the agency explained, “Some of the girls have been training for four years or longer, and you can really hear that in the album. That is what has caught the fans’ attention. Sonamoo’s music is fresh and vital.” - soompi

"9 Amazing Female Rappers of K-Pop"

The Korean music entertainment world has many female rappers at its midst, with some taking a step further, differentiating themselves with their rapping style and never ending charisma.
Here is a small list, in no particular order, of rappers that have made their stamp in the Korean music industry.

Baby J (Ha Ju Yeon)
Former member of girl group Jewelry, Baby J is a high-toned rapper that has shown fans she not only has that sexy look down, but the swagger to go with it. The intro track “Rhythm HA!!” from the group’s mini-album Look At Me is a perfect example of Baby J’s talent.

D.ana is a new contender to the Korean music scene, having recently made her debut with girl group SONAMOO. As the low rapper of the group, D.ana has some mad rapping skills, as well as writing lyric skills.

Wonder Girls’ Yoobin
Don’t let her fool you! Yoobin is not just a pretty face, she will make you fall in love with her deep rapping style.

2NE1’s CL
Nicknamed “The Baddest Female,” CL’s got the fiercest personality when she raps, and when she takes the stage, you bet she owns it.

Beginning her career as an underground rapper under the name Elly, LE has risen as a recognized rapper in the K-pop industry with various features, collaborating with Huh Gak, HyunA, The SeeYa, and more. Needless to say, rapping really comes easily to her.

Yoon Mi Rae
Hands down the Queen of South Korean Rap, this woman is an all-in-one package with the ability to sing and rap in her own songs! But, who doesn’t love the Tiger JK x Yoon Mi Rae double team? She’s got the swagger, the fierceness, and the rhythm down to a T.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo
One of the strongest rappers in K-pop, Miryo’s got top skills when it comes to rapping. She’s got a unique tone to her rap that will no doubt charm you.

Like Yoon Mi Rae, Gilme is experienced as both vocalist and rapper. As a rapper, she’s got her own unique rhythmic tone that shows off her strong personality and attitude.

Previously known as E.via, Tymee has gained a nickname of the “female Outsider” due to her abilities to rap at a high rhythm per minute. - KOREABOO

"SONAMOO will perform at their first stage in Japan just two months into their debut"

Girl group SONAMOO is making their entrance into the Japanese market after only having made their debut in Korea a little over two months ago.

On March 10th, TS Entertainment revealed that the rookie girl group will be performing on stage at the upcoming Onitsuka Tiger X Andrea Pompilio FALL/WINTER 2015-16 SHOW in Tokyo, Japan on on the 14th after having formally received and accepted an invitation from the event.

Following their stage at the fashion event, SONAMOO will be greeting their Japanese fans on the 15th at Tower Records in Shibuya.
Onitsuka Tiger is one of the oldest shoe companies to reside in Japan, having been formed from Onitsuka Co Ltd in 1949, and has since then established itself as one of the countries leading and premium sports fashion brand. This particular event has gained a lot of attention as it is collaborating with Italian designer Andrea Pompilio.

SONAMOO made their debut with “Deja Vu” in January 2015, and has since then switched up with the follow-up song “Just Go.” - KOREABOO


SONAMOO's 1st mini album <Deja Vu> released on December 29, 2014 

1. Into Me 

2. Deja Vu

3. Love Call

4. People's Little Sister

5. Just Go!

6. Everlasting Love



SONAMOO, meaning the pine tree in Korean, have got the huge attention even before the debut; based on their management company’s long-time experience and well-equipped in-house system in the music industry, every time each member among seven was unveiled, the journalists didn’t hesitate saying that SONAMOO will be the next K-pop-leading girl band.


With more than average three years practice, these seven girls have accumulated lots of experience throughout the various collaborations with their seniors such as UNTOUCHABLE, SECRET, B.A.P at the same management company, TS Entertainment. Especially, in early 2014, Na Hyun and Su Min starred at one of hit dramas of OCN ‘Ghost Detector: Cheoyong.’ Both girls also appeared at B.A.P’s music video of ‘1004(Angel)’, whose YouTube hits reached 10 million views.


And their debut promotion ‘GREEN MOON,’ which lasted for one month right before their official debut, raised people’s expectation showing how potential these seven girls are, releasing 7 of contents including self-making rap, cover song, and more.


When finally this group stood up in front of 150 journalists throughout the debut showcase on December 29, 2014, releasing their first mini album <Deja Vu>, there was no doubt that these  girls will be the most breaking-through K-pop girl band. Their completely different stages of the strong hip-hop song ‘Deja Vu' and the very sweet ballad song ‘Everlasting Love’ showed that there are still a lot to see.


Their first trip to Japan proved their possibility in overseas as well. As the special guest, the girls performed at ‘Onitsuka Tiger X Andrea Pompilio FALL/WINTER 2015-16 SHOW‘ in Tokyo, Japan in March 13, 2015. The Sankei Sports, one of the biggest media in Japan, said that “SONAMOO is getting tremendous attention as the one who will go down in the girl group history.”


SONAMOO always wants to write/perform music with the full vitality; that’s why they chose the name ‘SONAMOO’ which is always green and upright. These girls finished to soar higher throughout the world.


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