Son and The Holy Ghosts

Son and The Holy Ghosts


We’re a folk-rock band. Our songs recorded live show how we play. We offer a high-energy and emotional performance, conviction on stage and a singular singer’s voice and obviously talent.
Our songs go from American folk to a mature rock compositions ,or great chorus pop themes giving all fantastic results.


Although some of its components had been playing together for some time, the band Son and The Holy Ghosts, was founded in 2008.
That same year they released a demo 'Bike', an advance of the first long play 'Lyrics and Songs' released in 2009.
The original band members are Guillem 'Son' Mesquida, lead vocalist and guitar, composer and the real founder of the band. Josep Verdera, drums, percussion and vocals and Joan Grimalt, guitar, pedal steel guitar and vocals. Later, Dani Pi, bass, and Xesc Carbonell, guitar and twelve-string guitar, joined the band.
Due to the sudden death of his father, Guillem started composing enough material to fill in his first album 'Lyrics and Songs', recorded in 2009 by Josechu Dols in his home studio and produced by Rafa Rigo.
The album contains songs which are obscure and loaded with emotions. These songs show a strong influence of 'American' sound, from Folk music, Rock, Country to Indie music, specially the Seattle sound.
The songs Black heart, Kiss me and Mr. and Ms Puppets were well received by the press and the audience.
It is on stage where the band shows its best and receives the best critiques. As other bands from the past, Son and The Holy Ghosts sound even better live than in record. The band travels through Spain giving concerts and achieving excellent criticism.
In October 2011, in Urban Studios in Palma, they recorded an EP with Rafa Rigo as their producer. This EP, Shadows and Monsters, consists of six songs recorded live. It has new material, with a brighter sound and a remarkable evolution of the band.
Their new songs have improved and have placed the band in a higher level. They have moved away from the Seattle sound, finding their own personality as a band. They look back with respect to bands like The Byrds, The Band, Tom Petty or present-day bands like Wilco or Ryan Adams, bands which could be said to be their main influence nowadays, though they have created their own distinctive sound.
Currently, Quique Pérez has substituted Dani Pi as the bass player, and the band has gained a new vocalist and a more consolidated and solid sound. Son and The Holy Ghosts is now a band mature enough to show the world their songs and their powerful live act.


Fighting Horse

Written By: Guillem Mesquida

The Wind hits our young hearts
while the town of death
reigns in our life
Dreams, cocaine
wrapped in yellow cellophane
and that damn golden water
biting our guts
a year of hate and beautiful losers
*If you believe in me
I'll be a fighting horse
Oh, lord! If you believe in me
I’ll believe in you.
Look your dusty hands
your violent eyes in the mirror
where is our paradise?
steel blocks dash against my pillow
what can i do if my feet are sinking in the mud

Black Roses

Written By: Guillem Mesquida

Clouds are falling at night comming back to me
ain't got no strength
I want to scream
I want to sleep, forever alone
ain't got no tears to dig my own grave
oh, please hug me.
Dancing with your black roses
Dancing with your cold roses
Every night I dance alone,
alone without you.
The wind pushes my life
a bird brings me news about you
ain't got no love
I want a sweet home
how long you will love me
ain't got no tears to dig my own grave
oh, please hug me.


Written By: Guillem Mesquida

Ashes to ashes
a question of black
and the gray on the ground
The truth in an off-white
the second time burned in my arms
glory and pleasure
are only for gods
*Hey! Ash falls down from another dream
with an acid-rain taste
Ash falls down from another dream
making dissapear
the others ashes dreams
Ashes to ashes
a secondary road
leads me to a lost place
white flags wake my dreams
and the doubt in the dark fleet
glory has consequences
and a pleasure has a price


Written By: Guillem Mesquida

nose with your silk fist
Tell me, face to face how you play
as if you were Mohamed Ali
I'm not the king of the ring
even though i'm not so fool
to lose this game
*Nobody knows, Nobody knows
Why cars crash ?
Why stars die ?
My hands are tremble
When i've a queen of hearts
When i've any reason to stay alive
My hands tremble
Like a king
I'm a scared-man
Tell me
How many heroes died by your side
Come and watch me rising up
Despite how close you are
There are 0'74oz between us
*Nobody knows, Nobody knows
Why cars crash ?
Why stars die ?

Shadows and Monsters

Written By: Guillem Mesquida

One, two, three, four, five...
Every day i'm afraid
Every night i'm awake
too late.
The clock strikes, one, two, three, four...
a tree knocks on my window
and an old wardrobe whispers to my ears
it`s the time of the monsters
and shadows smile under my feet
* Shadows on my wall
Monsters arround my head
I Close my brown eyes
Don't forget me.
One, two, three...
turn off the white light
stand in the dark side
dark side
One, clock...
i hide under the covers
the door sings a folk dance
it`s the time of the monsters
and shadows smile under my feet
* Shadows on my wall
Monsters arround my head
I Close my brown eyes
Don't forget me.


LP "Lyrics and Songs" (Blau,2009)
EP "Shadows and Monsters" (2011)
LP "The Soldier & LadyFire" (Blau/Warner Chapell 2013)
DVD "A Light into the Darkness" (Blau/Warner Chapell 2013)

Set List

1- Disaster
2- Black Roses
3- Fighting Horse
4- The Soldier & LadyFire
5- Furioso.
6- Ashes
7- Disaster
8- Etern Love
9- Moments before
10- The Call
11- Coward