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Sonamulate are an alternative metal band from Australia. They have a very clean, professional sound which distinguishes them from most of the screaming metal that has been coming out lately. However, that doesn�t mean they aren�t as annoyingly poppy as say Nickelback or Creed.

The three songs on their Sonicbids EPK, �Signed My Life Away,� �Sonamulate� and �One Way Ticket� are taken from what their bio describes as an upcoming 5 song EP. There was no other website other than their EPK so it is unknown whether that EP has come out as of this writing.

�One Way Ticket� was my least favorite track as it tries to do the rap-metal fusion that is very hit and miss even when done well. The singing bits are great, but I probably just couldn�t get over the tought of Australian rap.

However, �Signed My Life Away� and �Sonamulate� (which is a variation on the term for sleep walking) more than make up for it. They are easily radio friendly, listenable and extremely well produced. While not overly aggressive metal, they should appeal to the more thinking man�s alt metal crowd. Definitely worth checking out.
- Sherie Sigmar


First and only EP Album hasn't been released as yet, it is called, "The Rise Of The Fallen" featuring tracks:
1. Sonamulate
2. One Way Ticket
3. Memories Fade
4. Desolate
5. Signed My Life Away

This album has been played on Yass Radio in NSW Australia, and Tripple-H Radio in Sydney Australia and 2trippleR in Sydney Australia, Signed My Life Away is always featured on the 'Rock' Band Space radio station as it is always receiving a vast number of hits every day and we have heard reports that some college radio stations in Toronto have also been playing tracks regularly in their daily set.



SONAMULATE (Pronounced 'Son - am - you - late') based on the English term 'somnambulate' - meaning: To Sleep Walk.
In the short time Sonamulate has been around, they have won the International Songwriting competition "Unisong" two years in a row for Rock and Alternative, been featured in a few Indie Australian films with thier music, been asked to perform in Canadian music Festival "North By Northeast" - had a number of reviews from inside connection and record companies and generated a high underground international following.
For a period of no less than 6 months Sonamulate was one of the most popular bands on the "Bandspace" website claiming over 130,000 song plays and 70,000 site views from listeners around the world.
The music is really touching and quite often hits 'close to home' with the listeners, there is rarely a song by Sonamulate that isn't emotionally stimulating and uplifting.

"Truly a force to be Recond with" - Alan Roy Scott, The Spinners & Unisong founder