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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band EDM New Age


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"A Truly Inspiring Release"

Sonanaut's newest album, "Sinking Upwards" is without question one of the best albums I have heard all year.

I have said many times before that not too many artists can really tap into that euphoric nerve center where you say.."Yeah thats it!"

But "Sinking Upwards" does just that. The mix of lush ambient echoing rhythms added with edginess is supreme.

This Cd is full of deep sensual grooves that probe and activate all the emotional centers of the listener's brain from start to finish. Each track seems to lure you on deeper into the musical journey which is often hypnotic yet the fact that Sonanaut mixes it up with funky grooves- bringing the tempo up just a little - never gives the listener a chance to get bored.

Simply put.. this is a bad-azz release.

What fantastic note to end the year on!! - Subsonic Temple

"Fresh Stuff"

I just listened to the album on your website. This is some of the freshest stuff I’ve heard in a long time. - Radio


Wow, just listened to some tracks at CDbaby and it
sounds really good! I'd love to add you in to my
playlist. - Deep House NYC


It's a wonderful disc. You have a really nice chilled vibe to your work that I totally enjoyed - Ambient Ping Radio


Your music is brilliant on many levels. I have always loved the moodier side of music and I found your ambient material to suit my tastes - Nocturne Experimental Radio


I've been listening to your tracks this week on my walks at lunchtime. A number of the tracks really strike me as great additions to a downtempo playlist, my favorites being: Judith's Way, Carbon, Within This City, The Twins and (edging into ambient) From Now On ... but really, they're all quite impressive. It will be a delight to feature them on the BeatConscious stream. - BeatConcious

"Lovely Stuff"

Just listened to your new album, lovely stuff! There are a few tracks (Reasons, From Now On, to name 2) that I could play list over the coming months on Moving Through Space. - Moving Through Space Radio



'CHOROLOGY' (Noise Pump Music)
'SLIPSTREAM' (West One Music)
'AMBIENT TRIP' (Music House)
'NOISEWORKS' (Music House)
'SCI-FI' (Music House)
'I CAN SEE THE LIGHT' (Music House)
'NO MAN'S LAND' (Music House)

Tracks from 'SINKING UPWARDS' currently being played on Live 365 Stations: Chillout 2 New York, Ambient Ping Radio, SZ Radio, Moving Through Space, Psy Trance Mission, Ferngerm Sleeps, Sound Radius, Subsonic Temple, The Angel Theory, The Cosmic Island, Deep House NYC, Nocturne Experimental, Soma FM,, Starstreams Radio IO Ambient, Below Zero, ARFM Synthheaven, Flaresound Netmusique, Radio Mystic, RMN Relax, Jazzy Lounge, Lounging Sound

On terrestrial: Hit Radio FM Frankfurt, WRSU New Brunswick, KUCI Innamissions, KSFS San Francisco, Pro-Productions Radio, WREK Atlanta, IJ Dee-Vo's Varity, PRN, Incenseman Radio, WDYN New York



I’m originally from the UK and now living in New York. I’m a media music writer and recording engineer. I’ve been composing media music for over 25 years and I have albums published with major UK Production Music companies including KPM, Music House, West One and Noise Pump. My music is in use throughout the world. (See my website for more on this). As a recording engineer I’ve worked in the UK, mainland Europe and the US. I’ve recorded and mixed a significant body of work at London’s Abbey Road Studios.

In the last 12 months my compositions have been used on The Oprah Winfrey Show (ABC), Red Dwarf (BBC), True Hollywood Story (E!), Location,Location,Location (UK Ch4TV), Access Hollywood (NBC), Nova (PBS), The X-Factor (UKITV), Human Remains (BBC), Horizon (BBC), Girls Behaving Badly (Sony), Tefal Commercial, Passion Cove (Cinemax), Battle Of X Planes (Nat. Geog), Carnivale (HBO), Ray Mears Bushcraft (BBC), Jeff Corwin (Disc.), Intimate Portraits (Lifetime), Housecalls (CBS), Home and Away (Seven). I’ve also written specially commissioned work included several generic campaigns for UK Channel 4 and the Station Ident for UK Channel 4.

As a recording engineer credits include Platinum albums with Joshau Kadison and Soraya. Movie and TV soundtracks credits include Terry Gilliam’s ‘The Fisher King’ (Oscar nominated soundtrack), David Attenborough’s ‘The Trials Of Life’ series and UK series ‘Beyond The Clouds’ (Emmy Award winning soundtrack).

My first release as a solo commercial artist is the album ‘Sinking Upwards’, under the artist name Sonanaut. I describe the album as: “Ambient/Chillout/Downtempo. Mood orientated and rhythm driven soundscapes exploring the three worlds of melody, space and tension, based on Sonanaut’s experiences of New York. A soundtrack album to the listeners movie.” The intention of the album is to take the listener on a journey through his or her emotional experiences. Perhaps it’s an album you can think to as well as listen to! The album was released on my own label IVSI Records in November 07 and has been receiving great reviews from ambient/downtempo DJs (see my MySpace site for the reviews ( The tracks uploaded on my HDFest page are from this album. All 11 tracks from the album can be heard on my website at

I would describe my media music style as IDM/Progressive/Ambient. All my work can be heard on my ‘Simon Smart Music’ website at For each album there is a compilation track which allows you to quickly audition the album in 2 or 3 minutes.